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  1. Rubbing the grime off felt like I was scratch g a lottery ticket. 3827S. Not a winner.
  2. Tom, I don't see any markings. I believe it is a 65/66 Riviera carburetor. I took pictures and will send them to you by PM. Give me some time, I'm trying to make a Home Depot run and you know those trips can get. Mission creep....
  3. So both are square type drives, but Posi's are males and open's are female. The dead on angle of the image is a bit deceiving but I will assume it's a "male" square drive bolt and confirms Tom's statements. Chris
  4. Oh that's right. The tube went into the choke to heat the spring. That's right! It's all coming back to me now. Thanks for jogging my memory...I'm too young to be coming down with CRS (can't remember sh..).
  5. Ed, you asked me the same question regarding the kick down in another thread. Here is a picture: I used a right angle bracket with a 4-40 screw and a couple of nuts. I've attached an image. I hope that helps. In regards to the choke. The edelbrock has an electric choke. So I used that. Now if you're wondering what i did with the tube that goes from the carb to the exhaust manifold, well I bought some tubing and cut it to about 8 inches. I inserted one end into the manifold and i crushed the other side using vise grips. This basically closed off the hole in the exhaust manifold that was putting exhaust fumes into the engine originally meant for the carb..
  6. I've got a carb that came with my 64 but I replaced with an Edelbrock. I'll check the model this weekend. Chris
  7. Are the hex heads and square drive bolts interchangeable? My differential has a square drive bolt but I've been told by the PO it's a posi. I do have to get under it and look for markings.
  8. I just did this and I purchased a Carter. I looked at the reviews on Airtex and there was many mixed reviews. I like my Carter and the install was straight forward. If you are doing this yourself I'd recommend reaching into the fuel pump cavity on the block and clear out any debris inside. I had a couple pieces of small plastic that I was able to remove, fortunately. Best of luck. Edit: to respond to your rebuild question. I was contemplating this route but decided against it after I saw the cost of a rebuildable pump and the newer guts that works with todays fuels. I would go with a newer aftermarket unless you are a purist. Chris
  9. Is balancing mandatory for this job? It's not a simple remove replace deal?
  10. Because I've heard there are two different dimensions for the first gens. I've seen the prices range from 60 to 160 dollars. I just want to make sure I get the right one at the best price. Thank you.
  11. If you could, get a rough measurement of the center center hole locations on the center support. I believe it's 1.5 on 64 riviera.
  12. I use the rust penetrator made by WD-40. I used it recently on our Range Rover to get off an O2 sensor. Worked like a charm after about 30 minutes, sprayed in 10 minute intervals.