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  1. Tom O'D Went to Carquest this morning and they were unable to help.
  2. Ken. The Master Cylinder Kit has already been installed and the cylinder is working. I only need the two washers which go on the back end of the cylinder to be able to finish the job. Craig is selling the Cylinder at $85.00, Which works out to be $110. Cdn and this doesn't including shipping.
  3. Tom O.D I will keep trying to by the two gaskets up here in Canada, as the US CONVERSION-RATE plus US shipping would probably come to $15:00 Cdn I may just have to bite the bullet and order them. Gerry
  4. Larry, I solved my problem were the rubber piece goes. I found another kit and it had a parts diagram in it. Tom O'D I am trying to buy the washers from some of our auto suppliers, but for now I am having no luck..
  5. Larry, I understand we are talking about the the two parts that are stated as copper washers that are listed in the parts book. What I still don't understand is how come I had a rubber gasket attached were a copper gasket should be and why was there one in the kit. The Master cylinder made by Wagner in the USA. I think I will follow the parts manual. So I'm off to buy the Copper Gaskets. Thanks for your help. Gerry
  6. Larry, I am a little confused. When I dissembled the cylinder there were no copper washers. My photo shows exactly what was in the cylinder (see my photo above) that I removed for the car. The only gasket was a rubber one which I believe is 2152. The kit I bought had one rubber washer and no copper ones. Maybe someone who has done a rebuilt can confirm what parts are required to do the job.
  7. Sorry about the photo. Hard to ask a question when nobody can see the numbers. Gerry
  8. While waiting for some more parts I was looking at a page in the parts manual relating to the cylinder I am going to assemble when I noticed it showed two parts #2151 & 2152. I cannot find anything that identify's what these parts are. I am assuming one is the rubber gasket that was in the master cylinder when I dissembled the cylinder. This part came was also in the kit package Before I assemble the cylinder, can anyone explain what these two parts are.? Gerry
  9. I am also going to replace my wiring and while reading some post there are many suggestions on how to do it but nothing is ever mentioned about the wires that also need to go through the conduit. Generator , Coil Resisters.\and Water Temperature Gerry.
  10. zephydave. Will follow your advice. Thanks
  11. I have just finished rebuilding the Cylinder and am now I am ready to Bench Bleed it. I have watched a few YouTube videos on how to do it but am a little confused on one part. It seems a lot of people used a bleeding kit. After hooking up the nipples and the plastic tubing, they put the tubing back into the cylinder and they pump until all the air bubbles disappear. What I am asking is once the disconnect the nipples and the tubing does the air not get back into the cylinder.? Gerry
  12. 19tom40 Now that you explained were the long studs go. It now makes sense to me. Thanks
  13. I understand there are 22 Studs for each side on this engine, 13 long and 9 short. Can someone tell me which numbers are long or which ones are short. Gerry
  14. Always nice to have a back up supplier for parts. Thanks
  15. Tom, I appreciate the advice and will follow you instructions. If I have to buy one I will use Rock Auto.
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