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  1. That makes sense. "W" is for "Wipers", "S" is for "Slow", and "F" is for "Fast". What threw me is that normally that button has a little arm coming off of it. You grab the arm to rotate it to work the wipers. It doesn't have any letters on it. So now maybe someone can comment on why this has a different looking wiper button. Maybe it's from another year of car?
  2. I recently saw a '41 Zephyr with this button on the dash. It's straight above the starter button. It has the letters "SWF" on it. It appears it rotates because the letters are upside down. What is this button for? I have never seen it before.
  3. Hey Everyone, I was in Seattle last weekend and made the trip over to Bremerton to look at this '41 Zephyr 4-door they have for sale. I have no affiliation with the dealership (I live in Ft. Worth, TX). I thought I would post some pics and my findings. I have uploaded as many pics as it will allow. I have more and they show more of the car than on the dealer's website, so if you want them, let me know and I'll post more. https://www.advantagenissan.com/inventory/1941-lincoln-zephyr-4dr-h113326 The owner of the dealership is 78 years old. He bought the car in the early-'70's when he had a Ford dealership. His son now runs the Nissan dealership and they have decided to get rid of the Zephyr. I spent about a half hour talking to the son. He didn't know much of what had been done to the car. He said it had been several years since it had been started. It has sat in the used car showroom for many years. It has the 1942 cast iron heads. The interior looks original, including the upholstery, carpet, door trim panels, and wind lacing. As you can see, the driver's area of the seat is coming through, but if you wanted to patch it and leave the original upholstery I think you could. The odometer shows 62,000 miles. The engine looks like it has never been apart but with the iron heads I guess someone has at least done those at one time. The crankcase vent tube that should go from the valley to the air cleaner is missing. There is a plug in that hole in the valley. I did not look around underneath to see if there was some sort of road draft tube that had been installed to vent the crankcase. I don't know if there is any venting to the crankcase. Who knows how long it has been driven like that. The paint is fairly shiny as you can see in the pics on their website. It is not perfect and even had a place where the primer was showing through. I did not inspect it close enough to determine if it is the original coat of paint or if it was repainted many years ago and is showing its age. If you want a show car you would need to repaint it but if you're looking for a driver the paint is probably acceptable as-is. On the dash above the starter button there is a button that says, "SWF". It has been rotated around so that the letters are upside down. What is that button for? You can see that none of the original woodgraining on the dash and around the windows is still there. Too bad. I looked underneath, there don't appear to be any rust problems. Feel free to post with any questions. Jim Raymond Ft. Worth, TX
  4. Can you send me more photos, including closeups of the interior and engine compartment? See if you can send them in a private message. Thanks.
  5. I have mentioned I really do like the streamline styling of the Zephyr, and think I am targeting a 41 4-door but am considering a ’47-’48 Continental anyway. I have some questions about the potential differences between a ’41 and a ’47-’48. I know it is recommended that when rebuilding an HV-12 that the oil pump be replaced with an 8EL Mercury pump. However, I read that Lincoln changed the oil pump in 1947. Is that oil pump good enough that it isn’t really necessary to convert to an 8EL? I read that with the 1946-48 292ci, Lincoln introduced a new crankshaft with larger rod bearing journals. Does that crankshaft eliminate the need for an 8EL oil pump? Is it almost necessitated that the original radiator be replaced (regardless of year) with one having a larger core in order for the engine to run at an acceptable temperature? I could conceivably be driving it in 95-degree weather (even a little bit of stop-and-go) and don’t want to have overheating issues. If I go with a ’47-’48 Continental I am going to get power windows, as they’re standard. Here in Texas, it is paramount that you be able to roll down the windows in the summer in a car without AC. So just how reliable is the power window system if it’s been rebuilt and given proper maintenance?
  6. In 1941 (the year I am targeting), you could get both the Columbia 2-speed rear axle and the Borg Warner overdrive. In fact, you could actually get both on the same car. Years ago, in an article by Dave Cole he mentions knowledge of at least two such 1941s. There is a currently a red ’41 4-door for sale on the internet that claims to have both. I suspect it is very rare to find a car with both. Can the engine pull comfortably at say 60 mph with both the Columbia and the OD engaged? That would probably result in a pretty low rpm, which would be great, but if the engine would be struggling to pull at that speed (60 mph would be my comfortable cruising speed) with both engaged then it wouldn’t be so advantageous to have both. One advantage to having both, though, is if one failed you would still have the other.
  7. I have a good friend who is very involved with Chrysler Airflows. He drives his ’36 all over the country as do other Airflow owners. A few years ago, he was at an Airflow meet where there was also a gathering of HV-12s. One of the Lincoln owners commented to my friend, “We don’t drive our cars.” Meaning, we don’t take them on long trips as the Airflow guys do. So do you have any knowledge as to why this Lincoln owner would have said this about HV-12s? I will be intending on driving my HV-12 on long trips and expect it to be reliable and perform well. Would there be a reason to think it wouldn’t? I will only be considering a ’41 Zephyr 4-door or a ’47-’48 Continental coupe.
  8. Hello Zephyrites, I have been involved with Lincolns for about 25 years and have owned several ‘60’s and ‘70’s models. I currently have a 1979 Collector’s Series Town Car. The current prize of my fleet is a 1938 Model K Judkins 2-window berline. Though I have never owned an HV-12 I am fairly familiar with them and have quite a lot of original brochures and books on them. I have been in the LCOC for 25 years and just recently joined the LZOC. I have read a good bit about the HV-12 engine in particular. The other old car in my collection is a 1938 Nash Ambassador Eight. I have owned it for ten years. I bought it from a guy in Wisconsin and drove it to Ft. Worth, TX where I live. At the time it showed 41,000 miles. It now shows 50,000 and I think that is probably original. It is a #3 car cosmetically and a #2 car mechanically. It is a great car, but I have not bought an old car since getting it and would like to move on to some other old car. So it’s for sale. Having long been acquainted with Zephyrs I am smitten by the streamline styling (especially 1936-41). So, I am looking to buy a ’41 4-door Zephyr to replace the Nash. I am also considering a ’47-’48 Continental coupe. Though these Continentals aren’t streamline like a ’36-'41 Zephyr, I think they are attractive. Also, since they are a little bit nicer car (they cost more new) they do have some appeal to me. It looks like for what I would pay for a ’41 Zephyr I could just about get one of these Continentals, which further makes them attractive. I am only considering cars which are at least #2 cosmetically and #1 mechanically. It will need to have the HV-12 engine rebuilt and need to have the suggested upgrades done during the rebuild. It must have an original type of upholstery. The car will need to have overdrive and it would be great if it had an original radio. Good too would be the water heater (don't need that in Texas but I like the look of it under the dash). If the car has the optional Custom interior that would be fantastic. I have several questions but am going to put them in separate emails to keep things from getting confusing. Looking forward to the replies!
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