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  1. Did you buy it from Bill Hill?? he has been trying to sell one just like that for a while.... --cool car-- gotta get the really cool, really expensive stainless steel grills and trim.
  2. Here is the model for the Lincoln Museum at Gilmore
  3. V-12 leaves for the first of many ins/ outs.......1975
  4. Several years ago , at the Threshers convention in Wood County Ohio, a fellow had a 5x7 bellows camera using original equipment, of the era, except not " glass plates" but film stock in original camera....very cool.
  5. It can be had easy enough, call Chris Herril lincoln pts, i think I at least try to straighten ..it is a slinger , not a contact surface, so can function without being perfect...
  6. HEY, CAN YOU GIVE ME HAND WITH THESE VALVES........................
  7. GREAT EBAY SALES PITCH, CHK IT OUT...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lincoln-V12-motor-engine/184163105623?hash=item2ae0f9fb57:g:K3AAAOSwazteyFTz
  8. I wish I had another 38.. I did install both of these parts and they were perfect..special shifter grommet is vital...Thanks from a few years ago... jb
  9. unibody car was all painted body color--inc lines, most all other bolt ons are semi gloss black, trumpet horn screens and screws on horns silver, hood hinges body--fender braces and pans black volt reg /horn relay/starter sol / od box all natural cad silver..fan black vib dampner green- fuel pump is steel cover not glass..
  10. i know a guy has some of those brand new ( 5 years old or so Scoebel aluminum heads, they are the only way to go.. new clean light and correct...and after chrome and such, prob about same expense....they go for a couple grand.. i've got some iron heads i ground smooth and painted aluminum, they looked ok.
  11. the carbs are rare...and most often replaced with standard design..handle / knob is a badge of pride... the few that really know will be impressed.. thanks for sharing.
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