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  1. On this subject, has anyone had Clarks make a set of leather seat covers for a 64? They have the pattern and I'd think the material.
  2. Not sure if it's a value or preference thing. I have sets of all 3 caps available in 64, the Bolt ones newly refurbed. The bolt on's are rarer though I could see where someone might prefer the spokes.
  3. I've got one, does add an echo effect. Stereo before stereo.
  4. On my 64, I changed the alternator and don't remember removing any AC parts to replace it.
  5. PM sent Which kind are you looking for the spoke or bolt on turbines, I have both. Larry
  6. Is there an easy way to identify the width of a steel wheel, either 5.5" or 6" with the tires on? Need to know which studs I need for turbine covers on my 64.
  7. Engine is Red too, should be silver. Vacuum tank under hood is missing.
  8. Seller had it for $79999 on website. Bidding got furious late. I like the additional time added after each bid and minimum increment is $250 I think, but many far exceed that.
  9. Has anyone asked about pick up vs having one shipped? Shipping history on these doesn't look so good.