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  1. I did but not in the recess where the fiber washers go and also keep paint out of the holes for the pins and springs.
  2. I used a valve spring compressor to remove them.
  3. I've rebuilt a couple of those. Best I remember I made some new fiber washers from some gasket gasket material but not cork. I think cork might be too soft.
  4. I have two v12 engines apart.
  5. It's normal. Convert your radiator to a pressure system by adding one of the pressure relief valves from Skip Haney. It simply attaches to the overflow tube on the radiator via a hose and clamp . The electric fan is gonna put a big pull on your electrical system . A generator doesn't put out at idle. How hot are you calling hot? If it's not boiling the water out its fine.
  6. The 42 engines were 2 15/16" bore then after the war changed back to 2 7/8". A lot of folks bore the 42 blocks out to 3 1/16" and use the readily available STD Ford V8 pistons.
  7. Check with Dave at Macs Cartouche upholstery. They have the patterns because they done the upholstery for my friends 39 Zephyr Coupe several years back. He sent them patterns.
  8. The gauges don't care if it's pos or neg ground. A reducer can be installed to drop the current to 6 volts.
  9. The 36 V12 wont work good anyway in your 38. Front mounts are different .
  10. 1936 V12,transmission,Columbia two speed & radiator from a running 36 Zephyr that went the way of the Streetrod. Will not separate. Not mine, listing for a friend. Located in Alabama. Message me for contact information
  11. It was used when adjusting the lower anchor bolts on the Lockheed style brakes on the 39-41 Fords . The instructions says to apply 20 pounds of pressure to the pedal while the adjustment is being made. It may have other uses also.
  12. I agree with 19tom40. I can rebuild and strobe your distributor but I can't rebuild your coil. You'll need to send it to Skip for that. I think you can come in under $400 minus a lot of headaches .
  13. Been using 12 volts on my 40 6 volt starter for going on 23 years. Those starters have heavy windings in them. The Bendix Spring will probably let go before the ring gear. I haven't experienced either. I know several folks that are using 12 volts on their starters.
  14. Starter don't care. It will run same direction pos or neg ground and will work fine on 12 volts.