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  1. Mine showed up this week in Chicagoland. I've had a few things take a while lately.
  2. I'm working with Gene to get 10 sent to me in the Chicago area. Will have more details next week. Gene's no whining rule will be firmly in place.
  3. I could be the Chicago area drop spot for anyone interested. Further shipping or meet up could be arranged.
  4. That's what I was thinking, ship 3 to us and we can get them divided up here. My zip is 60048.
  5. Gene, I'm near enough toTom, maybe ship 3 at the same time?
  6. ROA, Riviera Owners, already cancelled their meet in June. No good answer with all the uncertainty and actually no bad ones today. I have already seen one of my daughter's summer programs cancelled and another on hold for a month. I've faced similar situations with having to cancel large events due to weather related issues and having thousands disappointed. For me decision time was as soon as we could determine there was no alternative. I don't know when the hotels need a commitment for Sept, but that would be the decision deadline unless it was determined prior to cancel for 2020.
  7. 65 is different than the 64. The switch label is manufactured on the plate in a 64, I have all 3. I believe in 65 the label is part of the switch assm not the plate. 64 base shown.
  8. Thanks that is what I was looking for. I have the major parts, not the special footswitch. I'm not real concerned about it working, mostly using it to cover the holes from the dash mounted tach.
  9. While I've thoroughly enjoyed this discussion on Guidematic's, I still need the help with the paint finish, guessing somewhere between flat and satin? I'm not planning on mine being operable, if it is great. I have a dash mounted factory tach and I need it to cover the holes in the dash when I move it to either the ashtray or or under dash where the cruise control is usually mounted..
  10. The one I got was dark brown that why I need to paint it. Flat black??????
  11. Just picked up a 64 guidematic set up but I need to paint it to match my interior, white and black, black dash. Does anyone know the right black paint I need to use? Not real worried about working, I know I need a different foot switch, more to replace tach on dash.
  12. I have a 64 radio version along with the standard promo.
  13. 64 Electra tail panel. No lock, a few pits. Bought for a long gone 64 Electra conv. Shipping cost from 60048 and it's yours.
  14. No part numbers but believed to be large car convertible early 6o's. Bought for a long gone 64 Electra conv. Not sure if they were correct for it or not. Shipping cost from 60048 and it's yours.
  15. Have to wonder if this is more an AACA issue vs a BCA issue, especially in a forum/group/ROA that has historically supported modifications.
  16. Bob, Is there nothing you can't restore? Turbines, dash pads, next thing I'll hear you are making under seat frame braces and 65 seat cushions.
  17. I saw your Riv in a later episode, how long did it actually take to do your car? Had to keep harping on Stock Stock Stock. Just finds a few turbine covers. The seats came our great, done locally or ordered?
  18. Saw that. He's quite a character.
  19. On this subject, has anyone had Clarks make a set of leather seat covers for a 64? They have the pattern and I'd think the material.
  20. Not sure if it's a value or preference thing. I have sets of all 3 caps available in 64, the Bolt ones newly refurbed. The bolt on's are rarer though I could see where someone might prefer the spokes.
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