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  1. Actually I think it's $249 if you haven't listed before but they make it $99 for returning customers. The best part is the buyer pays the 5% commission, not the seller, which makes it a good deal for a seller. The way the bidding works too, the buyer's fee is charged on the credit card the second the auction ends. This means whoever wins is a LOT less likely to flake out and not buy the car (which seems to be a big issue on eBay).
  2. No sale on the auction at $18,250, before the 5% buyer's fee. I didn't need to sell it but if it had gotten to at least $20,000, I would have been OK with letting it go. Truth is I had been working on the listing for quite a few months with them, and trying to sort out some details, and had already paid the $99 entry fee, so I figured I might as well see what happens. Happy to keep it!
  3. All done. Overall I am very pleased with how that turned out. It’s not a perfect fit, the sides are just off some, and you end up with a modern plastic textured surface compared to the softer vinyl original, but for the price, it’s a very professional finish.
  4. In the works on mine. I removed most of the vinyl around the edges. I found the one bottle of glue was enough, although I will be going back to add more under the front lip. Instructions say not to use glue over the entire top because the cap needs to expand in the heat. One nice thing about having a black interior is the adhesive is black also so you can’t mess it up too easily.
  5. I ordered a black one yesterday. Looking forward to installing it.
  6. yeah that does help a lot. My big concern with the dash cap is how it looks under the lip because that’s where mine is the worst. It looks like the cap does come around the lip and cover that too?
  7. Hey how did this turn out Paul? I'm at the point where either I have my cover done at the upholstery shop or get one of these Dashtop covers.
  8. My fleet was social distancing today. Doing an oil change on the Riviera tomorrow and getting her (hopefully) set for the warm season.
  9. Yeah I would make sure the bulb is connecting to the housing properly. I think the ground is actually made partly with the metal housing? Make sure it’s not corroded. if the rear blinker is working then you know it’s not the switch
  10. Also the speedometer- you can see in one photo it was sitting at 7 o’clock and now it sits at 6. Is that a problem?!? I did goof it up some too.
  11. So I was installing new LED bulbs in my dash (look good) and in the process I broke the gas gauge loose. Dammit. So far as I can tell, I need to re-soder the red wires to the top spots. But overall it seemed to be floating in the gauge pod, yes? Or is there something on the bottom that broke?!? I can’t see anything except there was a really small brass circle that was loose in the pod. I have no idea how these work.
  12. Prices are all over the board. I think even your location plays a part. I see prices in the Midwest much more reasonable than what you would see a private seller in California or Washington (where I am) willing to take.
  13. I get this ALL the time too. I used a little starter spray in the carb this last time and that helped keep it from feeling too ridiculous on the pumps.
  14. It still costs more to decently restore one than to buy a nice one, so that says to me prices are OK. But I don't see things going up, that's for sure.
  15. Anyone familiar with this 65 GS in the Seattle area? Looks nice
  16. It has a new starter solenoid on it. Maybe it wasn’t installed well, but we changed that. I’m giving it an oil change next week. While I’m under there I will take a look at the solenoid area and see what I find.
  17. I have issues with the ignition sticking 'ON' when you crank the engine. Mechanic diagnosed it down to voltage regulator. One of his failed, and he replaced it. I have since bought the fancier Delco one, but it buzzes in a z-z-z-z pattern and is clearly broken. Sometimes the wiring to the starter even smokes a little! So I put one of the older voltage regulators back on, but basically I think I should get a fresh one again. I have a feeling I am shorting it out or something (mainly because of long cold start cranks).
  18. I've gone through three now. I've tried the expensive ones, and the cheap ones. I mean, I think the ground gets screwed up sometimes too, but anyone have experience with these? Not all that interested in paying $50 for the Delco one again unless you all think it's miles better.
  19. I see a lot of more correct 65 GS for sale at $50k so this doesn’t seem like too bad a deal assuming it runs well. Having a good AC setup is a plus for many who want a nice driver, even if it’s not original style.
  20. Any tips? I pulled the three screws but it still seems attached on the back side. I don’t want to break them but I want to get them off so I can clean them up and/or getting them rechromed.
  21. when I saw the movie my friends were probably wondering why I kept exclaiming “oooh” every time I spotted a Rivi. You see some a few times.
  22. Do you have A/C? I can’t imagine pushing the whole thing forward with the condenser too. Interesting.