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  1. Oops, sorry... it's for a 1965 diff.
  2. Through what bolt hole is the posi tag supposed to be mounted? I can never see this on pictures of used (supposedly posi) rear-ends; thanks !
  3. Sent my clock to the Machesney Park Instrument Services for a quartz rebuild. Upon return it was losing 20-minutes a day; so much for their QA testing. I sent it back and they returned it so quickly that they couldn't have tested it for more than a day. Sure enough it's still losing time, and I can see the seconds hand actually slowing in spots. Anyone recommend--from personal experience--another shop that can rebuild these clocks?
  4. Hans3

    Tissue box 60s-era

    PM sent; thanks.
  5. Hans3

    Tissue box 60s-era

    Seeking a very nice underdash tissue box from the early-mid 60s. Has tri-shield on right side. Thanks much ...
  6. So partaking in the rallye would not offset any implicit deductions from trailering? Also from NC and also planning to trailer.
  7. Nice ride. What size steel ramps and do they slide underneath? Trailer tires look a tad underinflated, even with the load.
  8. Can someone post a pic of a 1st-gen front ashtray light and how it attaches? Thanks much ...
  9. Seeking the two small rivets that attach the mini "spoiler" to the bottom of the vent window channel (1st Gen). Likely a generic GM part but don't know the name or p/n. Their height must be short to avoid obstructing the vent glass and glass tape. The special riveting tool used to install them would be an added bonus. Thanks ...
  10. So anyone have a picture of what the 1st gen manifold silver color should be ... on a manifold?
  11. Thanks; the second link is for the correct dimensional part. The first link's is too large. Would not have found the second link resource on my own.
  12. The dual quads use 2 ~4.5 in. OD gaskets between the air filter housing and each carb top. None of the usual vendors carries it, including "QuadrajetParts". I'm sure that this is a standard part for some other model car out there; thus what have folks been using? Thanks ...
  13. Ancillary to this video, what's the best web source for exploded part diagrams for the original Carters and current replacement part #s (assuming one does not need an entire kit)?
  14. Sorry I should clarify that I'm struggling with the chrome column shroud that covers the tilt lever and turn signal levers. These lever actuators are what I'm after, but the chrome shroud cover doesn't have an obvious removal method.