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  1. jord

    1939 LZ Glass

    Thanks everyone, I ordered them and they arrived in five day's. They match my broken glass perfectly, could not be happier. Used Auto City Classic 800-828-2212 Dave
  2. jord

    1939 LZ Glass

    Thanks everyone,I decided to order them as my research though not as involved came to the same conclusion. I will post the results when they arrive, usually in a week.
  3. Does anyone know for sure if the glass on a 4 door sedan door is the same as a 1939 LZ limo? Found a highly recommended glass site from my local glass dealer and they have the cutouts for the limo. Auto City Classic is the name.
  4. OK, Removed it from the main housing, that enabled me to shoot some contact cleaner then WD40 inside the lower drum . This loosen the old dried grease and I was able to clean it up . It spins like a dream. I will not lubricate it because I am not sure what is required.
  5. Thank's Ken, your idea did loosen the magnet however there is still significant resistance . I will keep heating it with the wife's hair dryer over the next couple of day's. If that does not work I will remove the housing and try to squirt some contact cleaner down inside the magnet. I know the short cable just needs the nut removed to enable the cable to slide right on through with the unit. hopefully I won't drop it.
  6. Excellent, I will try it, thanks to all.
  7. Thanks Tom, This is an old spare that I used to experiment with. When you add the mystery oil do you totally remove it like the photo, or can I just add some oil through the input shaft.
  8. Keyway seats in the top slot and the firewall grommet looks like this original. Tried Steele Rubber and nothing on the grommet and I am not sure if there is one on the inside firewall Thanks
  9. My speedometer at the dash end seems to be seized,I cannot turn the drive shaft. Is there a way to lubricate it if I remove it from the cluster. Thanks everyone you have all been helpful
  10. Used Quiet Ride Solution. Ordered online for the specific year Zephyr- 241.00 plus shipping. The keyway is right on top of the shaft, holds the steering wheel in position, I missed this step. Once removed I loosened the clamp at the steering box and with a slight turning motion as I pulled up it released and slide all the way out. I do not know where to get the firewall grommet, looked but they all look different.
  11. Have anyone used vintage Glass ? They have attractive prices
  12. All is ok, I did not see the key-way at first, once removed it slid right out
  13. Trying to remove the steering column to install a new firewall insulator, hoping that with the column removed I will be able to slightly bend the insulator in place. The wiring has been disconnected so that I will be able to thread them through the new opening in insulator. The material is hard plastic with insulation behind it. Can't seem to get past the lock Again Thanks
  14. jord

    LZ Interior Kits

    Thank's everyone. I did contact SMS and they sent samples which I did not like so they will send more samples. Will wait for them. Our local upholstery people have both good and bad reviews, so I am not in a hurry to contract it out yet. It's a lot of money if not done right
  15. Can someone suggest a good adhesive, I will have to splice the rubber unfortunately, I purchased it a long time ago Thanks