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  1. As a graphic designer professionally, I find most of these types of programs are bad, but try Prisma on your phone. You can tone it down to be more subtle.
  2. Gotta disagree on it being easy to find a first-gen car. Certainly not unless you are willing to search nationally.
  3. There are at least 2 solid consignment shops here, way better place to sell it than the Jag dealer. Maybe the owner tried to sell with those guys and they laughed at his price. One to watch!
  4. I mean, pretty weird for a non-classic car dealership to sell something like this. They're not going to know sh*% about it. I wonder if the dealership owner wants to keep it but is throwing it out there just in case someone bites that worm.
  5. We’re going to replace the starter solenoid. So happens I had bought a new one last summer thinking it was an issue (starter was sticking) but realized I couldn’t install it myself without taking the starter off and I wasn’t up for that. thanks guys. Hopefully that fixes it. The diode will be a nice backup protector for the line.
  6. I had mentioned to them that I thought the starter solenoid was bad, my own research had brought that up. Glad I'm not the only one.
  7. So I have been having electrical starter issues. The voltage regulator would fail and the car would refuse to shut off. My mechanic has been diagnosing it and has decided that the alternator is creating feedback and he’s going to install a special diode in the line. Sounds interesting. Curious if anyone has had voltage regulator problems too or heard of this.
  8. That’s a funny line, good one. Honestly I don’t care what they think it’s worth. If she bought it for 8k I bet she’s spent $25k on it and looks to me like it needs more still. It’s a TV show and they’re going to inflate it for drama. The owner thought it was $25k and that sounded about right to me. Maybe $30 on a good day. The mismatch panels was the worst.
  9. That’s a pretty Riv, and near me, but the price, for a non-GS, is ridiculous
  10. That's gorgeous. Gotta admit I went the cheaper route on mine, and it's OK (still have the stock black wheel).