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  1. 38ShortopConv. I kind of though that's what it meant. . Thanks
  2. 38ShortopConv. Can you explain what you mean by "peg them"
  3. Has anyone ever replaced the brushes in this starter. I removed the armature to clean it up but when I tried to install it back into the case it seems the four brushes get in the way .The need to be withdrawn so the armature can be installed all the way in. Any help would be appreciated. Gerry
  4. Ray500,19tom40 The info you both supplied is what I was hoping for. I have a seized engine in the car and the rebuilt engine I bought came without any bolts, nuts and washers. I was able to buy the necessary bolts, nuts and washers for the heads and exhaust manifolds from a Vendor but nothing else . When I decide to install the engine I need to buy everything else that needs to be installed. That's why I was asking if I should use the nuts & bolts from the seized engine. I also have no plans to have the car judged, but to just drive and enjoy it. I have gone to different places to buy what I need but were I live nobody here has what I need. I might just take a few days and drive down to Roy Nacewicz Enterprises shop and pick up what I need. Thanks
  5. I was wondering what everyone does when rebuilding their V12 Engines. regarding Nuts, Bolts & Washers. Do you use the old ones or buy new parts.? If new parts are bought, What are the names of the Vendors you use.? Gerry
  6. I deicide to phone one of our Parts Vendors namely Earle O Brown to get his opinion on this subject. Earle said the pump can just be bolted on and the pan needs to be adjusted for the pump screen, Abe had also suggested this and another member Beltfed had posted on how he had made this adjustment to the pan. Thanks Guys
  7. Cokekid

    V12 Lifter?

    My apology for using the wrong name. Thanks for the picture.
  8. Cokekid

    V12 Lifter?

    Abe Your picture shows exactly what I need to do to the oil pan. As for the drilling into the block, I am hoping to get a photo of were someone has done this. What year is your car.?
  9. Abe I have a Melling M-19 Pump and have read two articles that state I need to drill and tap the block. As you stated I also have to make a pickup tube and screen. I really would like any photos showing how someone has done this. I am sure when I take the block in to be done there going to ask me were they should be drilling.
  10. I am trying to install this pump and I understand you have to drill and tap a new mounting hole in the block, I was wondering does anyone ever done this.? If so do you have photos to show were you mounted the pump. Gerry
  11. Cokekid

    V12 Lifter?

    Roy, I cannot continue until I Identify what type of lifters were installed, Going to find someone to assist me as I don't have the tools to do this. Mssr Bwatoe Here is a picture of two caps that I found along with a brass meter valve. The valve will screw into the rear hole and the cap will fit on top of it. The other cap with a hole in it's top is not for the front spot and I have no idea were it goes.
  12. Cokekid

    V12 Lifter?

    I purchased this rebuilt engine with some spare parts from a estate sale a few years ago. The women's husband had passed away and she new nothing about what had been done to this engine. I am now ready to assemble it but a have a few questions to ask. looks like the original type of lifters were installed. here is a photo of the inside of the block. It There were some boxes that had adjustable lifters along with the springs. I am assuming they were replaced with the lifters that I now in the engine. Am I correct in saying this.? I also have a M19 Oil Pump & Filter screen and I understand that before it is installed there needs to be some adjustments to it . Can some one explain what needs to be done and any parts I will need to complete the job. If there are any picture's of how it is to been done that would be appreciated. Gerry
  13. Tom I was discussing with my neighbor who is a welder and we decided to buy a used 1000lb engine stand for $60.00 and reinforce it to hold the engine. We are also going to follow your suggestion to have the adaptor made You solution was a good one. It's just that our dollar is only worth around $0.63 compared to your $1.00. Appreciate the help.
  14. Received a email saying the shipping cost would be $93.67. The cost is high due to the fact it would be shipped to Canada.
  15. Hi, I appreciate all the comments from everyone in helping me with my problem. I have sent a email to stunpy for info how what the shipping cost for a cradle that he sells