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  1. In October 2019 it was offered for $60,000: Total production of 1932 Series 50 Sport Phaeton's: 69 However this one looks like Convertible Phaeton with total production of 380. Nice car. Regards, Przrmek
  2. Beautiful car! Also very useful advertisement with so many detailed photos. Regards
  3. Hello Nathan, Thank you for the picture of your car and congratulations on having such a beautiful Buick. Regards, Przemek
  4. Dave, Thank you for the interesting technical info. Is it common case for this engine to have fan going through the radiator? Looking forward to see your car. Regards Przemek
  5. Hello David, Very good to hear from you. It would be very nice to see photos of your car. Did you buy it already restored or went through the restoration process? Pete Phillips posted: "The Buick Club of America knows of two 68-C 1932 Buicks among its 6,000+ members. Yours makes three!". I wonder if your Buick is among these three or it is fourth? I am at the beginning of my story with the Buick 68C and I'm very pleased with this car. It distracts me from working on my other cars but I can live with it:) As mentioned in my previous posts I want to sort out the car mechanically at first. I finished fuel pump rebuilding (photo below), cleaned fuel line, removed fuel tank, inspected cylinders and ignition system and turned the engine (there is spark!). The fuel tanks is rusted quite badly and 30% full with fuel sludge. It proves the car was not in use for many, many years. Currently I'm installing new exhaust. I'm still looking for correct heat transfer system. Thanks to people from this forum I have already found few good parts such as headlight lenses, carburetor etc. Fuel pump before: and after: Regards Przemek
  6. I have already sent such a message with another attempt to convince Bob that with such small thing it makes no sense to react like this. No answer yet. Regards,
  7. Very goo comment. I think I'm somewhere between the "brother" and "ignore" stages:) Regards,
  8. Thanks for the information. It's good to know that there are other online stores with Buick parts. Regards,
  9. Hello Craig, I have already found your contact data together with good references: I will contact you when make the final list of parts I need. Thanks,
  10. In my second message to Bob I offered him exchange on his cost or discount for the next order due to high costs of shipping from/to Europe. The answer was no for both options. I will not fight with Bob despite evident prooves on invoice and current description of the kit but thanks for advice. Regards,
  11. I also saved Craig's contact details and I will definitely "bombard" him with some orders. Thanks,
  12. Hello, Thank you all for confirming that in the US and Europe the same rules apply in the relations between the seller and the customer. I usually believe in people and I still believe that Bob is just having a difficult time, which may partially explain his behavior. Regards,
  13. Sorry for bothering you with my surprising shopping experience in the Bob's Automobilia store. Maybe someone can help me to understand this situation: I bought a fuel pump kit from Bob's store (described on Bob's website and invoiced as 1932-39 S.60-80-90 + 34-35 S.50 FK-117) The kit was supposed to fit my 1932 Buick. (Series 60). I received a set 36-39 60-80-90 + 34-35 50, that does not fit my car. It turned out that there was an error in the description of the FK-117 set on Bob's website. Instead of 1932–39, it should be 1936–39. I sent polite complaint to Bob and received an email saying I can exchange the kit. At the same time, Bob on his website corrected the description of the set, which is now correctly described as 1936-39 instead of 1932-39. I told Bob that he should cover the shipping costs in this situation and I received the following response: "You may return for a exchange or refund (like ALL customers)" So I sent another email to explain this situation, which in my opinion is obvious: the store made a mistake in the description of the item, the store covers the costs of exchange. In response to my message, I received the following reply: 'Good Bye Shop elsewhere" All my emails I sent to Bob were very polite. This is not a big deal and I am still not entirely clear what is the reason for such Bob's behavior. Maybe I just don't understand the rules of the seller and customer relations in the US? However, this is quite a surprising experience. I would be grateful if anyone could explain it to me. Greetings and stay healthy,
  14. Hello John, Thank you for the running board mats info. Quite expensive source but they look very correct. Regards
  15. It is more like an act of desperation.🙂 Regards,