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  1. Yeah it’s the auction commission where they make $$. I was asked about listing my Riviera through their auction service and the listing fee was the same as Bring a Trailer (about $100). But the auction turns into a classified ad if the car doesn’t sell. Problem is they don’t have the audience of Bring a Trailer. They need it to grow a lot. Their classified business was probably getting eaten by BaT. Had to try something.
  2. You can still see the Riviera sign at the Neon Museum in Vegas. It’s a cool tour there.
  3. So I bought a bunch of the dash light LED bulbs. Anyone have advice for accessing the original bulbs? I thought maybe the instrument lenses would screw off ala the clock, but it doesn't appear so. I read (above poster) I could reach in from the access panels below (but that seems weird.) Do I have to remove the dash pad? Advice appreciated!
  4. I saw this on YouTube last week and then kinda got obsessed with his videos. This is one of his best redesigns. When did the Jag E-Type, he kinda lost me, but it's fun nonetheless.
  5. Mine are. I believe some folks here have done LED bulbs. I am interested in that.
  6. I’ve found the area of the hubcap around the air valve is strong enough for a big screwdriver head to start the pull. Then I just do a little in other sides until it pops off.
  7. Wow really really nice. Now just make some with the 64 design too!
  8. Guess it's not normal! Yeah mine bounces in maybe a 5 mph vicinity no matter the speed. Kinda charming tho.
  9. Is it normal for the speedo dial to bounce around a bit? Mine does that but I figured it was normal.
  10. Yeah so glad you are OK and that all looks fixable. Wow!!
  11. I assume you are going to paint it?!? Oops, I see you are. Well, can't wait to see the finished version. That is quite a piece!
  12. Probably destined for a Barrett-Jackson auction, and they are just putting a crazy price on the listing to see if anyone would bite. I agree, as a non-GS, this is beautiful but listed more than twice what it's worth.