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  1. Engine is back together and ready to go back in the 37. Hope all goes better this time.
  2. According to "The Cars of Lincoln Mercury" 1942 #'s are from H129691 to H136254. Then for 1946 the first 1,797 units through serial # H138051 were powered by 1942 engines. 1942 was last year for 3 window coupes. Being a hot rod, someone changed the front clip to 1946.
  3. They advertise in our Canada wide newspaper "Old Autos" as classic engine experts. I suppose classic means engines from the 60's and newer.
  4. Just an update if anyone is interested as to what happened. The builder took the engine back and over the course of 5 months machined the deck, installed new pistons, bearings and gaskets, cleaned crank and installed new core plugs all at no charge. I got the engine back and took the pan off to install the rear main bearing oil drain. Noticed that 6 of the pistons were installed backwards and the rod numbering did not match the cylinder numbering. Told builder who was very apologetic and will be supplying gasket set for me. I have taken pistons and rods out and re-installed properly. All T slo
  5. Got one from Alan Whelihan. Thanks for your help.
  6. That picture was sent to me from All Ford Parts and is being sold as part # 40-6328. I believe the actual ones are steel. I think it might just appear to be galvanized in the pic. The one in the engine I'm working on is missing. I did leave a message for Earle Brown but he hasn't returned my call. Do you know if he is OK? Dave
  7. Would anyone know where I can get a rear main oil drain tube? 1937 zephyr V12
  8. Had my iron heads ceramic coated silver color. Never had a problem with them.
  9. Here is a photo copy of the article. Hope this works and you are able to read the small print.
  10. I live near Toronto, so I got lengths of trim from Extrude-A-Trim in Toronto. If you go to their website and click on catalog then standard shapes, you can find half oval bar. I think it's 12 ft. no holes. There must be a similar US company. Way Of The Zephyr, March-April 1994 has the how to make your own trim article.
  11. Made mine from aluminum boat trim that comes in straight lengths, you cut and bend to fit. Profile is pretty close to original.
  12. I went for a walk in the field next to my house and came across this axle. It appears to be a Ford product and I noticed the brake drums have fins. Did any Ford product have finned drums besides Lincoln Zephyr?
  13. 39 lenses have to be used with 39 bezels, 38 lenses have to be used with 38 bezels. The 38 bezels are wider at the top. The mounting brackets for both bezels are the same as far as I can remember. The lense brackets may be different heights, not sure.
  14. Did you find your part yet? If you can't remember what it looks like, I can take a picture of my spare mirror and you could make the plate out of sheet metal. If you don't want to make one, I can part with my spare mirror assembly.
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