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  1. hello in fact i opened the new antenna and i found the wires from the motor and only i have to work with this 2 wires i will try and see you later !!
  2. yes, it is a 2 wires motor certainly; the case is grounded by being bolted to a part of the chassis. here the original antenna and the new bought
  3. here the electric diagram for my riviera 1966 you see the switch with the black wire for up and white for down on the motor there is 3 wires :)
  4. here this diagram electric for power anten with 2 wires or 3 wires as the riviera there are 2 relays on the new power antenna (as you can buy on the internet) you just have to find the 2 wires that feed the motor of the new power antenna + and - and you don't use the wire of autoradio signal I’ve got you now later if the diagram is good
  5. hello it is a classic power antenna with 3 wires one in 12 v permanent one in signal autoradio one for ground
  6. OK THANK YOU for this answer ! But i have 3 wires on my new power antenna 1 red + 1 blue for signal autoradio and the ground so HOW to connect ? red to pink blue to black ground to ground ??
  7. hELLO Do you know how to connect my new power antenna on my existing wiring power antenn system please ? > I have 2 pins on my car , a pink and a black. When i connect the pink wire to the 2 antenn wires and i push on switch lower , the anten goes up when i connect the black wire to the same 2 antenn wires and i push on switch upper, the anten goes up ALSO ! Can you help me please ? I have joined a diagram. Thank you very much ! Philip
  8. ;) 3/8 (9.53 mm) or 5/16(7.95 mm) ?? ° .°
  9. Hello What's the INTERNAL diameter of the hose fuel on RIVIERA 1966 please ? Philip
  10. here the photos to remove the motor washer - to remove the tole , 7 screws in yellow, 2 large screws to loosen - to remove wiper, lever the anchor of the wiper on each side
  11. hello i like AACA.ORG IT IS the best site to listen real answers and to have great people passionated thank you very much !!:) :) philip
  12. ok i have to find fasteners because severals misses...
  13. i have already the glass installed but the moldings chromes (that I have) have been removed by the old owner for car paint so i just have to fix the molding chromes with the fasteners ?
  14. Hello !! yes It would be great to have picture of 1966 model to see , for example, the differences. Thank you ! Philip
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