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  1. Without question the song most fitting the mood when cruising around in the Riv is the theme song to the Sopranos.
  2. Skies were dark, it was about 55° and dropping fast, and she was filthy as hell, but wanted to take her out one last time this November.
  3. Saw this a few days ago and forgot to post it. Most of his videos are pretty good. I think this one is not one of his best, but it still came out pretty decent. I think he should take a crack at redoing a 1st gen Riv.
  4. Obviously finding the drain is your best solution, but do consider adding a kill switch to your car. Even if you have no battery drain, its a nice safety/security thing.
  5. How do you adjust the brightness?? And while we are on the subject, how does one reset the trip computer? I know there's that button next to the odometer, but it doesn't look like it does anything. Not sure if you pull it, press it or twist it, and I'm afraid of breaking it.
  6. I am very happy to hear that this is the other way around because I didn't feel like Dapper should be getting my money. The driving season is definitely over now, so I'm gonna have to see if they are worth getting come springtime or if tinkering with the LED board I already have is worth doing. I know that the overly fancy lighting patterns from the Easy Performance board is overkill, so dropping that much money on something that I'd mostly set to on-and-off (without the sequential pattern) might not be worth it. Rivnut, are you going to try these boards out?
  7. Question for the 1st Gen Riv Crew... Where would be a good spot to tap off of for the relay for the halo LED lights? I purchased a relay like you guys suggested and I was going to wire it up normally, but the option to use a trigger would solve one of the issues I have in that I am constantly forgetting that the lights are on. Since the switch I am using is mounted right above the radio, I was thinking to maybe tap into one of those wires that is only on if the car is on. Any recommendations before I have to break out the multimeter and start poking around?
  8. Those do indeed look cool. I hope they aren't just re-branded Dapper LED taillights though. Do you actually have these or you just found them?
  9. So we have lights! OK, not really. Those are just the halos, but I figured out what was wrong. I blew a fuse so these are running directly connected to the battery in the pic and passing the switch and fuse. I think I am going to do what you guys suggested and use a relay to connect the halos. To be continued...
  10. RivNut and NC1968Riviera: After the bad experience with Dapper, I soured on having someone else make them for me, so I ended up buying this board, which is what one of my projects will hopefully be based on: I was going to make a housing to hold this board, use the stock lens and cover and solder on a standard connector. Clearly I haven't gotten far enough to do it yet - life gets in the way of doing the projects you want to do. To be continued... anestech*: I bought all the bulbs for the turn signal/corner lights on Amazon. Just search for LED and the size of the socket. They came in packs of 10 and quite honestly, they were pretty poor quality - the ones that worked were quite bright, but there were at least 2 or 3 dead bulbs in the 10-pack. I found 3 purchases I made last year, but I don't know which ones I used on the Buick and which ones I used for other things, so you might be better off not buying the exact same items. In fact one of the 3 links don't work anymore: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017B9PT0S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07568BJM1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 For the headlights, I replaced the stock halogen bulbs and totally replaced the housing with a stock H4-style unit. That way I can use any regular old H4 bulb which are super common. Right now I just have regular halogen H4 bulbs, but popping in LED H4s should be easy once I figure out why they wont turn on - its probably a loose wire or something. I got the H4 halogen housings from: https://www.octanelighting.com/ It looks like they have ones that flip color from white to orange so they can be used as a turn signal. Not sure if I'd like that for the Riv since it has 4 headlights. That might look better on a car with only 2 lights up front.
  11. Yeah all the exterior lights are LED except the headlights. The turn signals and parking lights are way brighter and have a more modern white light than the yellowish incandescent bulbs. I was looking at Dapper for the taillights but they kind of screwed me over. I had ordered their sequential kit and had a ship date of about 2 weeks or so. Ok, no biggie. 2 weeks go by and nothing. I email them and they say a couple more days. Ok, fine. Another week goes by and still nothing. This goes on for way too long u till I cancel the order but by then I had burnt up way too much of the summer. Right now i just have regular LED bulbs but plan on doing something special eventually, but I do not recommend Dapper at all.
  12. Check fuses, check amount of gas in tank, spray with starting fluid to see if it was start for a moment.
  13. Could it be a grounding issue? While a much older vehicle, I've learned that far too many electrical problems involve some kind of grounding issue while working on the '64. An electrical diagram would be super helpful. You might be able to disconnect the wiring from the housing with the bulb still attached, and then run a wire from the bulb socket to the body to see if it starts working again.
  14. Never thought about wiring in DRLs for the headlights. That's a pretty cool idea, but when the halos were working, I have them on a separate switch and those acted like DRLs not unlike most modern cars. Any recommendations on what type/rating relay to use? Can I use the same type that is used elsewhere on the car or some other GM relay?
  15. I recall seeing a post that you (or someone else) mentioned a while ago about putting them through a relay, and I was considering it, but LEDs are soooo insanely power efficient that I wasn't really sure if it would be worth it. My side/parking lights are also LEDs (and looking at going LED with the headlights as well) and all of them on probably put less of a strain on the electrical system than one old-school halogen bulb. The draw from just one 60W headlight bulb is 5 amps. The entire 4-light halo kit, I believe, was like 10-12W if my memory serves me correctly, which is about 1 amp. I'd think I wouldn't need a relay for just 1A, but I don't know what other people's opinions are on that. I believe the halos stopped working once when I hit a pothole and then they miraculously worked again, after a minute or two, but I think that started the ball rolling in loosening whatever is loose now. Then again I might be totally wrong. Next day I have some free time, I want to run power to the lights directly just to see if they turn on and then back track it from there and see if its a switch or other problem. If I go LED headlights I'd want to share with you guys as well. To be continued...