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    Senior citizen. Work on my own cars. Married no children. Riviera owner,old car,old boats all intrest me . I presently have a Monte Carlo 1970 I bought when I was looking for Riviera's I bought my 1965 base model 2 years ago.

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  1. I don’t know if this will help but I had same problem ,i made my own gaskets for cylinder head mounts and my gasket paper was too thick,this put the spout tighter on one side causing a small leak thinner gaskets solved my leak!
  2. Body manual show what bolts to use first for alignment!
  3. I need help with the rear glass fuzzies,the ones I purchased have no fuzz only the rubber wiper,can someone tell me if someone sells those inside fuzzies to the glass? Thanks for any assistance Gordon Purves
  4. I’ll drive mine with carberator ,but it sounds ineresting nice information!
  5. Almost 71 l have 65 base riviera 465,that I have as a driver now and a 65 LX that I should have ready this summer!
  6. Have the piece I need but want to sell complete power antenna,with broken mast , riviera bob came along with the correct piece, thanks for help Gordon Purves.
  7. Will phone you Monday ,thanks for the reply Gordon Purves.
  8. Want to buy antenna bezel and the clip that holds it for a 1965 Buick riviera, I have working antenna no fender mount? Thanks Gordon Purves Nova Scotia Canada.
  9. Turn switch.com did my 1965 AM ,FM works perfect,he also supplied front speaker,10 ohm ,l am very pleased Thanks to him.
  10. I tried to use a rubber tube but too tight,I will try the used parts dealers ,I found it in the manual finally,no an easy spot to work thanks again for reply Gordon Purves aka gord14080
  11. Thanks very much,I don’t have that ,I will try a small lawnmower tire tube thanks again! gord 14080.
  12. I am installing The ac defuser the plastic piece that directs air to drivers side and Center vent ,what is the connection to the evaporator box ? plastic to metal doesn’t fit inside or outside,is there apiece that goes around this connection or how do I make this tight? Any help would be appreciated, sorry I am working on 65 riviera. thanks for any advice! Gordon Purves aka Gord 14080 thanks again.