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  1. I swapped in LEDs into my brake light housings a while back, but even that wasn't enough so I made a 3rd center brake light like modern cars have. It is a whole strip of LEDs and it is quite bright, but during the day you don't notice it.
  2. 71GS - I'm liking that tach! Is that an original Buick add-on? I've wanted a tach on mine since I got it.
  3. If the sale falls through with gungeey, let me know.
  4. Did you hit them with some penetrating fluid first?
  5. That's pretty impressive. Did most of those miles come when it was still a "new" car or do you think you drive it roughly 5,500 miles/year even to this day??
  6. How many do you think you put on in a non-Covid year? I always thought I would be putting a lot more miles on the old girl since I take her on everyday choirs in the summertime. She's my Home Depot car, we take her out for groceries, etc. But all those trips are only a few miles away which is why it only totals up to just 2000 miles a year.
  7. I was looking through some photos of the gauges from when I got the car (gotta love how Google Photos keeps everything nice and chronological) and then looked at the odometer reading this weekend. Decided to run some numbers and apparently I have driven it an average of 5.3 miles/day. That's just under 2000 miles per year. That might seem rather low for some of you guys, but the car pretty much sits for close to 1/2 the year because of the weather. Of course all this assumes my odometer is actually accurate after all these years. How heavily do you guys drive your c
  8. Aren't most automotive relays like a couple of bucks?
  9. Huh... I've been to a bunch of sites and none of them showed a separate module for the 230. And honestly I don't know if it is that big of a deal. I bought a BT adapter that I had plugged into my AUX jack (probably $20 from Amazon) for like 2 years. It was tiny and I could hide it anywhere, but BT is still slow to connect regardless (not the fault of the phone or adapter, just the way BT works). I kind of like the immediacy of simply plugging the AUX into my phone and having the phone as my touchscreen controls. If my next phone doesn't have a headphone jack, I'll have to take
  10. While I have no plans on changing out the rims any time soon, if I was to do it all over again, I'd probably go with a monoblock design and go 1" smaller in diameter. Maybe.
  11. Why no battery terminal boots? They're like $5.
  12. I don't have the same year car, but I did just finish installing a speakers and a sub and amp into my '64 literally the other day. My car already had the AutoSound USA 230 stereo which has that retro look but has more modern internals. If I were to buy one today, I would make sure it had Bluetooth capabilities which mine does not have. All my music comes from my phone which is connected via an AUX jack that I have discretely coming out of the side of the console. For speakers I bought 2 pairs of JL Audio speakers (C2) which I custom installed onto the back rear shelf
  13. It is a '64. I'll give your all suggestions a shot, guys. I finished installing new speakers and a sub into the car so I had all these trim pieces apart. Now I could theoretically start putting it back together again and clean it all up except for this glove box issue.
  14. Stupid me. I forced my glove box closed a few days ago only for it not be open any more. I don't think it is actually locked (I never used the key with it), but I think something is jammed into the locking mechanism or latch. I already have the dash/console apart and was hoping I could sneak around the side and pop it open, but they don't seem directly connected. Not sure if it is just the cardboard box or if there is other stuff that separate the two. Access from underneath seems worse. I have tried using the actual car key and tried turning it, but it won't turn and I am a l
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