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  1. vette-kid

    Would you!?

    Interesting video, no way I'm going to try and J turn the 36, let alone done if the crazier settings in here! Enjoy https://www.macsmotorcitygarage.com/video-daredevil-driving-the-1936-plymouths/?fbclid=IwAR155YlIVfwZo3_zYqRziFWcecdVn3TMmW1B3--nyZGL66UvK5v75NWSL6Q
  2. I would do the wiring for sure. Should have been the first thing I did on mine, but at least it's done. Rhode island wiring makes a great harness that looks Original.
  3. vette-kid

    12 volt bulbs

    I don't understand why people convert to 12v? Regardless, what you want I believe is Bay15 base. These should be relatively easy to find through eBay or Amazon. This guy sells them and he is a great guy, Australia though. This chart should help you. http://classicandvintagebulbs.com/page12.html
  4. Those dont appear to be correct for 36 Plymouth. Not sure of other years. 36 had vertical bars all the way across with the center more closely spaced than the sides.
  5. Thank you, I've sent him an email.
  6. Had anyone done this? Found a good deal on it anywhere? I tried the DIY kit and not having good much. First estimate to have it done is $220 +shipping!!
  7. Thanks for that bit of info, it helps unravel the mystery. I agree, the evidence suggests gunmetal as the original color. The tag and paint code are still a mystery. I'd love to figure out out, but it may just remain a mystery. The car will need repainted at some point and in a little torn on the colors. I always remember the light grey, dad painted it before I was born. But it wasn't really their intention to change the color at the time. I think gunmetal with the green stripes could look pretty nice. If I were picking a color for myself it would be the green or blue, but I dint want to go that route do to complexity and cost. Gunmetal would be easier because the firewall and door jambs,etc are already that color. I'm ok with non original combo, like gunmetal body with light grey fenders, I just want to find a good picture or have someone photoshop it for me to see what it looks like.
  8. Also, the hole in the upper right corner of that tag and the way the edges are not flat makes me think it has been off before. Is there a way to look up the body number to see if it was originally on a dodge?
  9. Looking a little more into this and I'm beginning to think something isn't right here. There is NO evidence of mercury metallic ANYWHERE on the car. We have the door cards off, dark grey; firewall, dark grey; under the tail light stands, dark grey. I think it's unlikely that someone did that high level of color change in the mid 60s or earlier unless it was a custom hot rod or something. My paint supply guy is doing some digging with PPG to see if he can get these colors so I can see them and decide... Plymouth gunmetal, mercury metallic, palm beach grey and spring green#2 (dad remembers the car having light green pinstripes on the side and wheels) which would correlate to gunmetal grey. What I can't understand, is if the car was never mercury metallic, how did it end up with abs 805 code on the body tag?
  10. That is interesting that your tags are different. Dad distinctly remembers that the color they got wasn't what they thought as they were wanting to match the color on it. But they decided to roll with it anyway. That's what led me to believe the different shade was just the other Plymouth grey. I have seen other examples that appear to be a light grey color, although this website looks more tan as you say. I think I may go to the local APS and see if I can get a spray out of the suspected candidates. If it's mercury, I wander if the ordinal is just so faded that it appears dark grey? He also recalls light green pinstripes, which would correlate, I believe, to the gunmetal color (spring green stripes). http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?manuf=Chrysler&con=m&page=14&rows=50
  11. Need a little help with a paint code mystery. We had Anaya thought that our 36 P2 was originally gunmetal grey and then repainted by my father in the early 70s with the lighter palm beach grey. It's possible that he actually ordered gunmetal grey and they sent him the latter gunmetal used on dodge in 41(I think that's right?). However, the body number tag shows 805, which correlates to 36 dodge "mercury". That color is lighter, I believe, that the color visible on the cars door jambs, firewall, etc. Meaning if that was the original color, someone did a VERY high end job of repainting it to the darker grey. Now it really isn't critical to refinishing the car as in not going to paint it for a while anyway. I'm just trying to learn the cars history a bit and it's fun to try and decipher it. Any insight as to what might be going on here is appreciated. You can see the two colors that are on the car now and the paint code clearly as 805.
  12. I thought that too. Pretty sure they're are no pleats on the door cards.
  13. Honestly, I'm not sure. I have never seen a good Original to go on. Only restored cars and they all seem to be different. First pic is mine, second is a restored example
  14. We are looking into this right now on the P2. My nease does custom art vinyl wraps, so she is going to try to do our glovebox doors. If that doesn't work out then we will try grain-it supplies. The P2 has a metallic stripe down the center, that's going to be the hardest part to recreate.
  15. Well the one I got from Ron turned out to be a standard sedan, not a touring. They are different. So if anyone needs one I have one available. @Pete in PA, if yours are available I'd like to see if we can make a deal.
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