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  1. I thought of that, just not sure it would hold up well
  2. Pete, that's a tough call. If say there is a chance whichever it came from, that's is not the original and possibly not correct for either. From what I can tell, the P2 and D2 pedal are the same, top hole all the way at tip and bottom two at a 15-20 deg angle. So I don't think that is a D2 pedal (just my opinion). Having said that, I can't see why they would use a different toe board on the P1 since the car is nearly identical except for trim. Perhaps there is a difference for the couple and sedan or convertible that we are missing? An eBay seller and bernbaum both seem complete pedals that I believe are correct for a P2. Black only. We could use that and the Steele cover to get brown, that's the only way I see to get brown.
  3. Ok, I may have some useful information. Spoke with Sonia at Steele. There part is indeed a slip over piece and you are meant to reuse your mounting holes from the back. So that explains the part number being the same from year to year with them, the core of the same size. If you look at the pictures here you can see it's just relocated mounting locations and if bet there actual pedal dimensions are the same. So if the back of yours is ok, you can use the steel part. Unfortunately, she said they aren't taking new orders for vulcanizing, they are backed by over a year and sounds like they don't want anymore, plus they don't have a mold to recreate the back of ours. So that's a no-go. I plan to call bernbaum tomorrow about theirs. If it's a full pedal, you could buy that one and use the slipover from Steele to get brown (expensive).
  4. Probably the same core, but the rubber is bonded there, so not really moveable.
  5. Here is the back of my P2 pedal.. what's left of it... For reference.
  6. vette-kid

    P2 radio

    Does anyone have a picture of the mounting bracket, where it mounts or know where to find one? This is for the PHILCO CT11. I might have to make one, but I'd love to see what the original looked like.
  7. Thanks @jpage! I've sent them an email with the picture, I'll follow up next week with a call. I'll let you know if we have window issues. We do have one out right now for new glass.
  8. Please let us know how it goes. If the price truly is reasonable I would indeed be interested in one. The Steele price is a bit much considering it's a slip over and likely not correct.
  9. That would be easier. The toe board on the P2 is steel and the pegs the accelerator pedal mounts on are bolted to that. The only way to adjust the mounts would be to drill new holes and relocate them. Which I suppose it's doable, but would require modifying a piece I hadn't seen available rather than a $45 pedal.
  10. We removed the toe board to redo it and are ready to put it back together. There was some sort of burlap sealing it to the floorboard, which is clearly rotted. Any idea what that material was and what we can use as a replacement?
  11. Well mostly because I don't want to do anything permanent to the car. My proposed solution is temporary until we can find the correct part. This is a running and driving car, if love to get the floor back together and drive it!
  12. And just to clarify, Steele lists the same part number for 36 and 37, so there's would surely have the same problem.
  13. I think I will reach out to Steele about it. I took a look at the pedal I have, it's marked 945978 and 945979 both. As you pointed out, the angle is off (so is the color). I think it can be made to work by elongating one of the lower holes. It's not perfect, mind you. But it is a solution.
  14. Ok u think I need some clarification. @jpage, you say 945978 doesn't fit but that cross reference to the is numbers listed by @36 D2 Coupe. So I'm let to believe that all those will not fit either?? So we are still no closer to finding the right part??? Does anyone have an original that's in good enough condition to send to Steele? I may try, the holes are still acceptable (ish), so maybe they can measure and make a pattern for us.