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  1. The 38 Zephyr started the trend for lower wider grillwork, to aid in cooling, losing the aforementioned "classic" style of the Beautiful Packards. 40 Lincoln ...note the 38 cream conv sedan lower pic..vs car one year earlier!
  2. Oh My!! That is the bomb!! Awesome look...I bet it will be a good runner, thanks for posting Lets see the whole car.. Please.
  3. Jon Scobel was a LZOC member , who used / worked at Kearney foundry. These are from him,I can vouch for the safety of an investment like this. My heads have been test driven over 5000 miles on my personal car. They improved the cooling, and performance, they help the torque readings much better than the old ones I noticed . I know that Dave Cole featured him in TWOTZ at one point...Look in past issues..
  4. I discovered over 40 years ago that the real badge of pride on our sweet little V-12 is a set of polished or clean matte aluminum cylinder heads (prewar),is the most awe inspiring compliment to our already stunning , unique automobiles. I used to brag to my GM buddies that My Lincoln has an Aluminum intake!! from the factory, (it was a time when v-8s and Edelbrock and Holley were the rage in my world. ) The problem is that the old tennite aluminum heads from prewar era were not expected to last 75 years. (in my world they dont, cracks, over milled, pitting, etc.......) Here is my dream come true----I had silver painted smoothed iron till now-- They also solve the problem (I've found) that proper flathead machine cyl head service is not that easy to come by, resurface machines do not like the long flat head with tall raised outlet... this solves the problem..these are the last that he made.. MARKED 86H IN RAISED LETTERS ( i ground mine off) HEADS FOR SALE HAVE THE 86H! you can get the Zephyr script engraved or leave them plain like I did.. BRAND NEW MODERN STRONG THICK PROPER CASTING JON SCOBEL KEARNEY FOUNDRY CYLINDER HEADS..READY TO GO.. $2500.00 a set send me pm.
  5. Loosen the nut, put in reverse and sort of pop the clutch ...I use that cone puller with much success, remember to retorque 100 or so .....
  6. The service replacement drivetrain parts are often cast or stamped b-2 ---But I suspect a machinist stamp from a prior re condition job..
  7. I am trying to get pink slip and documentation on a new project.... is body number or / and vin number... please...
  9. I am a Zephyr guy, but thought you might enjoy this little snippet of a nice meet a few years ago....sorry , not more cars.....but I hope you enjoy
  10. I'm bit sure where to post anymore, this forum sort of got too complicated, many different spots for same topic?? any way, Happy New Year, here is an old video
  11. Did you buy it from Bill Hill?? he has been trying to sell one just like that for a while.... --cool car-- gotta get the really cool, really expensive stainless steel grills and trim.
  12. Here is the model for the Lincoln Museum at Gilmore
  13. V-12 leaves for the first of many ins/ outs.......1975
  14. Several years ago , at the Threshers convention in Wood County Ohio, a fellow had a 5x7 bellows camera using original equipment, of the era, except not " glass plates" but film stock in original camera....very cool.
  15. It can be had easy enough, call Chris Herril lincoln pts, i think I at least try to straighten ..it is a slinger , not a contact surface, so can function without being perfect...
  16. HEY, CAN YOU GIVE ME HAND WITH THESE VALVES........................
  17. GREAT EBAY SALES PITCH, CHK IT OUT...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lincoln-V12-motor-engine/184163105623?hash=item2ae0f9fb57:g:K3AAAOSwazteyFTz
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