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  1. detroitsoul

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    Looks pretty nice! At least, yours passes the 5ft inspection. Mine's a little more rugged looking up close and far away. LOL. Your four year old knows how to use a winch?!
  2. detroitsoul

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    I have a sedan as well. I am going to need to paint, eventually. When we got the engine going finally, we discovered that one of the water pumps needed to be rebuilt. If you do one, you should probably do the other. I am saving up for that now.
  3. detroitsoul

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Your interior, specifically the seat fabric, looks better than mine. I am jealous. It looks like the fabric around the arm rest on the passenger door is coming apart. Mine did that too but I think it was replaced at one time. Its looks like it was replaced with corduroy on mine! LOL. My son is eight now but I couldn't imagine taking him on a road trip like you and your son are on now at that age. I bet you two are having a lot of fun. I will place another wager as well - it's a great experience that he will appreciate and understand more and more as he grows older. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. That's one of the things that I truly enjoy about this forum.
  5. detroitsoul

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    Your car looks like its in similar condition as mine. Is it a '38 or a '37? I inherited mine from my grandfather almost three years ago. It sat for about 20 years but we just got the engine back to life at the beginning of November. Good luck!
  6. detroitsoul

    Going in deep

    Tires and body look really good. Good luck!
  7. detroitsoul

    My Zephyr

  8. detroitsoul

    My Zephyr

    I have video too but I can't figure out how to compress it.
  9. detroitsoul

    My Zephyr

    As requested...
  10. detroitsoul

    My Zephyr

    Forgot about the rag on the handle! She's stored in a cage with two other vehicles next a wall.
  11. detroitsoul

    My Zephyr

    Here she is... in all her un-restored glory. At least, she runs now!
  12. detroitsoul

    '38 Zephyr Headlight Lens/Water Pump Rebuild Kit?

    Thank you for the offer. Someone else made me a reasonable offer already. I appreciate it though.
  13. detroitsoul

    '38 Zephyr Headlight Lens/Water Pump Rebuild Kit?

    I appreciate the tip. I probably should do both if I am going to do one. That"ll be a big chunk o' change!
  14. I am looking to replace the glass headlight lens on my '38 Zephyr. The original fell out and broke on a test drive. I am not sure if it makes any difference but it is on the passenger side. I also have a leak in one of the water pumps even though I purchased all new seals for the engine rebuild. Anyone know if a rebuild kit is available?
  15. detroitsoul

    Another Beautiful Milestone

    Yesterday was another step in a journey many here have already taken. After bringing the engine to life last week again after so many years, the next step was to take it for a test drive. She started up a couple times right away to get her out of her hideaway and before you know it we were going down the road. There are many more steps in this journey but it felt good to be going down the road in my '38. Sean