Rivieras for sale on local Craigslist

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17 hours ago, PWB said:


My goodness, Santa is comin' to town


I had no idea these used parts commanded these sums;


"Pan $250

Foam $100

Gear $250

Motor $400

Cables - extra"


Wasn't '72 a moon roof (solid panel), not a "sunroof"?  



Moonroof, sunroof, all these terms to me, mean the same - a hole cut in the roof to allow a simulated convertible experience.  There is a 73 on my local craigs list for $1500 that has the "moonroof", MaxTrac and posi (GS) and to be honest, I could care less about the moonroof option, MaxTrac.  I love 73 Rivieras.  For some reason I like them better than the 71-72's.  I like the front ends better and the boat tail design of the 73's.  


That seller feels he has a super rare car commanding the $1500.  He does, but the Max trac will probably never be operational again even if restored, and the moonroof is a curiosity at best.  With working A/C, and good ventilation, few owners care about that moon roof in my opinion. 


I have owned 5 1971-73 Boattails and the interiors are a bit dark and lack the airy-ness of the earlier Rivieras.  Therefore, again, not sure how much the option added to the driving pleasure of a 73.  To me, buckets, console, a GS, especially a Stage 1, that 3.42 posi, and rebuilt suspension with gas shocks and sway bar, is what I want.


These guys with these "rare" parts - like 2x4's posis and moonroofs, seem to believe there is an unlimited demand for the rare stuff.  Not for me.

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Also has the optional inverted air cleaner lid.  Good for another 5 HP and 3 dB of intake howl!  ;)

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1967 Riviera parts / project car - $850




1967 Buick Riviera 2 door. 430 engine, 'Super Turbine' Turbo 400 transmission. (Variable pitch torque converter).
Power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioning - all the parts are there and still connected.
Cool hide away headlights that pivot down from under the hood.
Has been stored for 20 years. Has a good amount of rust but still a very good project car.
Does not run, will need to be towed. $850

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