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  1. We are looking into this right now on the P2. My nease does custom art vinyl wraps, so she is going to try to do our glovebox doors. If that doesn't work out then we will try grain-it supplies. The P2 has a metallic stripe down the center, that's going to be the hardest part to recreate.
  2. Well the one I got from Ron turned out to be a standard sedan, not a touring. They are different. So if anyone needs one I have one available. @Pete in PA, if yours are available I'd like to see if we can make a deal.
  3. John Wolf, He did a great job on my P2 http://antiqueinstrument.com/
  4. I don't have one for you, but have you checked compatability with the D2 or P2? I would guess they are the same.
  5. Looking for a glovebox door for P2. I'm not sure if the D2 will fit, but I'm guessing not as I know the dash has different lines to it. Posted on the wanted sections as well as checked eBay, hemmings, multiple salvage operations, etc. The only one I can find is a lexan reproduction from a hot rod shop. I'd prefer metal if possible.
  6. As the title says, looking for glovebox door (drivers side if it matters) for a P2 deluxe. Not picky on condition as long as it's solid, although woodgrain intact would be awesome... Not holding my breath. I've been watching eBay and checked multiple mopar salvage yards/hemmings ads. No luck so far.
  7. Ok, my part number matches (655860). The other side has filler in it, so it's unreadable. I'm guessing it was hot at some point? Anyway if one matches I assume the other would. PM me if you are selling these.
  8. The P1 and P2 are nearly identical. I'll check the part numbers, are you interested in selling them if I think they will work? I thought I had one sourced, but he hasn't gotten back to me for a good bit. Plus I don't mind stocking up on spare parts where is reasonable to do so.
  9. My understanding of this particular clock, is that it isn't out of anything. It's a general use auto clock sold as an aftermarket add on to whatever car you want to put it in. The warranty expired in 47, so it may be just like what's on your Chevy. Although I though the Chevy cave with a clock?
  10. So those don't fit the d2? But you think they will fit mine?
  11. Possible. But either it's damaged or I'm not grounding the socket good enough because I still don't get any voltage to it.
  12. Yup. I tried grounding the socket as well. No go. The socket wire dues run through what looks like a capacitor of some sort. I'll look at t that more later and see if there is any information on it. The wire insulation is worn a little just before that and the is no voltage either side of it.
  13. I'll give that a try! That would be pretty slick, simple as it may be.
  14. I can see the concept, but I don't see how the switch would be tripped. There is nothing wire into a vehicle harness. Those fit wires are it.
  15. I suppose it mounts wherever you want it. But it's either a bad connection somewhere I can't see, or I'm missing something altogether, because there is no voltage at that socket no matter what I do. Also, I misspoke earlier. The socket connects to the same post as the hot wire, the other socket there is the clock internal light. That means that wine it appears to share the post, it must be isolated somehow or the wire is completely broken inside (doubtful), because the clock works and still no voltage at the socket.
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