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  1. FYI for the Group. Needs a little work. 😁
  2. Not sure if the same on 65 but on my 64 the trim plate where the courtesy light and accessory switches mount will be labeled "Courtesy" in the center positon and "Accessory" to the left of center or "Antenna" to the right depending on how the car was originally equipped. My 64 originally came with no power antenna or rear defrost so it has only one switch in the center of the trim plate for the courtesy light and only labeled "Courtesy". I installed a power antenna some years ago from a car in the Pick-A-Part and also took its trim panel and switch. This panel listed "Courtesy" in the middle of the plate and " Antenna" to the right. Nothing on the left, however, there are pre-drilled holes to mount a factory switch. Pretty sure this is all correct. 🙂
  3. Rebuilt mine in 1987 45k miles ago. Had it out once since then for a reseal.
  4. Just pulled the trigger and purchased the Dashtop cover listed below. I needed the dark blue color for my 64, however, when I called and spoke to the rep, the only color they offer for 64 is their "OE Blue" which is light blue even though they show about a dozen colors. Sooo... I ordered it unpainted and I will paint it. Question: My 64 has the dark blue dash. Is it supposed to match the rear package tray which is also dark blue but has a slight metallic finish? THX, Paul
  5. Recovering one of our dashes with a seam on the facing edge is an easy way to recover and a way most upholstery shops will do. 20-30 years ago, this is all the shops would do and they weren't interested in covering a dash any other way. I never liked the look of a seam where it was not original, however, Ed, I very much like your example of contrasting color stitching. Today, I hear and see more and more people stretching and covering dashes without a seam. Maybe the vinyl today stretches better? Value is relative. Its sad to say, our Rivieras aren't very valuable when compared to the classic car market in general. Under $50k is the bottom tier with auction houses. I have owned my Riv for 38 years. Agreed, Just Dashes from what I have read is the highest quality dash repair and most correct, however, I have other cars I enter in shows and get judged so a dash cap for me is the best option for me to keep enjoying my car. I don't get hung up with originality details that can be easily corrected or reversed.
  6. Thanks Turbinator. I saw you post and your work and its nice. When ordering the Dashtop, it looks like you have to choose a color at an extra cost of $30. From another post, their OEM blue is light blue and was not correct. I would prefer to buy it with no color. Any comments on the QRP brand are appreciated. The description of the QRP company in their dash shell ad seems very impressive in regard to product quality and their company profile.
  7. Hi All, Apologies in advance for starting another first-gen dash cover thread. After reading all of the previous posts, I was ready to purchase one of the Dashtop dash covers for my 64. But then I came across this QRP brand "dash shell". Anyone used it? Links to both items below on the CARid site.
  8. First time I saw one of those was around 1986 on a white '65 that was parked in Solana Beach CA (North San Diego). Remember thinking it was cool there was a club for the first gen Rivs. Today all Rivieras are special, however back then, the first gens were a bit more coveted than other years.
  9. Thanks for posting. Although not considered a "Real Stutz" it is VERY real and a piece of our automotive history. Art in its true form IMO because it causes so many comments - many positive and many negative. Art is subjective. Good or bad, its art.
  10. ...And just because the alternator is rebuilt doesn’t mean it’s good. A bad diode in the alternator will give the same symptom.
  11. 60 Flattop I think your cars ride height is pretty darn close to correct. Ed I hear what you are saying by referring to original pictures in ads but I think Buick/GM used to weight the cars down to be level for the photo shoots. Very noticeable in the Cadillac ads and brochures back in the day. In person though, the cars sit just a little above level. Just what have noticed.
  12. Elvis’s car is just too low. It just is Must have had a few girls in the trunk?
  13. As mentioned a high price for a no AC car. Plus the color isn’t for everyone’s taste. Just my opinion but this looks like another dealer fishing for the “right guy” to come along. Usually the ones that pay these prices are out of the country buyers who put a premium on buying a car from a business rather an individual. They perceive the transaction as being safe and the car being in good condition because it’s sold by a dealer.
  14. + 1 on hagerty. I have 6 cars insured (I think) with them. Losing count. ?
  15. Just my opinion but the internet like cable TV has created opportunities for many more people to become writers and actors than before these venues existed. As a result, creative quality has suffered. Many automotive articles are written by some that are unskilled journalists and very biased and are just opinions (like mine here ?) but mistaken for fact. This has always happened but its everywhere today. I often ask myself just who is a REAL movie or entertainment "Star" today thats under 40 years old?
  16. Recent article came in my email today. Link below. When you go to the page below, there is another link to a First-Gen Riv article shows up in the page margin.
  17. If polished the front chrome edges and spray painted from the back. Not sure the name of the color, Argent Silver maybe. Depending on your location I may be interested in the steel wheels and / or the spinner turbine wheel caps.
  18. If your oil looks dirty relatively fast like under 1000 miles then there is likely sludge in the pan/engine and/or you have worn piston rings causing excessive crankcase blow-by. I had a 72 Cutlass Supreme with 150k miles that I KNEW was virtually sludge free and burned no oil Between changes every 4 to 5k miles. The oil always looked clean enough to read the dipstick markings through the oil. Conversely, I also had a 72 Olds 442 with 90k miles that WAS Sludge City. Had that crusty crystallized sludge all over the rockers in the valve covers. That oil would look dirty in a few hundred miles.
  19. Update: I installed 2 - 4 oz bottles of AC Delco Limited slip axle lubricant and all works fine. One post on a Chevy forum from a guy said he tried a brand other than GM and the chatter was still there. After installing the GM stuff, all was good. Enough for me to not cheap out and buy another brand. Other posts from people stated 1 bottle was not enough, hence me using 2.
  20. Lesson learned. You live in another country. Don’t throw anything away. ?
  21. All good points. I’m always looking for one of those stalled projects. I’m happy the OP at least spelled Rivy correctly with a “Y” and not Rivi with an “I”. Its Rivy or Rivie. Sorry, just one of my teacher OCD pet peeves. ?
  22. Good Info for many of us that own other GM vehicles. I have a 72 Grand Prix that is experiencing the chatter while turning but only after driving a while. I installed the Castrol Limited Slip Diff oil after a recent service but was suspect it wasn't enough. The car is a "Barn Find" with only 35k miles so I had no point of reference as what it drove like prior to the fluid change.
  23. To answer the original post and to come full circle with the topic... 15" wheels. ?