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1932 Buick


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So after reading some discussions about the wheel wobble.


My mechanic finally had the time to take my car in and do some work on it.


-Replaced the inner and outer wheel bearings on both sides . Replaced the wheel seals with metal ones which were very difficult to find .

- Drop the oil pan cleaned about 15 pounds of sludge . Found some metal chunks in there kinda scary no idea wheee they came from looked like wrist pins or something related .  He asked if the car ran fine while driving we agreed and said some issues with the carburetor but that’s being resolved as we speak . Waiting for it to arrive with a rebuilt heat riser . 

- Drained and Radiator flush it out . Replaced all the hoses on the car they were terrible the 2 of them were petrified they were so old.

-I had gave them my engine overhaul gasket kit from Olsons , they said the water pump gaskets were too small . Has anyone had issues with Olson before .


I also got some stuff from the macblair collection. I also was very fortunate to find a set of nos kingpins for the 90 series only thing is missing the bushings 





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Soo over the fall and winter been getting together some parts ready for my 32.


- rebuilt fuel pump

- acquired fuel pump push rod

- freshly rebuilt and restored carburetor






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After installing the new rebuilt carburetor, all I can say is this car is a joy to drive now, before it used to be a chore to drive it. Now I just need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket , is there a trick to doing that??


I also gotta put back the stock fuel pump and push rod. The car doesn’t have one, for some reason they bypassed it after speaking with the owner before he said when he bought it never had it either 

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There are quite a few threads on how to replace the exhaust manifold gasket. I would read up on how to do it without causing the manifold to crack. My 31 had the correct curved washers but I had to source one that was missing. I used a paste of oil and graphite to coat the manifold and gasket and did not overly tighten the attaching bolts. The idea is you want that large piece of unobtanium cast iron to move when it expands and contracts rather than break. I had to go back and gently snug up a few times but so far so good.


Again lots of good threads on this I would search for them before doing anything.



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