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  1. Thanks, good info. Mine is a ‘64 and I know they weren’t available that year, but I just really like the look. I’ll be keeping my other stock wheels too. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for that. That’s good info. These came off of a ‘65 and are grey, but I’ll look for those codes
  3. Hello, I recently found a set (all 5!) of Rallye wheels for my Riviera. They are in decent shape but definitely need refurbishment. I've spent a LOT of time browsing around the internet and I can't come to a conclusion as to what these wheels looked like out of the factory. Were they chromed? Silver painted? Was the black paint just in the "coves" or was it also all around the rim with just the spokes showing silver? I've only seen a few examples of that last one. Any help, including pictures with be very much appreciated.
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