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  1. I received a quote from Orbit Tools for a custom single-blade bit for $215 which might be the ticket if you happen to own a milling machine like @Restorer32. I'm trying to think of an industrious way to use it in a router, but only have half-baked ideas at this point (short of buying a CNC machine.) He will also make a shaper bit which would cut the joint in one pass in a shaper for $425. He says he made one that was used by the Model A Ford Museum to restore a 1930 AA Ford Passenger Bus, which bodes well.
  2. FYI Wisconsin Knife Works does not carry the correct cutter. @Tom BoehmThose were my thoughts as well. I think a regular box joint sled would work on a table saw if I had the right cutter, but havent found one yet. Custom might be the only choice.
  3. @46 woodie you are dead on—I am not a professional woodworker or anything, and I would prefer a less industrial option where I could adapt a box jig and cut them on a table saw or something… I am in Oceanside CA, and only a couple miles from Ron Heinmen’s shop, but the fool hardy optimist in me wants to do it myself.
  4. @Restorer32 Thanks! Do you remember where you bought the cutter?
  5. Thank you @studeboy1930! That is an excellent lead, I will check it out.
  6. @Bloo Hopefully someone will crack the case for us! I will send updates if I have any bright ideas as well.
  7. Hi everyone, I am restoring a 1946 Mercury which has ~90% of the wood frame, but I am missing the drivers door (if you have one please let me know) and will need to replace the roof headers/rails and a few other odds and ends. I am hoping there is a DIY solution for replicating the original finger joints, aside of getting custom shaper cutters made. In Roland Johnson's Automotive Woodworking, they reference Jim Dugué's radial arm saw jig but don't elaborate on how it is used or what kind of cutter he is using. Does anyone have any info on this jig and the cutter? I have seen similar jigs used for box joints, but I am not sure how to adapt that idea to recreate the original joints accurately. Anyone have any tips or ideas? Thank you!
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