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  1. Wish I would have had one of those!
  2. I have a Stromberg Continental carburetor on my '38. I purchased my rebuild kit but the gaskets don't line up. Is it possible there were different variations that year or could it have been replaced at some point? I thought it was original to the car. Curious.
  3. Does that speedo say 80mph?!? Wish I could have been there. Still need a lot more work to make the three-hour drive in my Zephyr. A new set of tires for sure before I would be brave enough to go that fast!
  4. I had a similar issue and I had to crawl under my vehicle. I got help here and then the title surfaced. Good luck!
  5. Finally got my plate!
  6. Tom was one of the many valuable voices of experience here on this forum. I am thankful for his contributions. Thank you for sharing with us.
  7. Too bad you weren't there. I wouldn't have minded meeting you and seeing your beautiful car. As it was, there was only one Zephyr this year, a nice gentleman from Belleville MI who I have had an opportunity to speak with in the past who has been there the last three years. Unfortunately, we didn't cross paths this year. I think the rainy weather may have deterred some Zephyrists. It was overly warm last year and I think two showed up. The year before was nice - 3 Zephyrs including a very fine looking red '37 (I think). I was hoping to take my car this year but she's not road ready yet. Next year though...
  8. I have to figure out how to resize the photos. My phone takes hi-rez pics so I had to import the above pic from FB. For a child of the seventies, I am not as tech-savvy as I would like to be.
  9. As some of you are aware, the Henry Ford/Greenfield Village hosts a great classic car event each year on Father's Day weekend. Anyone coming up for the weekend?
  10. Still needs a lot of work. Pretty gritty under the hood. Needs to be re-upholstered and missing some knobs. Are you sure you wanna see?
  11. After three seemingly long and challenging years, I was finally able to bring my grandfather's Zephyr home. My able-bodied mechanic and I have traveled back and forth to my place of business where I have been fortunate enough to be able to store and to work on my car about 25 miles from my house. By another stroke of good luck, my mechanic lives relatively close to me in case the old girl needs some extra TLC. The mechanics of the vehicle are well in hand. Now on to the cosmetics. The body and the interior need quite a bit of work. The road ahead is still long but the way is clear. It was an overwhelmingly euphoric moment to back my 1938 Lincoln Zephyr in to my own garage and it is not one that I am likely to forget. I cannot help but feel a deep debt of gratitude to my humble mechanic for his perseverance and his exceptional skill. I have learned quite a bit from him. Thank you, John Morgan for making this dream of mine, this homecoming possible.
  12. Just curious-does the 41 have a reservoir? I ran into this while finally getting to drive my 38. There is no reservoir so the overflow comes out a tube that runs down the side of the radiator.