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  1. I'm curious about the big spread between the number of AACA members West posted and the number of magazines that Steve posted. If I'm not mistaken the other clubs I belong to, the number of magazines printed each month pretty closely matches the number of dues paying members. What is the actual number of dues paying and Life Members?
  2. Grimy, The CA Commercial Drivers Handbook (on the CA DMV site) current issue is the 2017-2018 version. It has been revised since I was looking up requirements in 2014. It is not as clearly defined as I remember it being in 2014. But if you look at the sheet where they have columns headings "You May Drive", "And You May Tow" and "Examples" (the Examples column has pic-to-grams). The only 3 axle trailer example in the pic-to-grams is listed with Class A Commercial License. That truck/trailer combination is a large 18 wheeler type rig. I will be the first to admit that as
  3. Regardless of what the weight ratings of truck, trailer and/or combination, triple axles is a mandatory Class A CDL in CA.
  4. Those are good looking tires. Might give them a try on my next set. I noticed in the screen shot that you posted that the speed rating on those Sailun S637's is "L". Speed rating L is 75 mph. The Goodyear Endurance (in that same size tire) has a speed rating of "N". Speed rating N is 87 mph.
  5. "Nada, zippo, nothing if you click on it or buy from any of these vendors who are supporting us by placing ads." What type/form of support/compensation does AACA receive from the vendors that place the ads?
  6. If you are a "For Hire" motor carrier you will also be required to have DOT number.
  7. Are you sure Coker owns Lucas?
  8. It would seem that the lions share of presenting an authentic car for judging at an AACA National Meet is the responsibility of the car owner, not the ones processing the registration. When submitting registration for a National Meet just above where the car owner signs it reads: "I also acknowledge in signing this registration form that the body and engine are authentic and of the same style as that originally fitted to this chassis at the time of the vehicle's original manufacture, as required by official judging rules."
  9. I believe Walter is correct - Gray & Davis. I've seen these on some Buick Model F's that also are equipped with bullet shaped Gray & Davis lamps.
  10. Yes, WWG is correct. Catalog Pre-Auction estimate is $375,000 - $475,000
  11. It's probably not too much of a stretch to think that maybe Mr. Higgins may have been clairvoyant on this one...Just saying...
  12. The AQ article...The Secret of King Stutz' Tomb is in Vol. 36 No. 3.
  13. A.J....Keep the scans of the auction catalog pages coming...
  14. Here's a link to the auction results: A.K.Miller Collection - Motorbase
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