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  1. Is there a rubber pad under the hood ornament on a 1939 LZ? Also will standard rubber pads under the trunk handle and license plate work from Macs 1939 Ford's ? Their door handle pads are oblong so I will try one of are vendors if there are no recommendation. Last question; Do we have good reviews on Vintage Auto Glass, their prices seem fair. Thanks
  2. Thank's Larry; kinda what I expected, replaced the remote handle spring by opening the tabs and fortunately they did not break. I am thinking of changing all the springs that way everything inside the doors all will be new. Thanks again
  3. Is there an easy way to replace the upper and lower springs in the door latch? also the remote door handle spring. I am looking for a source for the spring keeper, the hole is 1/4 in square. Everything is installed with rivets.Will I be forced to drill out everything and find new rivits. Thanks all again
  4. jord

    Hard Starting

    Thanks Tom and Abe, checked the battery at the shop and it showed good, I asked them to try it twice more and every time it showed less capacity and finally bad. I replaced the battery and still the same so after Toms test I reckoned it was the starter. I replaced it and now all is well and she starts like a new car and even after she has warmed up. Next step is trying it down the street to see how it shifts and sounds. If all is well back to the body. It was such a disappointment I was ready to sell it. Again Thanks
  5. My engine turns over very slowly and if it does not catch in the first seconds it won't but when it catches it runs with perfect spark all the way around. Later when the engine warms up it will not turn over unless I charge the battery first, then it will catch. Is it a starter problem? the engine has been rebuilt earlier but never run much. Any help. Battery is a 625 cca Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone, Changing all the plugs with proper gap and she started right off. Guess I had severely flooded the engine, this showed up with wet plugs and black soot. Next I will set up carb again with a vacuum gauge. You are right check the simplest things first.
  7. The problem first originated 20 years ago, purchased it from a well known vendor and installed it after Ford rebuilt the engine. Have only 10 hours + or - on the engine. At the time it would not start so I removed the distributor and did a manual setting then it ran This time a very good friend timed it and I saw the video showing the correct setting while on a dwell machine. This I know is fine. Now it won't start, checked the high tension lines all are ok and still new. Not sure if I wan't to mess with the dist. again. Purchased new plugs today and will install them tomorrow ,just looking for idea's. It's getting gas and as a rebuilt carb. The first time I thought the dist. was out 180 degrees
  8. May-by a dumb question, but is it possible to mount a distributor the wrong way. Looks like an offset shaft mounting position so thinking is, it would be impossible. Is it possible to insert the rotor in backwards
  9. Happy for you, hope to follow behind you, it's a long road.
  10. Getting closer to the road,does anyone know if the ford gear shift boot will fit and how do we assemble the transmission cover, I have one smaller oblong plate which at one time had a rather large rubber gasket.Where do I install the gaskets and four pieces, large tunnel cover and smaller sheet metal piece, gear shift boot and finally large foam gasket. Thanks
  11. Yes , I have ordered the new ones from Ron Francis and will install them. Got one to work but it's not worth the aggravation. Thanks; Mssr. Bwatoe
  12. Thanks Ken, yup cleaned and lubricated the socket,tried for two day's, still cannot get it to turn. I even sanded the lead base of bulb to reduce friction. Will try one more day then get a new one,shame as this one looks ok. Wiring is close to completion,engine runs so all is fine for now. Will order a brake light switch and carb kit, my emergency brake cable has been ordered.
  13. jord

    1939 LZ Trunk

    Thanks Ken and Mack,I now have the picture and the light makes sense up top and the holes line up. My old switch was to large and installed in a weird way. Will find a new smaller switch . Not sure how to answer without adding a new reply ,prefer your way Ken Thanks again
  14. I cannot install my new headlight bulbs, keep breaking the bulb. Is there a retro socket without the three pins that I can use, or what am I doing wrong.Without the reflector it goes on. Thanks
  15. Can anyone send me pics of the trunk area of a 1939 sedan? I am trying to locate the position of the light and switch. Thanks