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  1. If you're in Australia, then check ebay as well. You may find a set more local to you. Chris
  2. Looks great! You wasted no time. DIY or shop? Difficult? #Sanderson #nailhead Hash tagging to see if they become tags for #nc1968riviera. Chris
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you guys got at least one part you were holding out for all year! Chris
  4. Hello all, So I'm back with what I hope to be my last update on this situation. I recently rediscovered a couple of rubber/cork gaskets on a high shelf in my garage. After another year passing and the ytansmission still leaking, I figured today would be a good day to tackle the leak once and for all. I took off the old all rubber gasket, cleaned both surfaces, and placed the cork/rubber gasket on with no sealants. Well it's been about 4 hours and no leaks. My takeaway is, even a four year old cork/rubber gasket is better than a rubber gasket when used on one of those cheap Summit/Jegs all black steel pans. Hope everyone is enjoying football Sunday! Chris
  5. Tom, I did a comparison of the piston depth from pictures on OReilly autos site. I got it right! That doesn't happen too often. Thanks for the easier id method. Chris
  6. I replaced my 1964 425 with a Carter part number m4553. Still holding up after 10 months or service.
  7. Tom, I ended up picking up an AC Delco unit on Amazon. I believe I have the Moraine Delco booster from the factory, not a Bendix. Thank you for your input. Chris
  8. Tom, I'd like to replace my master cylinder with a dual one. I wasn't sure if the Wilwood dual master was only compatible with the Cadillac booster shown in the image. But after further research, the Wilwood seems like it will fit the OEM booster. I know, I know...the dual master from the second gen Riviera also works. I sorta like the bling factor of the Wilwood but my wallet may not. To answer your question, there is nothing wrong with my booster. Chris
  9. Hey all, I was surfing the web and I came across this 1965 Riviera. The shop states that it is using " a Cadillac brake booster, Wilwood tandem master cylinder and combination valve " Could someone ID the year Cadillac the booster is used on? Any guesses? Thank you in advance. Chris
  10. This thread grew some legs. I know the right way to flush out a cooling system would have been to recirculate until it turned clear. But I was hesitant since the previous owner did the water pump about two years ago. Draining was to give me a baseline and to see what condition the coolant was in. Regarding the was in great condition. It was just tough to remove. Heating the rubber was just a trick I learned through maintaining my pool at my old place. It definitely made my life easier. Chris
  11. Tom, I wanted to revisit this and ask, since the shift shaft is welded is there any grinding involved in the process during replacement? Thank you Chris
  12. Hey all, I was going to do a flush but I decided not to. For those of you who were interested in doing a quick drain and fill of their radiator here are some tips... 1. There is no petcock on the OE radiator. I drained mine through the lower radiator hose. 2. If you don't know the age of the hose, or it looks like you need a new one, replace it now. 3. If the lower radiator hose is "stuck" and won't budge, carefully use a heat gun to make the rubber more pliable. 4. My radiator drained about 2 gallons (8 quarts) of coolant. I ran another half gallon of distilled water through it. 5. I poured in a little over 8 quarts to get the coolant an inch below the neck. Overall, I was pleased that my radiator wasn't that dirty or sediment filled. A picture is attached. I hope that helps someone that is looking to do something simpler than a full flush! Thank you Chris
  13. Happy Thanksgiving Buick fam! It's always a pleasure to read posts and advice from everyone. Chris
  14. I guess I'm just looking for something to do. The car drive fine. I just need to enjoy it in it's current state. Thanks Tom!
  15. Chassis manual is at home on my night stand...35 miles away. I figure I'd ask here. Chris