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  1. Ryan,40ZephSedan Went to NAPA in Canada and bought one for $24.51 vs USA $21. 0 0 + exchange $5.25 +shipping . Thanks guys
  2. I have this part and am in need of a new one. The only thing I see on it is this number 22-1113E. What is it's Electrical value be.? Gerry
  3. I have this condenser and am in need of another one. There is a number on it 22-1113E. My question is what is it's electrical value.? Gerry
  4. Mssr. Bwatoe Nice collection of radios. I have 4 Zenith T500 and 1 T600. Gerry
  5. Mssr Bwatoe, One of my other hobbies is to repair old radios especially Zeniths. Gerry
  6. Larry Your explanation of what this part is for makes a lot of sense. Once again Thanks Gerry
  7. Larry, My car is a 48 LC and seeing it slides down the center pipe I take it that it goes on after the filter is installed. You have also answered another question that I was going to post about what type of filter that was needed and were to get it. Just another question, What is the purpose of this part.? Thanks, Gerry
  8. When I removed the Oil Bath canister out of the box I noticed there was a small part inside the canister and was wondering were does it go.? Before the filter is installed or after. Gerry
  9. Tom, I will now be able to explain to anyone who ask what year and model they are for. Thanks Gerry
  10. Chris, Great website, I was also looking for a parts list and was able to download one from their site. I will be ordering parts from them and picking them up as I see they will be at Hersey. Thanks
  11. I was wondering if it's possible to buy one of these stickers.? Gerry
  12. I bought these parts for $15.00 and was wondering if there for a V8 Ford.? Gerry
  13. ralphnof49, That's exactly what I was asking about. 38ShortopConv I will look it up on their websites. Thanks
  14. I am trying to gather all the parts and tools for doing a engine swap. The one thing I will need is a tool to use when I install the clutch and was wondering is there is a place to buy this alignment tool.? Gerry
  15. ralphnof49, 19tom This is what I was looking for. I will make a note to the make sure the generator wire is grounded. Thanks