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  1. Thanks' to both of you will take it apart
  2. Looking for the seat adjustment roller bearing, they go on the lower front seat base. 1939 Lincoln or Ford part Thanks'
  3. Thank's Tom, I will take it apart and see what I need. Hate buying the wrong parts and reordering, but in some instances it is the only way
  4. Does anyone have the bushing dimensions for the brake and clutch pedals? My pedals are sloppy. Length with ID and OD. Prefer not to take them apart because the this would disabled the car. Found some on different sites but no info, just part numbers
  5. The somewhat rectangular seal I suspect goes all around the door perimeter on the body, if so how do I get it behind the four door hinges? Also does it lay flat on the narrow side or wide side? The other seal I goes around the doors someplace, Are there any pictures of what all this should look like, checked all the pictures on the net. Thanks
  6. Will have to wait for Diamond Back, they do not have any 700-15 in stock and with the virus everything is backlogged.They say maybe 3 months. So my question is will my non original 15 inch wheel require tubes?
  7. Will try again, they may be closed during the outbreak, I tried multiple times Thanks Ray
  8. Cannot find any rims, is something available that will fit? Prefer 16 inch to my non original 15 inch. Although may have to accept what I have. Thank you everyone
  9. Thank you everyone, this is food for thought. This would explain why the car came with no skirts, will have to check with them on and also the spare in the trunk. I wonder if plain bias ply would work.
  10. Looking to ordering tires for my 39 LZ 4 door, noticed that I do not have the regular 16 inch rims but rather the 15 inch. Diamond Back tires say's the 820*15 Auburn Deluxe tire would be about an inch less that the regular tire diameter. Can someone verify the overall tire width inflated? This may help me if I do not have to buy 16 inch rims.
  11. Thanks, I called all my sources and the only one I'm having difficulty with is Merve in California. Playing phone tag. Anyway today I made one it's not to bad I will paint it tomorrow and see what it looks like. Glad to know I have a source if needed.
  12. I have gotten good luck with PB Blaster. Used over a couple of day's things loosen up. Then flush it out with WD then a very light oiling.
  13. Can anyone help? I lost the part off the rear view mirror. the little plate that holds the mirror to the post.
  14. Received it back from Clean Sweep in record time and works beautifully. Very reasonable price
  15. Thank's Colin and Shortop I believe I will leave it be and install it. Many thanks
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