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  1. Tom_Overfield

    patch panels

    You might call Chris Herrel listed In sources he might have what you need. Also Alan Willlhan listed in sources.
  2. Tom_Overfield

    Looking for correct fabric for my 41 Cabriolet

    Taylor made upholstery in new Philadelphia,Ohio 330-343-6835. Jan Roll is the guy you want to talk to. He can source your leather and whipcord . He does stellar work, and I as well as many others had their 41 Continentals upholstery done there to factory specs. Tom
  3. Tom_Overfield

    1939 Lincoln Zephyr Steering Wheel Restoration

    Ask Keith Lee at knobsoud , he casts beautiful steering wheels. And may help you out on your other issues. Tom
  4. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild frame

    Looks 100% tp me, nice job Tom
  5. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild Frame

    Beautiful work, keep on moving forward. Tom
  6. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild Frame

    I just bought black silicon, masked off the seam and using the smallest point possible just followed the seam while squeezing the tube with a calking gun. Wet my finger, spreaded out evenly. Let it get a skin coat on.silicon, then removed the tape. Not one leak at all and looks great on my blue Continental. Tom
  7. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild Frame

    Happy to see you removed it. Tom
  8. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild Frame

    P.S. You’ll have to remove the inner windshield frame, save the screws
  9. Tom_Overfield

    Windshild Frame

    Stefaini, On my 41 Continental, I removed that windshield frame. Open the door and look carefully following the frame down into the hinge post. you should find two screws on each side (not the door hinges) these will need removed. Now go under the dash and you will find the bolts or screws holding it onto the body. Be very careful removing the frame. Work slow and you may have to use some penetrating oil where the frame is bolted into the tight fitting area on the doors.. hope this helps. Tom
  10. Tom_Overfield


    This is how my 41 Continental looked when I bought in 76
  11. Tom_Overfield


    Sorry. Jeff, I have seen them on 40 and 41 Continentals and they don’t float my boat. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  12. Tom_Overfield

    August in Michigan (pics from huge Lincoln Meet)

    Thanks for the photos JB , I’ll be there next year.
  13. Tom_Overfield

    wood lid in trunk

    If you have one in the car, what can’t you measure that? reguards Tom
  14. Tom_Overfield

    brake adjustment 36 zephyr help

    adyv8 if you search for brake adjustment on a 36 Ford. There is tons of information to explain the procedure. I bet your car will be the same. If you have nos brakelining, that’s what I would use, much better braking. Tom
  15. Tom_Overfield

    Speedo cable routing

    I forgot to mention the cable comes from the transmittion but, my car has theX frame so I had to route through that, all,else them same in my previous post.