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  1. I will be cleaning them with a tooth brush
  2. 38 ShortopConv, I appreciate your reply to were the oil lines are to be attached. I will clean up the holes before installing the brass connectors
  3. Tom, I will remove the rubber hose and find a suitable replacement part
  4. Tom, Here is what I did to make the connection at the tank Gerry.
  5. When I was dismantling the engine I took a lots of photos of each part I removed I saved them to a external Jump Drive. I am now starting to install these parts and now find out I am unable to review these photos. I will attach a photo of each part as I am installing it hoping someone has a picture of this part. The first one is on the rear of the engine were there are three holes, and if my memory serves me there were brass connectors which I believe are for the oil lines. Gerry
  6. larry I forgot about this parts supplier as I have used them in the past. I am not sure what the original length should be, as the piece of hose that I have measures just a little over 4'x 3" Seeing they only sell 3' lengths I will check with other suppliers. thanks.
  7. I need to replace the Fresh Air Hose and was wondering has anybody ever had to buy one . If so, who did you buy it from. Gerry
  8. Matt, I will head there tomorrow.
  9. When I dropped the tank off the guy asked if I minded if they changed the damaged siphon line I said no problem. From what my first observation when I got home was what a great job they had done, but after a further examination I notice the original line coming out of the tank had been replace with a 90 degree 5/16th pipe. This has now given me a problem as how can I attach a 1/4 copper line to this piece of steel pipe.? Gerry
  10. I talked to company today as was told they cut a section out of the tank so they can sand blast the inside. I explained my problem with the small tubing inside the tank. They said no problem, as they see this all the time. Dropping off the tank tomorrow. keep you informed when I get it back
  11. Ray500 I had phoned a company called "Gas Tank Exchange" and they quoted me $275.00 Cdn to repair the tank. I will call them tomorrow to see how they do the repairing of this tank. Hopefully they split the tank so I can get a the part in question. If not I may have to get in touch with the company you used.in order to get that part.
  12. Ray500 Your theory on how the hose got their is correct. I forgot about those days. I have taken a photo of the inside of the tank and it shows a small metal line coming from a connector attached to the outside of the tank. It seems the line has rusted and detached part way down the line. It would seem the easy way out is to take the piece out and extend the broken line . The problem I see is, the part being secured is using rivets. I could drill the rivets out but then how would I support the part from the inside to use Pop Rivets to attach the part back on.?
  13. I removed the tank and found this hose inside. I was wondering why it was there.? Gerry
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