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    Lived most of my life in Pinellas & Hillsb. countys Owner of S&S Electric co.Inc have Six cars in various stages of able to make a journey on any give day. a 22 Nash4, 52 MG, 38 Zephyr, 52 Vet, 63 Austin Healsy, 65 Lincoln Cov.

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  1. Thank you, Roy, for the response. I will check out Cokekid.
  2. No oil to lifters. Have intake manifold and heads removed. and turning the engine over with battery I have oil being pumped through the filter. But no oil flowing into the area of lifters and springs shouldn't there be? If so why not?
  3. Very Cool! I am envious. Vern Smith
  4. Realy happy for you, I am also within a week or two of starting my 38. want to see the video. I had to tear down my engine again (because of a stupid on my part) just when I thought I was ready for the big day.
  5. Yes. it took forever to get pans. didn't have Originals so took his word for his being correct. too late now they are installed picture attached.
  6. Thank you guys. Cant believe I did not note the car is a 38 coupe. standard rear end. I was amazed that no one was responding to the post. Daaaa!
  7. Tap the Guide up about a 1/4 to 3/8 inch. there is a small part of the guide bent out and holding the top of guide to the door frame. It will make sense when you get it loose Vern
  8. Not sure if cable comes up in engine well then through fire wall or up through floor above transmission. If fire wall, did it have its own hole or come through with wiring?
  9. Tom, Thanks for the reply, a project I am not looking forward too.
  10. Hood hinge will not hold hood up. Has any one had this problem, Is it just old worn out springs. Where can I get replacements? specs call for a #8 spring I know get a broom handle, problem solved. Ford replacement is a much larger spring. Vern
  11. Can anyone tell me "for sure", that the wndows in a 37 coupe 720 will fit a 38 720? Thanks for any info VERN
  12. Hi guys. If this is the "Zephyr" it is still alive and well at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Town Il. saw it about 15 years ago in a shed there, and I was thrilled. If you are into Trains this is a great place to visit. Vern
  13. Really nice, I also hope to join you all with a finished car this summer. Vern PS thanks for the heads up on LeBaron They are doing the 38
  14. Very nice, Mine is a 38
  15. Ken Thank you very much. This is exactly my problem with Lebaron Bonney. I felt sure the dimensions of the body were the same but needed (a pat on the head) some one to verify. Your pictures look great. Would like to see more of the car. Vern