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  1. I've heard alluminum can be manufactured thinner compared to copper/brass offering more possible tubes in a radiator package. Regardless, I always recore my original radiators but my last two radiator "guys" are gone (one literally) so I don't have anyone at the moment to recore a radiator if I had to. Here is a FAQ page with #1 and 7 addressing our topics. https://www.griffinrad.com/general_faq.php
  2. Yeah, I replaced this switch 10+ years ago and I vaguely remember the new NAPA switch missing one male spade connector which I assume was for the parking lights. Can't remember for sure, it was a long time ago. My dash pad is off so I want to get this figured out now.
  3. The switch in the car now is a replacement from NAPA. The parking lights haven't worked since its replacement. Maybe I was given the wrong switch?
  4. Thanks Rich, I appreciate your response.
  5. Do you still have the original drum brakes? If yes, are you happy with the braking with of your new brakes? If also yes, could you share which brand of brake shoe your mechanic used? It would be good to know a good brand as I had a set from NAPA years ago that were not good at all and required a lot of pedal effort. thx.
  6. Tom, Thanks for your response. I'm familiar with that relay but never knew what it was for. It is working. I edited my original question/post because I was mistaken. The parking lamps work only when the low beams are on. They don't work as parking lights like the original headlight switch. Is there a replacement switch that will get me back to the original function?
  7. I found this quote below from an old thread but it had many topics and I didn't revive it. " '64's had a relay. When the headlights were on low beam the orange/yellow parking lights would be on. When you hit the high beams the parking lights would go off ". I replaced it years ago with one from NAPA and since then, my parking lights work only when the low-beams are on. Did '64s have a different headlamp switch? Was the mentioned relay part of the switch or external?
  8. Thanks for this post and the photo. How many bulbs were needed to do both gauges and the console on a 64? There are many choices on Amazon for LED 194 Super Bright bulbs. They might all be the same but maybe not. If you could post the Amazon link to the actual ones you purchased that would be helpful. I like the look of yours and want to achieve the same results. Thanks!
  9. I think your correct. When I watched the video, It reminded me of the Cash for Clunkers program here in CA (maybe elsewhere too). The engines were "disabled" (ruined) by adding a concoction to the crankcase that seized the engine. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1033857_killing-your-clunker-correctly-how-a-dealer-disables-it#:~:text=The 135 pages of Cash,of your traded-in clunker.&text=It's a combination of water,is drained and disposed of.
  10. Hi Tom, I've greased a few speedo cables but seeing an earlier thread saying the Riv cable won't come out from the bottom caused me to ask. Thank you for the VERY detailed instructions including the recommendation for the brand of grease. This is excellent information which will give a long lasting fix. I'll follow up with the results. Paul
  11. Hi All, Happy New Year. My 64 speedo is noisy and erratic mostily after the car sits after long periods. Sometimes its quiet but its always a little jumpy. Before it zeroes coming to a stop, it "growls" and sounds very rough. I've read the threads I could find here and I want to clarify I have to remove the cable from the top, assuming that lubing is the first thing to try? Can I remove the cable separate from the housing as possible on other makes? BTW, my dash pad is removed right now for an unrelated repair. Here is a YT video of the noise. Thanks!
  12. Don't see the link in this thread so here it is. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/1965-buick-riviera-gs-2?refer=news&utm_source=edaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-12-07
  13. Interesting Ed. I would remember one like that which is nothing like the one I had. I'll look for some photos.
  14. Its been 30 years since I sold this car but pretty sure our 65 GS with AM/FM had the radio reverberator switch or maybe it was a knob mounted there. The marking said "Reverb".
  15. Concensus from people on other forums is to never coat the inside of a fuel tank. It seems the coating eventually begins to peel and block the fuel lines. I'm curious if the first gen Riv shared its fuel tank with any other GM products before or later? Just going by number of gallons, later GM A bodies used 20 gallon tanks - same amount as the Riv.
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