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  1. Roy I will have to try and find someone up here who does bake shoes or by another pair.
  2. Tom, I went out a removed both Primary Shoes in order to measure how much material to remove. When I put the one on top of the other this is what I discovered The first photo showing shoes from were they connect to the Anchor pin.The top one is to long, When you look at the second photo it shows the bottom shoe to long. What I thing happened is, one of these shoes was glued on and the other one was not aligned with the first one. Any suggestion as what I can now do.
  3. Roy, I was so happy to hear that I didn't inherit another problem. I check with the Service Chart and it shows both rear bearings are to be greased.
  4. Tom, I was thinking about doing this but I was not sure what would happen if I did it. Seeing you would have done it, I'm going to follow your advice. The drums don't exactly slide on all the way. I will have to take a look at what is stopping them from sliding on. I will also examine how the key is installed.
  5. While applying grease to the rear left axle I was able to move the axle a little bit from side to side and up and down. I am guessing I have another big problem ahead of me Gerry
  6. Paul, Followed your advice about making a mark to identify a high spot, The drum was catching on the top side of each shoe. I lightly sande both spots and the drum will now turn. I have another question regarding installing the rear drums. Both drums go on only till the end of the axle shaft is showing. Should they have slid on all the way.? I also will be starting a new post with t I think is a axle problem
  7. Paul, I think my problem is with the one shoe.It does not line up with the left side shoe. I will follow your instruction on marking the shoes and marking the shoe and spinning it to see were the high spot is rubbing. As for the adjusters I cleaned them and they are working fine. I never thought that maybe they are a matched pair. Can you use two Primary shoes on one wheel.?
  8. Larry I decided to remove the wheel cylinder and push the pistons on each side a little further in. After installing the cylinder back in I was able to get the drum although it's still a little tight to turn the drum. For the time being I am going to leave it alone now and go to work on the rear brakes. Seeing I needed a special tool to take them off, I am guessing they just install like any drums by sliding them on.
  9. Larry If I have to get new shoes I will get ones with rivets. I also will do some reaching as were to find out the specs for these shoes. I checked the Manual for both adjustments and as one of my photo shows the star wheel cannot be closed anymore then it already is. Let you know what happens.
  10. I am still having a problem with the drivers side to get the drum on. Here is maybe my problem. If I take the Primer Shoe from the Passenger side and install it in the drivers side the drum will go on. I decided put both Primer Shoes together side by side and this is what I found. The right shoe has a little more shoe on it. The passenger shoe is the bottom one. Could this be the problem. Also in saying this, I originally did take both drums off. In not to further confuse the problem. Did I do some thing wrong when rebuilding the Wheel Cylinder, Should
  11. 40ZephSeadn When I try and tun it to the left it is tight. If I turn it clock wise there is a bit of drag, . I did both front cylinders so I tried both drums on the passengers side and they both spin freely. I am unable ti use the brake system as I am replacing all of the brake lines. Maybe it must have something to do with the shoes. I am just going to have to play around with it until I get the lines done. Thanks Gerry
  12. Just once when I complete a installation I wish it would work. I finished installing the wheel cylinder and cleaned up the drum. When I installed the drum and tried to turn it by hand I found out the drum would be tight, As you can see that the adjuster is completely closed. Gerry
  13. George, I indeed use a piece of cardboard when we installed the radiator.
  14. Larry, You made my day. I followed your instructions and it worked out. I guess is like once you have this problem you never forget how to fix it. Thanks Gerry
  15. Larry, I will follow your instructions and let you know what happens
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