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  1. From my understanding, 15 inch were standard on the '42 Zephyr. Folks liked them because they had the clips on them and '41 hubcaps would fit on them...looking standard. My '41 had 15 inch rims. Somewhere along the way someone put them on.. Problem I had was I needed to put spacers on the wheels to keep the new radials from scraping the tie rods on sharp corners. And the spare tire won't fit in the trunk well...too fat.
  2. Jeff, Nice photos! Yes spring is here. Casting Several steering wheels. '40 Translucent Red and a '41 "Peachglow " for a Conv. Coupe similar to yours but '41.
  3. Keith here. I don't want to presume, are you sure you're mounting the right pulls? the Ashtray and Glovebox pulls look alike but the mounting is different. The screws for the Glovebox pulls mount straight down about 1/1/8" apart, like you said., The screws for the the ashtray mount on a 45 degree angle, and again about 1 5/8" apart. You may have them switched.
  4. Keith here. Most of you know me as the guy that makes Lincoln Zephyr interior plastic items. That’s true, however not only do I make knobs I also make other stuff for other makes of cars or projects that challenge or inspire me. Case in point. For some time now I’ve wanted to make a mold of a gearshift knob and be able to suspend objects in the clear resin. But what could I suspend in it? Then I reached back into my teenage brain. In my feckless and callow youth my friends and I would make fake coins using aluminum foil and a dime or quarter. We
  5. Colin, many thanks. I'll call.
  6. Looking for a source for 1937 glove box liner. Any help, greatly appreciated. Be safe.
  7. Keith here. Putting a few items on ebay that Knobbsoup makes. If you know anyone that's interested, let them know. Thanks. Take care.
  8. Keith here. Yes, I make all three firewall boots. 1936 thru '39 single hole. 1940 thru '48 two hole for Zephyrs (second hole is for the gearshift lever0 and 1940 thru '48 for the Continentals ( because the Connies have a lower dash profile the boot is slightly different with a curve.) Photos to come.
  9. Keith here, just wanted to let everyone know that I am posting some recently molded product for sale on E-bay. If your interested, please take a look. Pass the word if you know someone looking - Keith Knobsoup@gmail.com Here's a sneak preview ...
  10. Tom, Yes, Yes. Congratulations! And Sept is my birth month. BTW, I won the bid on the '41 horn button on Ebay you alerted me too. Thank you. Keith
  11. Bruce, thank you for the post. I have cast and reproduce the gearshift knob, window escutcheon and window crank knobs in ivory for the '48 Plymouth. Sorry, I have not cast the 1940 P9 Plymouth interior items. You are willing to send me samples (headlight, throttle and choke knobs) I would be happy to give it a go.. Contact me at knobsoup@gmail.com Keith
  12. In 2001 I was living in Lost Wages, NV. In the spring I went down to see my grown kids in the LA area,. On the way back I stopped to see Merv Adkins in the Pomona area to buy some parts I needed. While there, I took a few shots of his yard beside his work shop. Here is what his “yard” looked like back then. He had stacks and stacks of doors, hoods, deck lids, all manner of Zephyr parts all leaning up against the side fences. Cars as far as I could see. Several years later Merv decided to divide the property and most of what you see in the photos had to be disposed of. A lot of it went to
  13. The next challenge for me will be to reproduce the 1941 vent window rubber. I have been contemplating it for some time now. I have a really nice original set to copy. I'll keep you abreast of my progress.
  14. Phil, All your photos are gone! I'm so sorry to hear that. I really enjoyed your photo contributions and viewed many of your albums.
  15. Phil, "old and original" is perfect! But then, aren't we all old and original.
  16. Just finished this '42 wiper knob reproduction. I realize there is not much demand for these, however I had a customer request one so now it's in my arsenal of knobs. Need one? email me. Interesting, the one I found to copy was a '46 knob in translucent red. I thought all post-war wiper knobs were chrome.
  17. Sorry it took so long to get back. First, thank you Cecil for your offer. I hope you find something. Let me know if you do. Dave, the steering wheel project is moving forward. The "pristine" wheel I had hoped to cast looked prefect, however it turned out to be out of round. Couldn't see it with the naked eye, but when I put it on an 18" circle drawn on graph paper, it was out by 1/4 inch. Great for a driver, but no good for casting. Must have set on a peg for forty years and distorted. I am now finishing a restoration of a nice wheel to cast. The wheel will be have a flawless, mirror finish t
  18. Hello Cecil, Well, I was busy making '41 interior knobs for my three window coupe, 2 1/2 years ago. That's how I got involved in this whole knob thing. Since then the number of years that I make knobs has grown. The only '37 interior knobs I make are the window crank knobs. I sure could use some-up close photos of the knobs on your stunning '37 3-window dash. Need to see the lettering. I also need to find some nice '39 dash knob and window crank knobs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help me, to help other wacky Zephyrites.
  19. From time to time I'm going to post new additions to my product line. In addition to the '41 two-speed heater switch knob I carry, I just finished the four-speed '41 heater switch knob with brass insert. Comes with either cream letting as shown or with deep red lettering for the Continentals. Thank you. Keith Knobsoup, Inc. knobsoup@gmail.com
  20. Keith here. Attached is the latest addition to my line of Lincoln Zephyr Reproduction plastic. Most of the cream color knobs for 1942 are the same style as post-war years with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the one-year-only tuning and volume knobs for the 1942 radio. Because of the short production run for '42 and the fact that radios were optional, make them extremely hard to find. These reproduction knobs were molded from pristine '42 originals, cast in the correct '42 cream color and come with the mounting allen screw. If you are interested, send me an email and I'll send y
  21. JWalker, In answer to your question. After painting the horn button, I took some Mequires (sp) fine gritt rubbing compound and with a cloth covering my index fingertip I carefully rubbed off the high lettering and the small outer rim. The chrome on the button is thin so you have to be carefull not to rub down to the brass.
  22. In the last post I could not attach two photos. Here's the after shot. Thanks
  23. Well.. it?s been awhile since I last posted. I wanted to share with you the restoration of my 41 Zephyr wheel. When I bought my ?41 it came with a post war wheel. I wanted to replace it with the right one. As many of you know, finding a decent soy-based plastic Ford wheel is a challenge. Most are cracked, warped and deteriorating. As an artist and good with my hands I felt I was up for the job. On my way through San Bernadino I stopped by Merv?s and bought a wheel, rough but restorable. The center section was egg shaped, the outer rim was deteriating. First I cut the top and bottom center se
  24. Yes, the grommets were the last thing I touched. About two months went by before it locked up, but then I didn't drive it much in those two months. I changed the grommets because they were pretty shot, the rods were bent and the trans never shifted very smooth. The new parts didn't seem to change much, but then perhaps I had it mis-aligned. I'll take your suggestion, Peechers and Rolfs and check it out, thanks.
  25. Thanks for the info. I'll keep everyone informed, however, It may be awhile being the car is 125 miles away and I don't see her as often as I would like.
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