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  1. Like this one. It's long gone. Have to move a bunch of stuff to get to my parts cabinet. Christmas decorating.
  2. I may have a repopped one, I'll look and advise. This is the picture If I have it.
  3. riv2x4

    what is this ?

    Many dual quad cars were converted back to single carb at this time too. I remember home built kits for electronic ignition and other "improvements" for better gas mileage, but do not remember water injection as an option.
  4. RRB, I have a buffing wheel too and 9 covers to play with. The interiors of the webs are the most challenging areas.
  5. riv2x4

    Dual quad set up

    That is a good price for what you've listed. The intake is a 65/66 not a 64. The kickdown bosses are different and a stock 64 kickdown switch bracket my not work properly with the intake. Carb numbers are 64.
  6. This isn't looking any more reasonably doable than I had hoped. Might have to go with original look with brighter non webbed areas.
  7. riv2x4

    Dual quad set up

    I went thru a bunch of sets before getting all the pieces needed. Some are repopped now. Finding correct carbs and intake for your year, factory intake, carbs and kickdown are different 64-65/66. Separately, Intakes have been $600 - $800ish lately, a set of restored carbs $1k ish maybe more. You can get repopped linkage and probably the kickdown bracket and fuel lines. If you have air and want the valve covers the mounting bracket is different also. Air cleaners $500-$1500 depending on condition. The trans vacuum lines is different too. Really depends on how original you want to be.
  8. Thanks Ed that looks interesting.
  9. Since I'm looking at the webs being bright also, I wonder if there's a powder coating that would give me the uniform bright look I want without the polishing risks to the covers.
  10. I'm thinking of the all polished, no paint at all very bright look. Wish I saved the picture of the ones I saw.
  11. Not sure I want to commit to spending 100 hours on these. I might play with one and see how it goes.
  12. I've acquired a couple of sets, both 63 and 64, and am wondering how hard it might be to get a set the way I want them. Ideally, completely polished, inside vanes too, to a bright almost chromed finish. I remembers seeing a picture of something similar a few years ago. So from those that have worked on restoring these, what say you about my idea? I was surprised to learn that the wire covers were the highest priced option and no the turbines. Personally I like the first gen with more brightwork. LS
  13. I may be interested is a set of bad under seat floor braces to copy. Larry
  14. riv2x4

    64 Electra parts

  15. riv2x4

    64 Electra parts

    Pretty sure it is, I'll double check tomorrow am and advise. All three parts in ad available.