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  1. McMaster.com is the only place worth looking. If they don't have it, chances are you don't need it.
  2. I've never used it on the car, but there is spray paint that is chrome colored. There are also mirror "colored" spray paints as well. I think a spray paint would go down smoother than paint from a pen. It might be worth trying out.
  3. No pics of the panels installed into the car??
  4. They are going to rip those old cars a new one, I think. But it will be a fun watch. I'm very tempted to make a Malaise Era Bingo card because I know they will be absolutely brutal when it comes to talking about the gas mileage, the poor quality, the sheer size, and overall tackiness of the cars from that era.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here: https://www.thedrive.com/cleaning-detailing/36361/how-much-does-it-cost-to-paint-a-car And I have to wonder, how much you guys think your cars are actually worth? According to Hagery's price tracker, a concours level car these days is worth only about the mid-$40k. So some of you guys are stating that about HALF the value of your car comes from the paint job. That's bonkers. https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/values/1389?yearRange=3 And to be clear, I am just lightheartedly joking around with you guys, I'm not trying to start an argument with how others are spending their money, but yeah, no way in hell I'd spend that much on any car worth less than 6-figures.
  6. RIVNUT, is that the same on the '64 so I can go take a look at my car when I get a chance? Or is it a different part on my car? Without seeing it in person, I'm going to guess it might be on the cusp of the maximum size you could realistically 3D print with a pro-sumer machine. But getting it professional printed might be possible. Wouldn't be cheap, but could be possible.
  7. You have a pic of the part you are talking about? Would it be the same on a '64? Like EMTEE brought up, it might be something that I could 3D print or get professional 3D printed. Anything under the hood though is iffy as to whether it can be 3D printed because of the heat. More info on the specific part would be helpful.
  8. No idea if this will make your decision any easier, but here's a quick photochop of what the car might look like with those rims:
  9. Any better shots of the silver car? Would like to get a better view of those rims.
  10. He wasn't even including bodywork in this post. He was saying $15k for JUST the paintwork. And your mention of $5k is way, way less than the 15k he said.
  11. What kind of diamond-encrusted paint are you putting on your cars?! Wow. I'm not saying paint can't cost that much because there are some insane paint jobs out there, but I think you are WAY over budgeting there. I'd like to hear what other people think. Am I wrong in thinking that's about 10x too much???
  12. Polish them just like you would modern day headlights. The important step is to then keep them from oxidizing or else they'll get bad all over again. There are lots of videos that test out various products, but here are two of them that rank them: One of the cheapest products, the TurtleWax worked the best for him. In this video Sylvania was by far the best product:
  13. This is the first I've heard of this guy, but that was a fun video to watch. Definitely subscribed to his channel to start watching more of his content. One thing that I don't like is that this video, and many of his other videos, are well over an hour long. I like the in depth content, but would be nice if it was broken up into 1/2 hr chunks instead. Thanks for posting.
  14. Hazdaz

    Head bolts

    The one on the right is a grade 8 bolt. Never go down in grade when replacing bolts. I have never seen a bolt head like the other one, but I highly doubt it is cosmetic. It isn't a symbol used in industry any more, I don't think.
  15. One suggestion if that if you are buying raw veneer (without a backer) to stain/seal both sides of the veneer. If you don't do that, the wood tends to want to curl. You can't totally eliminate it, but you can greatly minimize it. Good luck.
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