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  1. I have this head unit: https://www.classiccarstereos.com/1963-1965-buick-riviera-radio-usa-230.html Which unfortunately doesn't have bluetooth, but luckily does have an AUX jack. So then I use this AUX to Bluetooth adapter to connect my phone to the headunit wirelessly. https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Receiver-Microphone-Streaming/dp/B082Y4SNFF/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=TaoTronics+Bluetooth+Receiver%2FCar+Kit&qid=1582343581&sr=8-3 And I use a 3D printed mount so I can hold my phone in position so I can stream from it. In this photo its an older phone and my current set up doesn't need any wires connected. Right now I only have one speaker, but I'd like to solve that problem eventually. I don't know too much about amps and subwoofers, but its something I'll consider looking into eventually.
  2. Post like yours are exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote my complaint a few days ago. Some of you guys are saying "oh, well the site isnt really gonna delete these posts" or " we are safe here in ROA-land" but you guys are missing the point. If the rules are there, then the threat is there that you can come in here looking to update your ongoing thread about the disc brakes you added to your car, or the aftermarket paintjob or something like that and find that it has been deleted. Posting pics of a long build and writing up what you did takes time and effort. This is one of the reasons this site is so great because guys are willing to do all that for the betterment of the community (and n00bs like myself thank you guys for all that effort), but you better believe those same guys would be pissed if they found out their photos and instructions were deleted because it didn't meet some silly site requirements about being stock. It's just a dumb rule to enact even if they never fully act on it. It needlessly creates division. It's like a local town putting up 25 MPH speed limit signs. As a resident you know they'll never pull you over for going 30 or 35, but the threat is still there that one day some cop looking to fill his quota is gonna pull you over. It just doesnt sit right with me.
  3. Hey Rivnut, according to our new forum rules, these kind of non-stock aftermarket add-ons aren't allowed to be posted on this site any longer. You are in violation of those rules, my friend. (of course I personally don't care, but it just goes to show how ridiculous those rules are)
  4. What is this nonsense? Many of the old timers who grew up with these cars are dieing off. That's just a fact of life. My car is 56 years old so you'd have to be in your 70s to have owned one when new. There has been a lot of grumblings in the last few years that the younger generation just isn't into cars anymore, and especially not old American classics. So instead of accepting the few younger people who might be into these classics, but might want to make it their own by modifying their cars to suit their tastes, this community is just going to put the blinders on and turn their backs away from them?! This is just the kind if "us versus them" mentality that has ruined so many other things in our society. Instead of accepting a variety of groups, let's segment the audience. If you guys haven't noticed, there isn't a whole heck of a lot of traffic on these pages every day, so what happens when this non-inclusive policy kicks even more people off this site? What's even more ridiculous is where does this policy stop? Parts for these cars aren't exactly plentiful. There is little choice for many other than to use non-stock parts. Does using other GM parts make yours non-stock? What about using parts from a newer car? This rabbit hole goes all the way down and shows just how shortsighted and ridiculous this policy change is. But what's even worse of all is that I never saw this particular part of the site get overrun by modified cars. Maybe other ones were inundated with restomod threads, but I kind of doubt it, quite honestly. Seeing some non-stock build once in a while sounds more interesting than the same thing over and over again.
  5. Totally separate switch right now. Come spring time I want to wire it in with a relay so they turn off when the ignition is off so I don't forget them on which is something I've done too many times.
  6. It was over 70° today! (for reference its usually in the 30s this time of year) Couldn't pass that up, so unwrapped the Riv and let the girlfriend take some beauty shots. She's a way better photographer than I am.
  7. Heatwave in December! It hit a whopping 50° today. Had to take her out for a spin around a bit.
  8. It's outside my skill level, but if I had an engineless first gen Riv, I'd seriously consider doing an EV swap to it. Find some Tesla motors and batteries and go full electric. Good luck to the buyer, whatever their plans are for this car.
  9. Without question the song most fitting the mood when cruising around in the Riv is the theme song to the Sopranos.
  10. Skies were dark, it was about 55° and dropping fast, and she was filthy as hell, but wanted to take her out one last time this November.
  11. Saw this a few days ago and forgot to post it. Most of his videos are pretty good. I think this one is not one of his best, but it still came out pretty decent. I think he should take a crack at redoing a 1st gen Riv.
  12. Obviously finding the drain is your best solution, but do consider adding a kill switch to your car. Even if you have no battery drain, its a nice safety/security thing.
  13. How do you adjust the brightness?? And while we are on the subject, how does one reset the trip computer? I know there's that button next to the odometer, but it doesn't look like it does anything. Not sure if you pull it, press it or twist it, and I'm afraid of breaking it.
  14. I am very happy to hear that this is the other way around because I didn't feel like Dapper should be getting my money. The driving season is definitely over now, so I'm gonna have to see if they are worth getting come springtime or if tinkering with the LED board I already have is worth doing. I know that the overly fancy lighting patterns from the Easy Performance board is overkill, so dropping that much money on something that I'd mostly set to on-and-off (without the sequential pattern) might not be worth it. Rivnut, are you going to try these boards out?
  15. Question for the 1st Gen Riv Crew... Where would be a good spot to tap off of for the relay for the halo LED lights? I purchased a relay like you guys suggested and I was going to wire it up normally, but the option to use a trigger would solve one of the issues I have in that I am constantly forgetting that the lights are on. Since the switch I am using is mounted right above the radio, I was thinking to maybe tap into one of those wires that is only on if the car is on. Any recommendations before I have to break out the multimeter and start poking around?