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  1. I went for a walk in the field next to my house and came across this axle. It appears to be a Ford product and I noticed the brake drums have fins. Did any Ford product have finned drums besides Lincoln Zephyr?
  2. 39 lenses have to be used with 39 bezels, 38 lenses have to be used with 38 bezels. The 38 bezels are wider at the top. The mounting brackets for both bezels are the same as far as I can remember. The lense brackets may be different heights, not sure.
  3. Did you find your part yet? If you can't remember what it looks like, I can take a picture of my spare mirror and you could make the plate out of sheet metal. If you don't want to make one, I can part with my spare mirror assembly.
  4. I too change down when coming to a stop. I don't want to find out what would happen at speed. There is a clunk from high to low, maybe a bang at higher speed.
  5. Thought of doing that with a Lincoln penny of the same year as my car.
  6. I spoke too soon about the rest of the engine checking out OK. I decided to pull the heads. Check out that block resurfacing job or lack there of. You can see where coolant had leaked into cylinder and coolant stain on piston. This is disgusting. Monkeys could have done a better job on this engine. This company has been around since at least the 50's so it's not how long you are in business, it's the people you have employed. The business was started by the current owner's father. I guess the son doesn't give a sh....Also, I think all this staying at home stuff is making me more angry than usual. This is not even my engine, I just don't like seeing a friend getting ripped off.
  7. Thanks guys for the input. One other 37 owner, who I talked to went to his garage and also said his rods are under the engine mount just as in DizzyDales pic. So I guess that's where they are although it looks strange to me. They must have made a mistake on the assembly line, yah that's it, they made a mistake. OK, back to my closet while I self isolate.
  8. My 39 has those crank plugs, they were removed and the crank cleaned, plugs replaced. Fortunately, the guy that did my engine was a good experienced mechanic with an amazingly equipped machine shop. Unfortunately, he went out of business before my friend was ready to have his engine done.(long story). The plugs in his crank look like they haven't been touched. The rest of the engine checked out OK. As for the pic looking into pump hole, you have to look real closely and you can see the edge of the gear teeth towards the rear of the hole. They are now in the center of the hole.
  9. If anyone has a 37, and you could take a look at how the rod is mounted, I would really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks to everyone for your advice.
  11. The cover and gear were installed by the engine machine shop who "rebuilt" the engine. . The owner never touched the engine. They also painted the engine after it was assembled, including the aluminum heads. Owner told them he specified don't paint the heads. They pulled the heads to remove the paint and reinstalled the heads using the same gaskets and also had never used thread sealer on the studs. There was coolant coming out the top of the studs and around the perimeter of the heads like crazy. I made some calls and found out that the person with experience in the shop had quit just before this engine was worked on. They also forgot to install the bolt and thick washer that hold the crank pulley on. I also had to rebuild the carb that they said they rebuilt. My friend paid a lot of money for this "rebuild". Anybody know of a good lawyer?
  12. Problem solved! Pulled engine. Removed flywheel and then gear cover. Gear had been installed backwards by the engine shop. It was also jammed up against a cast knob on the cover. I removed idler gear and re-installed on the shaft properly. There is now room between the gear and cover, and the gear will now engage with the other gears.
  13. Getting ready to pull engine and was looking at engine braces that hold engine in position on mounts. Have these been installed correctly in the past? Should they be as is, under the engine mounting foot or should they be on top of the foot? Almost seems engine is propped up too high, putting back of engine close to firewall.