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  1. If the engine actually turns over and starts, that may make it worth 6k. But I think it is a high price at face value. If it fires but has issues, the post sale costs start to add up and you can be in for unexpected thousands in getting the car to a sound state, assuming you keep the Nailhead.
  2. I just saw this. The car color combo is the same as mine! The previous owner painted it white but eventually I would like to get it back to original. Nice job and great brother! Chris
  3. I think the rears are a lot easier than the fronts. You may want to tackle those first to get some confidence...if you need it. I plan on doing the front suspension myself but just haven't gotten the time to order parts. Maybe it's more a money thing than time. Haha. Good luck and try to take pics as you go. Chris
  4. I think there is a carb shop in Escondido. I know they have ads on Craigs from time to time. Just look for ads of a guy selling rebuilt carbs. Chris
  5. I'm a bit of a wheel whore. I have a set of 5 1964 Wildcat wheels, a set of 5 Appliance Wire wheels, and the Supremes currently on my car. This is a pair of Dayton's that I want to pick up but I'm starting to realize the other accessories will make these wheels add up. They are brand new though....the struggle is real man!!! Thank you for your thoughtful replies. I have the Truespoke Supremes in a 15x7 Reverse Backspace 1.75" or 57mm offset. That's the rub (so to speak). I had to bang the inner fender to stop the rubbing and get slimmer tires.
  6. Thank you for the input. I am aware of tire sizing. I threw out 195 because I am currently running 15x7 with a negative offset and I rubbed the fender well in the rear with a 195. I had to switch to a 185 tire. So with a x8 I could probably get away with at least a 195. My car is not a low rider. It's just lowered with Supremes. Funny you say that though because the wheels I found are Dayton wires. I'm only interested because they're on sale for a steal of a price. Thanks for the reply! Chris
  7. Hey all, I've searched but nothing definitive. Will a 15x8 with 4.00" backspacing fit the rear wheel wells of a first gen? I would do 195 size tires. My hunch tells me this will fit. Chris
  8. You won't get verbal lashings on this forum. The guys on here are pretty nice about it. They will tell you to search but they won't make you feel bad about it. Thank you for sharing what you did, the brake work turned out nice. Chris
  9. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Emblem adhesive is at the local parts store. Walmart has this...
  10. Bill, I use emblem adhesive for my emblems. But with the screw does it need adhesive?
  11. I got a response from my co-worker...I took out the images he had because they did not show in when i cut/pasted. Chris, It might be the high voltage power supply for old tube radios (but I don’t understand the push button unless it had a latching power function. If that “capacitor” is really a vibrator, which is a mechanical device to make and break electrical contacts to create a varying voltage to be used in the transformer to boost the output voltage to achieve the high voltages for what was called the B+ voltages to run vacuum tubes. Here is a typical schematic: The tube (the full wave rectifier shown in the middle above) could be what is now rep[laced by high voltage diodes. Here is a link to more information:
  12. I'm going to send this thread to a coworker. He's a ham radio guy. Maybe he can confirm. Stay tuned...