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  1. vintage1, I will give them a call. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Ray, I guess I will be doing a lot of phoning around to se if someone has this pulley without having to buy the whole pump, Tom, I remember there were two water pumps that I had and never knew were they came from but they looked like Fords, as they had that hidden hole for a bolt. I should be so lucky as to have found a replacement. As you can see shaft that the pulley goes onto is a little smaller. I appreciate the offer. Thanks for replying to my post. Gerry
  3. I dropped a water pump and it broke off a section on the pulley. Anyone have a spare pulley to sell.?. Gerry
  4. I was working on my Lin motor and had just place a water pump on the bench to work on. I had to get up to go over to the tool box for a wrench and never notice I had set my foot into a cord for my air compressor. That's when it happened, the water pump game of the bench and hit the floor causing the damaged to the pulley as shown in the picture. I am hoping someone has a pulley for sale. I will post in the Buy section, I just wanted to show what can happen if you are not paying attention to your surrounding. Gerry
  5. Mssr. Bwatoe Off to hand tighten all the parts. Thanks Gerry
  6. I am starting to assemble all the parts back onto the V12 Engine. I was wondering if anyone knows were I can obtain the data on how much torque is used when installing these parts, Cylinder Heads, Water Pumps, Intake Manifolds and all the other parts. Gerry.
  7. The part arrived yesterday from C & G Ford Parts. It was exactly what Larry had suggested. Ford part #91A-15142 for flathead Ford( 59A} Here is a photo of the part.
  8. Tom Just what I was looking for. I got lucky and found a parts store just 5 min away from me that sold this product. Thanks Gerry
  9. 40ZephSedan I am trying to put together the usual parts ,Oil pan, Water pumps on this V12 engine. I had bought the engine gasket set at Hersey last year from Earle Brown Jr and just thought I would be using Gasket Sealer just like I did in the past. On reading your reply, it seems that I have to use some type off silicone sealer. I was hoping some of our members would chime in and let me know what they used when their was put together. I am hoping I have not wasted over $200.00 on materials that I no longer need. Thanks
  10. I went to the Auto store last month to buy some sealer. All I could see on the shelves was gasket maker. If this is what is being used, then why did I buy a gasket set.? Gerry
  11. As for the bolt I was looking for I should have explained I thought I had lost it. Sure enough it showed up when I was looking for something else. After inquiring about these washer I decided to try and make my own. Here is what I used and to make 24 of them. 1) I used a Fender washer with the same thickness as the original washer. 2) The middle hole had to I step drilled so the bolt would fit. 3) I used the original washer and made a pattern on the washer 4) Secured the washer with vice grips and using my hand held grinder I cut off what was not needed. After that there was just a little more grinding to make sure the washes fitted just right into it's slot. 5) Instead of just tapping the tabs up, as I was Leary they would break off. I decided to gently heat each tabs before tapping them up. Everything worked out fine
  12. 38ShortopConv. My engine is for a 48 Lin Cont. with Hydraulic Lifters I was informed that I would only be allowed so many kb to post in my first message. The 1st photo I posted never indicated what year the engine was. On the same page it showed a photo of the 36-37 engine. Maybe both photos of a engine from 36-37. I will follow your advice on were to install these parts. Thanks, Gerry
  13. I am a little confused on the installation of this valve. On the parts list (page 83} it shows upper corner three parts are required #6666,6654,& list353082 S . I was wondering were does this Brass Valve fit in.? The first number above 86H 6654 is for 38-48 The second number above 56H 6654 is for 46-48 Gerry
  14. Mssr,Bwatoe Here is a Engine Stand Adapter my neighbor and I made. We used 1/4 " plate steel and welded it to a 2" pipe. I made a pattern of were the holes were to be drilled. I was lucky that he understood angles as the pipe had to cut just so as to match the one side of the plate. Here are a couple of photos of what we did. Gerry
  15. I should also of added, that I cannot believe the price they are asking for the catalog on Ebay. Gerry