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  1. Mssr. Bwatoe

    christmas cards

    Needed snow----I actually found something that fit in long shallow trunk
  2. Mssr. Bwatoe

    My Zephyr

  3. Mssr. Bwatoe

    My Zephyr

    That is Fantastic!! These cars are good runners once dialed in..and the engine will run better and start easier the more it is run- this is the fun part..Enjoy! Lets see inside and under hood...please..
  4. Mssr. Bwatoe

    Does it even have to run?

    And I see that Mr Brass in Norwalk likes interior's one for ya...
  5. Mssr. Bwatoe

    Does it even have to run?

    Yea it better's a machine , with style, if it don't work, its an awkward sculpture....I was thrilled to see this beast boogie down the road ! the sounds, the smells etc of a running machine is heavenly.
  6. Mssr. Bwatoe

    Dim headlights on a 1947 Lincoln

    clean all connections. remove bulbs, clean ground from bulb to inside of bucket--chk voltage, batt is 6 or so, charging needs 7 or so big diff, adjust regulator, easy --google it..
  7. Mssr. Bwatoe

    Headlight Lamp Replacement

    It appears to me that the little brass guide pins are tweaked, bent...bend only minimally, it should be possible---35-39 ford lincoln
  8. Mssr. Bwatoe

    36 Zephyr Radio

    Vacuum tube electronics required several power streams to operate, 6 volt battery could not do it all, but it would power this little motor which created ac current which is similar to what a vibrator does.
  9. Mssr. Bwatoe

    36 Zephyr Radio

    Radios in any car in 36 were not as common, technology was emerging, the synchronous vibrator made the previous dynamotor obsolete, and helped a lot---Lets see your radio!! ((((Electro mechanical components known as vibrators were used in a circuit similar to modern solid state inverter circuits to provide a pulsating DC which could be converted to a higher voltage with a transformer, rectified, and filtered to create higher-voltage DC. This "vibrator" is essentially a relay using normally closed contacts to supply power to the relay coil, thus immediately breaking the connection, only to be reconnected very quickly through the normally closed contacts. It happens so rapidly it vibrates, and sounds like a buzzer. This same rapidly pulsing contact applies the rising and falling DC voltage to the transformer which can step it up to a higher voltage.[1] The primary use for this type of circuit was to operate vacuum tube radios in vehicles, but it also saw use with other mobile electronic devices with a 6 or 12V accumulator, especially in places with no mains electricity supply such as farms. ))) wiki quote
  10. Mssr. Bwatoe

    August in Michigan (pics from huge Lincoln Meet)

    Yes maybe a little silly, but the Ohio / Indiana toll road 80/90 is a nice smooth high speed road, and as long as I have some stopping distance, thats when this car feels like a Lincoln....
  11. Mssr. Bwatoe

    Another Beautiful Milestone

    YEA!! GOOD STUFF!!!!
  12. Mssr. Bwatoe

    DUAL exhaust on the V12

    I always considered it a badge of pride to see twin smoke from the rear of cars, 70's and 80's were smog years and they seemed to disappear...No, Its is not burning oil, ( well, it is a v-12, uses a little) I couldn't resist......I told my high scool buds, it was like having a mono hi fi vs stereo--The sound dude, and the look!!
  13. Mssr. Bwatoe


    What is the interchange from ford -v8 to lz H-v-12 timing gears??
  14. Mssr. Bwatoe


  15. Mssr. Bwatoe


    This hung in a Lincoln Showroom for 1941, My first auto and all time fave L-Z, power windows, seat, jump seats, under seat heaters polished heads and auto choke!! Yee Haw!! with coolest ball and spere (I believe modeled after the Trylon & Perisphere) all things Moderne!