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  1. cdan34 Looks good, I wish that I would have done this to mine when the engine was out. Gerry
  2. I straightened the float rod and when I turn the engine over there is no noise. I will leave everything as it is for now. Gerry
  3. I was wondering if anyone has installed a dip stick on the side of the pan.? I would be interested in how long of a stick I would need and at what angle it has to be set. Gerry
  4. Tom O.D I had just decided to try and turn the engine over and when I did there was a sound coming from some were. I did it three tines and after that I walked around to see if anything was loose and maybe something being hit by the fan. I then found the oil float rod was leaning to one side. This led me to believe that some how it got hit by the crank as it was turning. I was thinking if I have to remove the pan for further inspections I will not be reinstalling this float.. I am going to either try this option listed above or maybe install a dip stick welded on the side of the pan. Let you know what happens Gerry .
  5. Przemek.M That makes the job much easier to figure on were to install it Thanks Gerry
  6. I was thinking about installing a oil dip stick and came upon this post. I was wondering were the 24" aftermarket universal dip stick can be ordered from. Gerry '
  7. I have had this piece of metal in the trunk since owing the car. I cleaned it up and am ready to install it. I am guessing it goes some were under the engine but after trying to figure out were it goes, I decided to ask if anyone knows were it needs to be installed. Gerry
  8. Tom. I may give it a try as I have nothing to loose before hunting down a axle.
  9. While installing the rear drums on the passengers side I ran into a problem with the threading the nut on. It started on ok but after a few turns the nut felt like it would just spins. Here is a photo of the axle and the nut I welcome any and all suggestions on how to fix my problem. Gerry
  10. pwlovely Very interesting. I used the same rebuild parts to match the parts I took out.
  11. My neighbor came over to help me to install the spring on the drum. We decided to install it as it were a tire like the good old days with a couple of crow bars. Went on much easier then I thought
  12. Ray, This is the original Air Cleaner came off this 48 Lin v12. I remember there is a tube that is connects from the cleaner to one of the hoes in the Manifold My vacuum line was always connected from the carburetor to the distributor. Tom. I had just recently posted a question about my carburetor as to why there was a extra hole at it's base, and I was informed that it was for the wipers. I am hoping someone can take some photos of the top end for some of the connections from the manifold
  13. Larry, Once the shut down is over I will head out to buy some. I find that when trying to get nuts off a car that has been sitting for 20 yrs with a opened wrench has a habit of damaging the head. Thanks for the tip.
  14. Russcc Once again thanks for the info.
  15. Russcc Appreciate the info on what they do. I still have not had a chance to try and install it. Will let you know what happens when I try to install it
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