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  1. This would depend upon where your aftermarket water temp gauge is placed in the cooling circuit. I don't want to suggest a number because of this factor and the likelihood of others stating that it's OK for the motor to run past that point. On this topic, it's worthwhile for everyone to check the resistance / age of their viscous fan coupling. They're so cheap (and easy to replace) that there's no reason not to replace one that's questionable.
  2. 12 minutes is too long for the cold lamp to extinguish. Unless idling at below 32F ambient, the engine should sufficiently warm-up to extinguish that light in ~ 5 minutes of driving (or even less).
  3. Oil-resistant teflon tape on the bleed nipple threads greatly improves vacuum bleeding efficiency. On a related subject, what causes excessive pedal travel on a front disc brake conversion 1st-gen? System is fully vacuum bled with aforementioned bleed nipple mod. I heard that the disc brake conversions have extra travel but can't envision why.
  4. How does one remove the ball vent, if necessary? What were your felt sources?
  5. Can a worn gear interface in a Speedostat factory cruise control (if equipped) trigger the same speedo calibration issues as a worn tranny drive?
  6. Even with a new o-ring the dipstick tube can leak with the same timing and "evidence" characteristics as the OP's case. A fix is to wrap oil-resistant pipe tape under the o-ring to increase its OD while providing a better ID seal. Only wrap around ~ 2-3 times else it will be too difficult to reinsert.
  7. There are many shops that perform quality pot metal chroming, Advanced Plating is not the only option. Google searches for "forum" and "pot metal plating" may uncover one even closer to your location. I personally like Paul's Chrome in PA. The lead time for work at Advanced is on the long side, in part because of their shop fire catch-up work (and not their first big fire either).
  8. Removed all of mine with ease ... no torch required. Try using two jam nuts or a jam nut and locknut (on the bottom). Then try with a mini combo wrench (6-point). On reassembly just use short bolts w/anti-seize for the next time.
  9. Hans3

    Wind Noise

    New driver door seal cured more wind noise than I expected (it was impossible to isolate the precise source of the noise). Now with things "quieter" I can tell the top of the vent frame is leaking some air, despite having a new seal above the windows. Firewall drilled holes and torn shifter boot under the console are other culprits.
  10. Any new sources for those 90-degree clips that attach the cardboard to the hinge recess? The used parts players are usually only interested in higher margin transactions.
  11. You're correct that the "new" vacuum modulators don't look the same--they're physically smaller than the older units. Rest assured they all function the same AND have an adjustment screw inside the vacuum line port for changing the shift points. Your local Napa will have the best brick&mortar price, but you can see the full range available new today on Rock Auto.com. Their price will be more expensive than Napa's after factoring their sky-high shipping charges.
  12. Modern group 27s appear taller than the equivalent batteries from the 60s; this forces one to bulge the factory battery hold-down bracket over the top of the battery, whereas photos from when new show the bracket laying flat across the top. The height issue is compounded if one chooses to install one of those Delco battery toppers. Unfortunately, as previously stated, 27s are the best fit from all that's available.
  13. You'll need a steady hand and some patience to apply it correctly because of the compressor's curvature. Practice first on a soda bottle or coffee can. Keep some rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits handy in case you don't like how the first few applications appear. Not too much mineral spirits else you'll remove the compressor's black paint. Testor's model yellow paint works as an alternate to aerosol if you brush it on a flat surface and then dab the stamp on it. Stamp your test surface 1-2 times to remove excess paint.
  14. An SEM Color Coat aerosol is a quality option.
  15. Looks like I need one of those spring clips as well, though my remote seems to work properly without it. If anyone has an extra to sell ...
  16. '65 it is, and fairly certain that 1/2 is the correct diameter. Many online vendors quote a 9/16-18 nut, but that's definitely too large.
  17. Is the thread size of the 1st-gen steering pump (pulley) shaft 1/2-20 or another 1/2 pitch size? I want to clean my shaft threads and don't want to choose the wrong die size; thanks!
  18. My 3-2 kickdown action "flutters," or engages and disengages rapidly, when actuated close to the MPH limit for this downshift. Is this an issue with the linkage switch needing adjustment or the kickdown solenoid within the SP400? I'm used to other GM and foreign automatics either allowing the highway speed kickdown or not allowing it (no kickdown action), hence my concern regarding this flutter-type behavior.
  19. A fortunate outcome ... but what brand were they?
  20. Thanks. I've often installed oil-resistant (yellow) thread tape to the nipples to make vacuum bleeding more efficient; it prevents the MitiVac from sucking air past the threads.
  21. Did the bleeders ever come with dust caps or were they always exposed?
  22. An exceptional convention to attend; thanks for all the great photos.
  23. These debates rarely consider the advancement of much cleaner burning ICE fuels.
  24. Is there a current source for the smaller sized engine harness clips as shown? Cars sells an XL-sized version but the retaining prongs are too large for the fender holes.
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