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  1. bobs speedo shop google it good long time business in Michigan
  2. The last time I was posted about Lincoln /Ford banjo rear axle / columbia stuff, the topic of safety wire and bolts, at the time a gentleman suggested my simple loop though the bolts was faulty, unlike his very much better job with multiple wraps etc. I opened up another diff today, cut safety wire to disassemble..reminded me.. I found a picture of a modern rod shop , assembling a banjo, he used cotter pins in the diff carrier bolts rather than wire-- Why one vs the other?
  3. I want to encourage you all with Lincolns out there in any stage of fixing to look at Keith Lee's Knob Soup reproduction interior molded parts- looking like Henry made it. This stuff is impossible to obtain until recent-- How long will it be available?? My hats off to this Gentleman, it is so rare to get repro car parts of any kind that are really spot on right-- these are. click off his list and get that dash fixed up..(great kinda easy winter project) some new knobs or a steering will encourage you to work on the rest of it! (and the price is really right!)
  4. It is an orifice meant to reduce oil pressure and volume right off mainline oil pump feed to reduced flow for lifters, not wanting hydraulic lifters to be over pressured and and thus fog the valve chamber ....the style is anyones guess, and not important....The main resom=n to replace I expect is to be assured that it is the end of the lifter oil gally is another short 2lb or so spring and ball to regulate the pressure in the lifter rail, and source of oil for the timing gears.......The old conversions to solid tappets always show a modified deal with an added 1/4 or so line running ft to back to supply that tgear oil....
  5. I believe that is a postwar tank with the bulge as seen in pic
  7. Zefferists are a passionate bunch, like others.. We understand they are not the machine that a Packard 12 , or Auburn, or Pierce..but I fell in love at first sight..quirky but beautiful......
  8. Ck out the website, get some old issues of award winning "Way of the Zephyr publication" The club has nearly 1,000 members in every state and several foreign countries. We also have Regional Chapters to serve our members closer to home. If you have an interest in these cars, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line or send us an e-mail, and we'll get a membership application to you by return mail. Or download and print an application and mail it to us. Within just a few weeks, you'll receive your first magazine and a list of all the items available from the club's "Lincolnalia" director, including back issues of our fine magazine. As we update our biennial Membership Directory, you'll receive a copy. Annual dues are as follows: U.S. 3rd Class.................$50.00 U.S., Canada, Mexico 1st Class...$58.00 All Other Foreign Countries: Air Mail...........................$68.00 For correspondence regarding membership transactions, send to: LZOC, c/o Cornerstone Registrations, Ltd., PO Box 1715, Maple Grove, MN 55311, U.S.A. Ph: 763-420-7829 Fax: 763-420-7849 For general information and all other correspondence, send to: LZOC, c/o Mr. Tom Brunner, 25609 N. Forest Rd., #10, Rio Verde, AZ 85263 For items related to the club's magazine, The Way of the Zephyr, send correspondence to: Mr. Richard L. Cole, Editor, The Way of the Zephyr, 200 E. Fesler #206, Santa Maria, CA 93454 For correspondence relating to Lincolnalia and Back Issues, send to: Mr. Robert Barr, PO Box 115, Sheboygan, WI, 53082
  9. The H-V-12 is an engine that likes to run at high rpms, it did not breath well especially when lugged around town, which amazingly it could do quite well. It had hydraulic lifters after the first several years which rendered it almost silent in operation. Marginal oil quality, poor maintenance and low speed driving contributed to the bad rap. I am a LZ owner/ driver for 40 years, and yes the 12 was not a cheap overhaul, but when completed competently, with exacting tolerances, equipped with a Columbia 2 speed axle or warner od it is an automobile that than travel modern highways with ease and comfort.
  10. This is one of the hand built - special ordered- home office- direct from Edsel Ford's desk kind of special cars...built for family in a time when the elite wore high hats and participated in very formal events "On the Town" . The kind of arrival expected for red-carpet events... The car was built for Edsel's bro in-law Ernst Kanzler, then made its way into the defense department fleet in the war years. (defense dpt Robert Lovett) The other special thing about this car is the fact that it went back to the factory for a front end facelift, (similar to the Sunshine Special) used by presidents...The car holds a very special footnote in history, whether you think it to be a thing of beauty or merely a curiosity, as H-V-12 fans, ya gotta appreciate what a neat thing it is---sliding glass partition,sliding soft top over Chauffeur, optional trunk model -- etc--mostly original, obviously maintained over its's twin was driven by Mrs. Ford.... enjoy..