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  1. See the 15 X 6 inch width section
  2. I'm looking for a set of Rallye Rally wheels for my 65 Riviera. Nice Driver quality. Just went thru a set of bearings with 895s and 1/2 inch spacers. kenchallgren@gmail.com
  3. I'm looking for the "Accessory" switch that turns on the rear defroster. It looks similar to the "courtesy light" switch. I've been on the lookout for one on eBay for quite a while now. What do you think my odds of finding one are?
  4. I'm installing the trunk release on my '65 which doesn't have this as a factory option. In order to install the truck release actuator I believe one must cut the metal trunk shaft shorter so that the actuator will fit. Is this true? If so, I would like the option to be able to revert back to original. Does anyone know someone who might have one for sale? (Part# 12.252) Thanks, Derek
  5. It's kind of a trivial thing, but I'm looking for a quality sun shield that will fit nicely in the windshield of my 65. What do you guys use and/or recommend? -Derek
  6. The tool they use in the video reminds me of an automatic center punch. I found one for $4 on amazon, so if it doesn't work you're not out any money. Maybe you could modify it to work like this dent repair tool. https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-6580-Automatic-Center-Punch/dp/B0037UUO60
  7. I noticed the hood vents on the Riviera on the show were all chrome. Mine are Champagne Mist. Was this a feature for GS Rivieras only or something?
  8. My dad is out of town and he called me up at 10:05pm telling me that Jay Leno was going to have a Champagne Mist '65 Riviera on his show. I didn't believe him at first, I never see champagne mist Rivieras. I ran to the TV, turned it to CNBC, and recorded it just as he started talking to Bill Burr! I wish the segment was longer; it was a beautiful car! I just need my own set of Rally Wheels now! I caught Jay saying it had 425hp too and had to rewind it a couple times to make sure I heard him correctly!
  9. No problem! I would also recommend ordering extra in case you mess up as it was a little tricky to install.
  10. I assume you're talking about this part. My father discovered a listing on Ebay that has worked perfectly as far as I can tell. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Classic-Car-Window-Channel-Felt-Lining-2-Inch-Self-Adhesive/221604898464?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. I have some ques tions regarding a few loose wires in my engine bay. 1) In the first image there is an extra cable running out of the positive battery cable 2) Second image there is a loose ground wire connected to the voltage regulator. (I am having to unplug the battery so it doesn't die. AMP light is also on (Related?)) 3) In the wiring harness there is a loose plug. I appreciate the help, Derek
  12. Are they drastically different profiles, would they look silly? If I reach this gentleman are there any deal-breakers I should look out for?
  13. https://sarasota.craigslist.org/pts/d/buick-rally-wheels-15-inch/6466509036.html I've been looking for a set but I'm not knowledgeable enough to be certain they would fit. From the ROA Technical Tips section it states: "All wheels used on the Rivieras are 15 X 6inch, 5 bolts on 5-inch bolt circle"
  14. Should I keep or replace this small piece of fuzzy inside the door panel? I'm worried that the metal clasps on each side might scratch the window later on. Can you buy a replacement? I've created a new one from the soft side of a piece of velcro just in case. Thoughts?
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