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  1. 1941

    oil pan

    I was told that this metal "clip' is there to rattle around and keep the hole open for oil to drain.
  2. COMPLETELY different engine , different angle on the block
  3. Gerry - I rebuilt my V12 in 2012 , using an attachment that was sold by George Trickett (deceased). As shown in the pictures it would fit virtually any engine stand . This could be built by any good welder. I sold mine to Colin Spong who then took it back to England with him. Mike Lynch
  4. Thanks to All who replied . I have since found an exact match in color and fabric from Bill Hirsch Automotive. Hoping it will be done for the 2019 driving season.
  5. The whipcord actually is blue but appears grey due to extreme sun fading. I'll remove a seat cushion and take a picture of the unexposed fabric.
  6. Thanks Tom - I found the original production card - It IS blue leather and blue whipcord.
  7. Thank you Ryan . I will look into that lead . I was truly looking for more responses as a LOT of newly restored 41's are appearing at shows.
  8. After 77 years of fun and sun , my cabriolet seats are now in sad shape. This winter I am having the seat cushions redone ; hopefully in the original blue leather and broadcloth. Anyone know of a source for this? Attached picture is from the early 90's
  9. Great pictures Jeff. We left Sunday morning at 4:30 AM to catch the car ferry and save 5hours of driving. It was a VERY cold and VERY foggy drive to Ludington. Thanks for the pictures; I'm still learning to use my tablet to take pictures and so far have had poor results. The V-12 performed flawlessly over the 1100+mile trip.
  10. Jeff - I used a torque wrench that I borrowed from a retired helicopter mechanic 4' long . he is going to sell it to me as soon as he gets back up here. IT IS A DANDY This is the same guy who did my valves when I had to buy a new block.
  11. VERY nice Jeff - I unfortunately have been forced into re-employment for health care costs. However We will NOT miss GILMORE . Again we will drive the '41 300 miles to the meet. JUST today fixed the dreaded "click-click" of rear hubs by retorquing to 250 ft. lbs. CAN'T wait !! This winter total re-upholstery as the interior is shredding.
  12. WOW Zephyr Dave beautiful car - I've always wanted a '39 coupe !
  13. WOW Jeff , was that your car as found? Amazing
  14. Excellent articles in the current Way of The Zephyr. I did not know you two boys went that far back. I myself at age seventeen was busy dragging old flatheads home from the surrounding farmyards , barns and fields outside of Milwaukee . This pic is from the early 70's. Those days are long gone.