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  1. Save yourself some headaches and take Mobileparts recommendation.
  2. I can rebuild your starter. I have an armature lathe and growler and other means of testing and rebuilding your starter and generator.
  3. Fit all the fender welting with holes or slots and mark each piece as to their location . Then remove the welting and paint it off the car. Same with fenders. Done it like this more than once. Have never added any flex agent to my paint. Never an issue in the last 25 years.
  4. Dave, it’ll come out with some persuasion. Not one of the easiest task I’ve done . I’m assuming you have also removed the door lock cylinder from the door. Also remove the mechanism from the inside door handle . It takes some pushing and pulling to get it out.
  5. I made a new shaft from clutch cross shaft and bushings. Same size as the Zephyr pedal shaft.
  6. The top cover ,the wider one is from a V8 Ford. The narrow one is correct for the V12
  7. My V12 is the later version , 46-48 and it’s bored to 2 15/16” + .020 . No heating problems at all, runs well.
  8. So how does the rear main drain pipe affect oil pressure?? My 1940 V8 doesn’t even have one
  9. Why would you want 12 volts ?🤷‍♂️
  10. The only plug that needs to be removed is the one holding the lock cylinder . Replacement plugs are available or some folks thread the hole and install a set screw.
  11. 32-48 is a direct bolt up , input shafts are the same. The later 49-53 flathead will work also if you use the truck or Mercury bell housing and clutch disc.
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