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  1. I am still going through all the mechanical components of my car but I eventually I will to get to the body. I have some pretty big holes that will need to be filled. Just curious what all is entailed to fix the holes and how you go about matching the paint and where to find it.
  2. What metal work are you doing?
  3. Your pix are pretty hi-rez. Are you taking them with a phone?
  4. Any idea what color your car is going to be?
  5. I really enjoy seeing the progress you are making. I appreciate you sharing this with us.
  6. How did you locate tires for your vehicle?
  7. Pretty cool that your car has original plates. Your car looks beautiful! Someday, I'll need paint. My eight year old calls my car "the airplane car" because of the hood ornament. He's already planning on driving it when he's old enough.
  8. It does feel like Spring today after the below freezing temps. Somehow I don't think Old Man Winter is quite finished with us though. Nice pix.
  9. Hopefully, you won't have a bad intake manifold like I did. I couldn't get the right compression and I found a big hole in the bottom side of the manifold. However, my car sat for about twenty years without being run. Good luck!
  10. I saw this movie almost forty years ago when I was 6 or 7 at the Redford Theater in Metro Detroit. I did not understand it all at the time but I remember thinking that I liked the movie. It's funny how things come about "full circle." A few years before that, my grandfather had bought the car that I have now. I remember going with him to see the car once, about the time I saw the movie. He had it stored in a rented space near his house in someone's garage at that point. Little did I know then that the car would eventually become mine. It's funny how seemingly random events in a lifetime become interconnected. Some might even call it serendipity.
  11. Well, now. Any more rabbits you would like to pull out of your hat, Maestro? LOL. That does look solid.
  12. You might be able to get more information on the vehicle here: