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  1. I’m dealing with a serious family problem that has put this on the back burner for the immediate future. Not life and death but serious attention needed for a while. the tires are more than 10 years old so I doubt any reputable tire place will remount them. I was planning on new tires then mounting the covers but needed to see which wheels I have since the recent discussions about stud length and wheel width.
  2. Hopefully weather this weekend permits me to get a final determination on this. I'll try both ways of measuring and see they match.
  3. Ed, so bottom of center hole to rim edge measurement corresponds to wheel width? Caliper won't work because it isn't the same plane?
  4. Thanks. You both have confirmed what I suspected was the best answer. Next step is to remove a wheel from the car and do the test fit again with access to the back of the wheel for easiest confirmation of the wheel width. Then decide about changing studs vs changing wheels.
  5. I have a set of 64 restored Turbines that have the studs for 6" wheels. I took a spare 5.5" and a 6" wheel cover to test fit and it looks like the 5.5" was correct for my car, without removing the tire to actually measure the wheel width. I am leery of trying to remove the studs and replace with either the 5.5" ones or other similar solutions. For those that have added these did it really matter which stud/wheel combo you have? I'd hate to mess up the restored set by mounting the 6" caps on 5.5" wheels.
  6. That happened to me on Firefox, was wondering the same thing.
  7. Anyone else getting secure attachments from rivsrgr8@aol.com? Unsigned and unsolicited very vague email directing to sharepoint with a .de address non secured website, in Germany.
  8. What is the Vin on the car's title and does it match either of those numbers?
  9. Mine showed up this week in Chicagoland. I've had a few things take a while lately.
  10. I'm working with Gene to get 10 sent to me in the Chicago area. Will have more details next week. Gene's no whining rule will be firmly in place.
  11. I could be the Chicago area drop spot for anyone interested. Further shipping or meet up could be arranged.
  12. That's what I was thinking, ship 3 to us and we can get them divided up here. My zip is 60048.
  13. Gene, I'm near enough toTom, maybe ship 3 at the same time?
  14. ROA, Riviera Owners, already cancelled their meet in June. No good answer with all the uncertainty and actually no bad ones today. I have already seen one of my daughter's summer programs cancelled and another on hold for a month. I've faced similar situations with having to cancel large events due to weather related issues and having thousands disappointed. For me decision time was as soon as we could determine there was no alternative. I don't know when the hotels need a commitment for Sept, but that would be the decision deadline unless it was determined prior to cancel for 2020.
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