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  1. I am in the process of checking the brakes and wheel bearing on my 41 Continental and need to know the following: 1) There is a special grease used for the rear wheel bearings ??? 2) What lube is used for the differential ; I believe I used a synthetic but can't find my notes. ?? Any help is appreciated , and hope to see you at the Gilmore in August. I have registered and reserved a room for Fri and Sat nites. Mike Lynch
  2. Any NEW news about the Lincoln meet in August at the Gilmore ??
  3. I have used Shell Rotella 15W40 in my 1941 Lincoln for some 10 + years with no problems. I do change it once a year. Last year I had to drop the oil pan to correct another problem and found NO SLUDGE. Great Stuff and relatively cheap if you buy it by the case. (5qt bottles). I drive mine at least 3 days a week . SURE DO MISS THE MEETS
  4. Victor - I reupholstered my 41 Cabriolet and found an exact match from Hirsch. Mine is blue leather/Blue Bedford Cord.. I will find my samples and send pictures. Mike Lynch
  5. After looking at many leather suppliers , I myself chose Keleen leather for my 41 Continental . Gorgeous stuff ; and I paid $950 per hide. This is a SUPER deal for anyone that needs it.
  6. Thanks Jeff ; I will try that. I just seems odd that the old generator worked fine , but the correct one does not. And - by the way our 41 was at the 50th meet with LOTS of blankets on the upholstery , you could put your finger through the cloth fabric because it was so worn. NO more all day shows in the sun .
  7. After 30+ years of use I have decided to replace my "industrial-sized" generator with the correct one, as it is getting a little noisy. After mounting the new one , it is not charging. I took it in and had it bench tested - all OK. Is it a problem with the regulator? And YES , I did polarize it upon installation (both times)
  8. Too late for The Gilmore ; but still time enough for plenty of late summer rides.
  9. If it like the top on my car , I think that you are expected to pull it the rest of the way down.
  10. PLEASE show us a picture of your car !
  11. I also removed the baffles after installing Skip's pumps. No problems , it runs cool all the time. But I no longer do 4th of July parades (90 degrees at 4 MPH is not wise). I also do not have thermostats. (by "cool" it is still at 1/2 on the temp gauge). I must confess that my new block is a 1942 bored .60 over (almost could take V8 pistons).
  12. I was told that this metal "clip' is there to rattle around and keep the hole open for oil to drain.
  13. COMPLETELY different engine , different angle on the block
  14. Gerry - I rebuilt my V12 in 2012 , using an attachment that was sold by George Trickett (deceased). As shown in the pictures it would fit virtually any engine stand . This could be built by any good welder. I sold mine to Colin Spong who then took it back to England with him. Mike Lynch
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