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  1. Oops, didn't look hard enough at who was posting! That clears up a lot
  2. I feel like there is an opportunity for me to learn something here. I see a 35 DB business coupe and not the previously mentioned Plymouth. I not really an expert on early Plymouth so I'm a bit confused. I am fairly certain there were differences in 35 between the two marques, just not sure what. So someone educate me... What am I really looking at here... Besides a beautiful old car?
  3. Ok, inside grommet wasn't missing, dad put it in the trunk and I didn't even realize it was there. It looks different than the two that Steele lists. How is it that they can list two different looking parts for a P2, wouldn't they have all been the same? I'm going to lose my mind trying to find parts for this thing. My previous experience with restorations was a 78 Corvette. You could just about build one from scratch from the various vendor catalogues.
  4. Thanks, the rubber sheet is exactly the info I needed. I assumed that would have been a formed part. Or inside grommet was missing, so it's a guess there. I see two listed on Steele website. Try one and hope they will exchange it I guess.
  5. Would you be willing to post a picture of where your steering column comes into the engine bay through the firewall? I have a feeling the grommet we pulled off of there may have been someones makeshift repair, without pictures in the manual (there are none) I can't be sure. Steele had one that looks close, but it's hard to be sure.
  6. I actually need both, pedals and seals. Black is fine for the seals, but I'd like all the boots and pedals to be there correct brown. I REALLY want to find the right seal for the drive shaft, we've got that it right now for a steering box rebuild, so now of the time. I DO NOT went to remove that a second time!
  7. Boots, pedals and seals for the front floorboard right now. I think the only things we have found are the steering column seal and the shift knob in brown.
  8. That's too bad to hear. I'm still trying to piece together the right parts. We need all be firewall/floorboard rubber.
  9. They have some, but not all of what I need. They do not have the brake or clutch. In fact the only thing they lost in both colors is the starter pedal.
  10. I wouldn't mind picking up a radio for my P2.
  11. Randiego, how was the wiring install? I assume your car was already completed? I need to do mine as well, the wiring is in very poor shape and my headlights just quit working.
  12. He is genuinely a nice guy and tries to help people out. I know he has answered many questions for us. I would probably be a little anxious if I had sent him money and not had a response in a long time, but I do think he is an honest and nice guy. Maybe just swamped.
  13. Yes, Wayne Brandon. Sent us an email on the 28th of November.
  14. Pretty sure my dad has spoken with him recently.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I probably wouldn't bother changing them if they were functional, but since they need replacing anyway I'd like to find the right color