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  1. Wow really really nice. Now just make some with the 64 design too!
  2. Guess it's not normal! Yeah mine bounces in maybe a 5 mph vicinity no matter the speed. Kinda charming tho.
  3. Is it normal for the speedo dial to bounce around a bit? Mine does that but I figured it was normal.
  4. Yeah so glad you are OK and that all looks fixable. Wow!!
  5. I assume you are going to paint it?!? Oops, I see you are. Well, can't wait to see the finished version. That is quite a piece!
  6. Probably destined for a Barrett-Jackson auction, and they are just putting a crazy price on the listing to see if anyone would bite. I agree, as a non-GS, this is beautiful but listed more than twice what it's worth.
  7. So the mechanic (my old one, thankfully) installed the Bilsteins, love them!! $400 including an alignment. I’m fine with that. I know install would have taken me a whole weekend and then some. I pick and choose my DIY battles 😀
  8. I have the Pro6Ten compressor (single pulley) on my Riv, it looks just like yours. I have not had an issue with the belt yet, but it's only been on there for a few months. That said, the compressor did not fit without some modifications because the bolts stick out so far they slam into the alternator bracket.
  9. That looks amazing!!!! and to answer your question, no I didn’t install the pin. I was spending a lot of (my limited) brain power trying to get the horn to work right that I forgot. Decided to let it go.
  10. That would be great, but maybe the bolts are rusty and sticky ... we will see!
  11. Lots of great advice thanks! At this point I’m leaning toward going to a new mechanic that my friends are suggesting. I figure this is a 3-4 hour job so not pricey and like said above, a good test of a new mechanic to establish a relationship with.
  12. I have a full set of Bilsteins ready for my 64. Not sure if I could/should tackle installing them myself. I do have a floor jack and stands and some tools (but not a compressor and side-facing driver to reach in there easily). I have never done shocks. My first thought was to pay the mechanic to do it, but now maybe I need a new mechanic (my usual shop is ignoring me) and I'm not thrilled at trying a new place. Should I have a go myself??
  13. I admire you guys willing to drive your Riv cross country. I can't imagine! I fear the whole thing falling apart, haha. I have dreamed of taking mine from Seattle to Vegas. Driving down the strip in a Riv would be glorious. (Cleaning off all the bugs from the trip, not so much).