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  1. I may be interested, where are you located and condition of the spinners?
  2. Wheel covers look like 64 Electra with Riv inserts, but I don't have a great view. What's with the set covers too?
  3. That was the problem in my MIL's car, heat came on and the death smell came thru.
  4. The typical suggested reserves for a not for profit/non profit are around 6 months of operating expenses.
  5. They've been shipped to Konga Man.
  6. 64 only tail panel, no lock, or cover a few pits but not bad. Good driver quality. $50 plus shipping.
  7. 65-67 drivers remote mirror. Small ding but decent chrome. $125 shipped to lower 48.
  8. Only have the drivers side, some small pits, $100 shipped in lower 48.
  9. Couple of 64 Electra parts, free to good home, just pay shipping. Last couple of 64 Electra specific parts I have. Grill emblem and gas door guard.
  10. On another auto forum i visit, there is a discussion about current models having mouse attractive wiring. Seems the critters like the taste of the more "natural" insulation. They cause no end of electrical gremlins. Would hate to spend $$$$ on a new car and then have that happen.
  11. Going on 25 years ago my MIL had a Sundance that occasionally smelled when the heat was on. My SIL drove it mostly and she was a bit messy. Several mechanics and shops couldn't figure it out. Some said to replace the catalytic converter, or brakes, other had no real suggestions. I got tired of hearing ll this and decided to get to the bottom of it. I found bird seed in the air cleaner assembly. Then decided to take the heat vents apart. You guessed it, dead mouse dropped out. Problem solved. MIL kept lots of bird seed in her garage. Wasn't the only time seed managed to find it's way into the engine compartment.
  12. BRB, I think you've highlighted the challenges of the interior of the webs. I really need to find the picture of the covers that were fully polished, I just can''t remember of the top of my head where I saw it, may have been in Riview.
  13. Like this one. It's long gone. Have to move a bunch of stuff to get to my parts cabinet. Christmas decorating.