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  1. Thank you for sharing your story.
  2. Got the radiator back. Boiled it twice, welded two holes, and straightened the fins. No recore required. Is the brass piece the thermostat? Any suggestions to get that piece in? It seems like it wants to cross-thread.
  3. I was crawling around tightening up some bolts and I noticed this. This probably not factory installed.
  4. I pulled the radiator this past weekend with slightly cooler temperatures. I took it to a local shop and he is going to boil it and pressure test it. He said he can also recore it if needed. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Thank you. I was going to figure out where that light went after this. I turned the center console on at night and it doesn’t seem to be a backlight for any of the instruments. The ashtray on the right was pulled out so we could monitor oil pressure digitally. Is it for the ashtray? I am going to tackle it tomorrow. It’s been awfully hot here!
  6. I have not. I wanted to get in behind to see if anything obvious stuck out. Everything was working fine up until 2 weeks ago. Someone recommended making sure the cable sheath was still intact and it looks as though it is. The cables look okay but it is an 82 year old car. I am pretty sure they are original. I pulled the throttle out to see if the choke would go back in all the way and it is stuck out too. It seems like the slides for the choke and the throttle are getting jammed at a certain point like something might have dropped down. Could too much tension on the cables cause th
  7. Still having a hard time figuring out what is going here so I took some pictures before I disconnect anything.
  8. Thanks. I found a local shop that does it right. I just have to pull it now!
  9. Currently, I am looking locally to find a shop to do a re-core. I did have Skip rebuild both water pumps. Thanks!
  10. It looks like that might be the issue. It’s a nest of wires in there! Not to mention, it’s just about impossible for 6’6” guy to contort himself to where he can get at it!
  11. Thanks, we did flush the block when we pulled it and you are right-a lot of gunk did come out. We did not tank it however. Everything looked good to the naked eye-knock on wood! I had an in-line fuel filter that somehow got twisted and it wasn’t allowing fuel pickup from the tank. I definitely need to get the choke unstuck. The radiator is going to have to be on hold until then. That was the first time I ever ran it that high but not by choice. It might be worth replacing the cable. Is there supposed to be any lubrication on the slides for the choke and the throttle? It looks lik
  12. A while back, we pulled my radiator while rebuilding the engine. We flushed it and pressure tested it. There was one or two pinhole leaks near the top half but nothing bigger than that. After my choke stuck, a lot of coolant came out after the engine stopped. I would say about a gallon. It was mostly dark green with some slight rust tinge. I am wondering if I would be able to find someone local to re-core it would be better in the long run to just get a new radiator?
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