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  1. From my understanding, 15 inch were standard on the '42 Zephyr. Folks liked them because they had the clips on them and '41 hubcaps would fit on them...looking standard. My '41 had 15 inch rims. Somewhere along the way someone put them on.. Problem I had was I needed to put spacers on the wheels to keep the new radials from scraping the tie rods on sharp corners. And the spare tire won't fit in the trunk well...too fat.
  2. Jeff, Nice photos! Yes spring is here. Casting Several steering wheels. '40 Translucent Red and a '41 "Peachglow " for a Conv. Coupe similar to yours but '41.
  3. Keith here. I don't want to presume, are you sure you're mounting the right pulls? the Ashtray and Glovebox pulls look alike but the mounting is different. The screws for the Glovebox pulls mount straight down about 1/1/8" apart, like you said., The screws for the the ashtray mount on a 45 degree angle, and again about 1 5/8" apart. You may have them switched.
  4. Keith here. Most of you know me as the guy that makes Lincoln Zephyr interior plastic items. That’s true, however not only do I make knobs I also make other stuff for other makes of cars or projects that challenge or inspire me. Case in point. For some time now I’ve wanted to make a mold of a gearshift knob and be able to suspend objects in the clear resin. But what could I suspend in it? Then I reached back into my teenage brain. In my feckless and callow youth my friends and I would make fake coins using aluminum foil and a dime or quarter. We would carefully cut them out and place them on the floor in the halls of the my Junior High and wait till someone thought they found a dime, stoop over the pick it up and crumple the fake coin. Great fun. The clear resin in the dome acts as a magnifying lens so any object encased appears larger in size. From time to time I’ll post other things I’m working on. Perhaps you may find them interesting.
  5. Colin, many thanks. I'll call.
  6. Looking for a source for 1937 glove box liner. Any help, greatly appreciated. Be safe.
  7. Keith here. Putting a few items on ebay that Knobbsoup makes. If you know anyone that's interested, let them know. Thanks. Take care.
  8. Keith here. Yes, I make all three firewall boots. 1936 thru '39 single hole. 1940 thru '48 two hole for Zephyrs (second hole is for the gearshift lever0 and 1940 thru '48 for the Continentals ( because the Connies have a lower dash profile the boot is slightly different with a curve.) Photos to come.
  9. Keith here, just wanted to let everyone know that I am posting some recently molded product for sale on E-bay. If your interested, please take a look. Pass the word if you know someone looking - Keith Knobsoup@gmail.com Here's a sneak preview ...
  10. Tom, Yes, Yes. Congratulations! And Sept is my birth month. BTW, I won the bid on the '41 horn button on Ebay you alerted me too. Thank you. Keith
  11. Bruce, thank you for the post. I have cast and reproduce the gearshift knob, window escutcheon and window crank knobs in ivory for the '48 Plymouth. Sorry, I have not cast the 1940 P9 Plymouth interior items. You are willing to send me samples (headlight, throttle and choke knobs) I would be happy to give it a go.. Contact me at knobsoup@gmail.com Keith
  12. In 2001 I was living in Lost Wages, NV. In the spring I went down to see my grown kids in the LA area,. On the way back I stopped to see Merv Adkins in the Pomona area to buy some parts I needed. While there, I took a few shots of his yard beside his work shop. Here is what his “yard” looked like back then. He had stacks and stacks of doors, hoods, deck lids, all manner of Zephyr parts all leaning up against the side fences. Cars as far as I could see. Several years later Merv decided to divide the property and most of what you see in the photos had to be disposed of. A lot of it went to scrape.
  13. The next challenge for me will be to reproduce the 1941 vent window rubber. I have been contemplating it for some time now. I have a really nice original set to copy. I'll keep you abreast of my progress.
  14. Yes! Yes! Yes! Very good indeed. Congratulations! I know you work long and hard many years on your beauty. I'm sure this will be the first of a long list. Keith
  15. Hi, Keith here. Just letting friends know that I've posted a few items on e-bay. Check them out if you or someone you know is looking for replacement parts. Gearshift knobs, dash board sets, ashtray pull, horn button, Appleton spotlight set, etc. ... Thanks, and hope you're having a great summer. Keep in touch.
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