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  1. Here's a pic of my P2 and a few others. I don't notice any intention. I'm not near it to go look, can't say I've ever noticed one though. Although my grill is pretty beat up.
  2. vette-kid

    P2 knobs

    They do have a stainless ring around them. You can see in this picture, my chipotle knob is a white color while the rest are marbled. Not the greatest pic, but you get the idea.
  3. vette-kid

    P2 knobs

    Bit of a pity party here, I recently found an ad for a batch of P2 knobs in the marbled brown color that I need. After exchanging a few emails the gentlemen informed me that someone else has sent him a check. So I missed out 😭. Due to my usually cautious nature, I really wanted pics first to be sure we were on the same page. He had to get someone to help with that and in that time someone else bought them sight unseen. Not the buyers fault at all, purely mine, but I'm kicking myself over this one as you NEVER see the marbled knobs come up! So if you're the individual that bought than and perhaps do not need them all, please contact me!? I could really use at least the choke knob, perhaps a few others. Or if anyone has a line on some I would appreciate it. I've tried several of the major salvage yards and watch Hemmings Motor news and Plymouth bulletin regularly as well as eBay. Thanks!
  4. Yup, as mentioned you have to hammer it into the channel over the fabric. You should have wood spars covered with chicken wire as a frame. I do not recall where we got the rubber from, but I do recall that NONE of the suppliers matched the original exactly. The repros work fine though. It was a pain to install though. Took us better part of the weekend and I don't think I could pick up a pencil for a week! Hammer trick worked on in a few areas, but we had to work it in by have a little at a time. I also don't recall where we got the fabric, dad picked it up for me because he got a deal. Ended up with grey, I'd prefer black. But it works. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  5. I may have to check with them as well. Any experience with them yet? I'm still looking for some knobs and whatnot for the interior, and of course the elusive gas pedal!
  6. mold star 30 for the mold and I ended up with reoflex 60 for the final product.
  7. Here is the column seal process. Smooth-On is the product. Replacing obsolete parts
  8. I'll double check when I get home. I can't remember right now. I do remember I had to add brown and white pigment for the color and the plastic model needed to be scuffed up a bit, then sealed with clear. If you don't scuff it the river will come out shiny and if you don't seal the model the rubber won't cure (some interaction with the primer I used on the model and the liquid rubber). I definitely need a new firewall pad and kick panels.
  9. I had to cast that as well. Let me know if you go that route. I made a mold with a 3d printer and poured the rubber. I don't see a way to do the pedal though.
  10. Problem is that one does not match the pattern for ours. I still don't know how to account for that.
  11. What had everyone decided to do on this? I'm still without a pedal. My core and back are useable, so I may hack up one of the slip on covers to get something useable so I can drive. But I'd love to see if anyone else found a solution.
  12. Randomly got a price sheet in the mail for Pat Walsh restorations and they claim to have a 36 Plymouth accelerator pedal. Unfortunately a quick search leaves me less than enthusiastic about dealing with them.
  13. Out on a limb here, but isn't that mounting plate inside the bucket a separate piece? Might be able to swap some parts and make it work? Just a thought.
  14. Yup, that to one is definitely a P2. The mounting and stanchion are different, but I believe the rest of the bucket is the same, including the way the headlight mounts into it. I agree that tires have been converted to sealed beam. Looks like your missing the springs that hold the riteway lenses in. I don't believe they would be used with a sealed beam conversion. I've never done it, so I could be wrong on that. Just my guess.
  15. Well that's disappointing. At this point I don't believe I've found a pedal in Black or brown. I'm going to have to run my old one which is down to the Steele core on front.