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  1. Sorry for bothering you with my surprising shopping experience in the Bob's Automobilia store. Maybe someone can help me to understand this situation: I bought a fuel pump kit from Bob's store (described on Bob's website and invoiced as 1932-39 S.60-80-90 + 34-35 S.50 FK-117) The kit was supposed to fit my 1932 Buick. (Series 60). I received a set 36-39 60-80-90 + 34-35 50, that does not fit my car. It turned out that there was an error in the description of the FK-117 set on Bob's website. Instead of 1932–39, it should be 1936–39. I sent polite complaint to Bob and received an email saying I can exchange the kit. At the same time, Bob on his website corrected the description of the set, which is now correctly described as 1936-39 instead of 1932-39. I told Bob that he should cover the shipping costs in this situation and I received the following response: "You may return for a exchange or refund (like ALL customers)" So I sent another email to explain this situation, which in my opinion is obvious: the store made a mistake in the description of the item, the store covers the costs of exchange. In response to my message, I received the following reply: 'Good Bye Shop elsewhere" All my emails I sent to Bob were very polite. This is not a big deal and I am still not entirely clear what is the reason for such Bob's behavior. Maybe I just don't understand the rules of the seller and customer relations in the US? However, this is quite a surprising experience. I would be grateful if anyone could explain it to me. Greetings and stay healthy,
  2. Hello John, Thank you for the running board mats info. Quite expensive source but they look very correct. Regards
  3. It is more like an act of desperation.🙂 Regards,
  4. Hello, In the meant time of searching missing parts, I removed fuel pump to rebuild it. I have two questions: 1. The fuel pump was painted with silver paint as shown in the picture below. The question is, was the fuel pump originally painted, which I doubt? 2. A more general question about bolts and nuts in my Buick. Are they factory zinc plated or not or painted maybe, depending on location? Regards,
  5. Hello John, Thank you very much for your comment and useful photos. One of the main reasons I bought this car was the combination of two doors and a convertible body. Regards,
  6. Hello EmTee, Thanks for your comment. Still learning about condition of the car. My first goal is to make order with all mechanical components. Then I'll take care of the car body. Regards,
  7. I haven't tried it yet🙂 Has anyone tried to successfully start straight eight engine with Armstrong starter? Regards,
  8. Hello Nathan, I'm also new to this forum with my 1932 Buick 68C, which is Convertible Phaeton too: It would be nice to see photos of your car. regards, Przemek
  9. Hi Pete Thanks for the information. This is definitely a rare car. regards,
  10. Hello Pete, As you can see in the pictures, I need lenses and other internal parts (headlight clips, etc.) of the original headlights, which are the same for all 1932&1933 series I believe. If you can offer the above parts, I will gladly see your offer. Please send me a PM. Thanks and regards, Przemek
  11. Hello Pete, Thanks for your comment. This is one of 366 Convertible Phaetons of series 60 built. Body no. 131. I wonder how many of them still exist? So far, I've found one that was offered for sale in 2017. See my topic for more information about the car: Regards Przemek
  12. Hello, I'm looking for the following parts for my 1932 Buick 68C (8-60 series): - carburetor and entire heat control system, - Tilt Ray headlamps lenses, - Links for front shock absorbers. See my topic for more details about the car: Thanks and regards, Przemek
  13. Hello John, Thanks for your comments. My first goal is to find carburetor. In the mean time I will inspect engine, change fluids and when ready start engine hopefully. Daimler is 1990 model, European version of Jaguar Series 3 Xj12 Vanden Plas. Regards, Przemek
  14. Findings: 1924 coin, American flag (will keep it safe with the car) old chemicals and my current project (Daimler Double Six freshly painted). Regards, Przemek