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  1. Do you have the front grill (not the headlight section)? If so, what would you be looking to get for that?
  2. I am curious what the community says about this.
  3. Yeah, I figured you could always do that, but if the 1st gens had that as an option, then of course it would be easier. Its sounding like it was never an option, I take it.
  4. Just curious and if so, can it be retrofit onto a non-power lock car?
  5. First start up and wash in around 5 months was last weekend, but didn't take any pics. Figured we should take some pics today.
  6. Maybe this site will help you out. I locked myself out of the glovebox by forcing it closed when it shouldn't have and I started searching for ways to get inside without destroying anything. http://www.1964buick.com/resto_logs/glovebox/glovebox.htm I have yet to actually open it, but it has only started to get warm up here so its on the to-do list of things.
  7. That was fun to watch! Listening to the marketing double-speak was great. I'm a big T-bird fan, but even with that, the Riv was my first classic car. If/when my classic car garage expands, at some point an old T-bird might be added. Looking at them side-by-side the T-bird does look more old fashioned, while the Riv has a much more clean, modern look to it.
  8. I'd like to revisit what RivNut said about Hagerty from 5 years ago. I haven't had my Riv that long, but from day one of getting it a few years ago, I have had Hagerty and they never mentioned needing it under a permanent roof. They even asked what the parking situation was in terms of the layout of the house, but never stipulated the permanent roof clause. Anyone know if that is a policy requirement that doesn't apply any longer. Specifically for me, the Riv lives under a carport so it doesn't get rained on, and I am hesitant to open up a can of worms with them by asking about
  9. You are not going to find a "definitive" answer to this. Unfortunately in the earlier days of the auto, carmakers were using some exaggerated numbers. There are many of discussions about this online, but this one has a pretty good write-up. https://ateupwithmotor.com/terms-technology-definitions/gross-versus-net-horsepower/ I'm not sure where you found the 15% number, but I think that is being way too generous. I've usually read closer to 20 or 25%. GM might have claimed 325, 340 or 360 HP back in the day, but by today's measuring stick, I think you are m
  10. 6FOUR SIX4 NAILHD 6RIV4 401 4OH1 FOUR01 FOUR0ONE MIKESRIV Or some combination of those together depending upon how many letters can be used.
  11. I made my own colored diagram a few years back. Print it on 2 letter-size pages and tape it together. This is for '64.
  12. Looks like a good place to hang parts when you are spray painting them too! Give that a go and tell us how it turns out.
  13. I think the key part of your problem is getting them to "work at the same time". To me that sounds like the signal is probably fine at the switch, but there is a problem with the bulb, socket or wiring in your trunk area. If I recall correctly, there is only one wire going to the rear tailights for the brake light and it goes to the driver side first and then snakes off to the passenger side. Because of this, if the drivers side doesn't work, then the passenger side will definitely not work. I would be almost willing to bet you have a grounding issue or a bad connec
  14. What other things did they do to the Vette? Was this part of a whole tune up or even a rebuild? Those numbers seem more in line with doing the spark plugs, wires, air and oil filters on a very neglected car. And even then I'd think they'd need to crack open the motor to get the 30% gains they are claiming.
  15. Short video on this very clean looking '65. Figured some of you guys would appreciate it. Wondering if he's one of our own or not.
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