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  1. Valvoline VR1 10-30, once a year oil change for me
  2. I think prices have been pretty good recently! But I can’t remember a Barrett Jackson with that many first gen Rivs before so yeah we could have more cars for sale now. That might not be a bad thing ...
  3. I like to keep an eye on eBay listings just for fun. I realize buying a car on there is a pothole waiting to happen. In fact, I bought a car on eBay that a dealer was selling a few years ago and it went fine but that was a reputable local dealer who uses eBay for publicity.
  4. Nope, still lurking
  5. Well, it's probably worth fixing the items left to be done. For a 65 GS, you will get your money back on the fixes if it's all good to go.
  6. Not sure if we had the same issue, but mine wouldn't start last week. Power was fine until you clicked the ignition over, then it's like a whole fuse blew. Everything went out. If I went and jiggled the positive cable on the battery everything came back on after a bit. This afternoon, I went and sprayed all the electrical connections from the battery to the firewall with cleaner, then noticed the RED wire at the horn relay was burnt a bit at the connection. I jiggled that a little and sprayed it a lot. The car started as normal. So I'm guessing I need to replace that red connector point. Hoping it's not a problem with the ignition, that didn't seem like my issue.
  7. $2,700 and then you still gotta buy the air cleaner too, sheesh!!
  8. The flasher is on the fuse box. Two screws to loosen the panel and you have access. I'd say it's there. There is also a switch connection at the base-ish area of the steering column that maybe came loose.
  9. Tough choice. In general, I think silver is a great color for first-gen cars, especially 63-64s. Much better than the baby blue. However, a KX car is just going to be a bit more valuable, despite the inconsistencies.
  10. Yeah I understand the typical cold start issues and this is a recent problem. The choke doesn’t seem to close the plate.
  11. Problem with my stock choke is it doesn't work on cold start, so I have to sit there for a minute giving it gas until the fuel bowl is OK, and I checked the air tube and it's fine. Once the car has fuel, it idles fine and doesn't die, etc. I figured the electric choke would improve things.
  12. So any advice from you experienced folks? What did you tap the power line into? I notice the instructions suggest removing the carb, but that seems unnecessary (I hope).
  13. I am big fan of Griot's Garage products. For one, it's a local company, but also the stuff they make is great. A little pricey, compared to what you might find on the shelf at O'reillys, but I have bought all kinds of different things from them. I have used their Speed Shine for probably 20 years! Their polishes are really nice, they make an all-in-one compound I have used a few times now.
  14. I bought the taillamp bezels, lenses and emblems from Cars. All are excellent.
  15. Congrats! Glad you found one to your liking!