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  1. Ford cars trucks, Lincolns and Ford tractors were all the same. You can buy a tool at Ford websites.
  2. They go between the regulator and the cowl.
  3. Also check the bolts on the shocks as when loose they cause bump noise
  4. Narragansett has complete wiring harnesses that work very well.
  5. The wooden board in the trunk has 4 parts made of 1/2 inch plywood. I will try to post pictures. Overall dimensions are 28 in front to bumper end, 43 1/2 side to side near seat and 45 3/4 at bumper end. The hinged part is 22 1/2 front to back and 31 " across. The board near the seat is 43 1/2" across and 5 1/4" wide. The side boards are wider at the back and curved. Width is 6 1/8' near seat and 7 1/4" at the back, the inside length is 23" and by the fenders it is 19 1/2" then curved over to the inside length. There are metal clips at the side of the center piece to keep it down. There is a strap with snaps to hold the board open. I have more pictures if you need and send me your email address
  6. I can measure mine if you still need it.
  7. I agree it should be straight. Also check that the sleeve it fits into is in good condition.
  8. The fan on the V12 is low down on the radiator so it is less effective and difficult to shroud better. A push fan higher up on the radiator helps a lot even in a parade!
  9. I installed a 6 volt push through fan from Fifth Avenue- www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com It is not thermostat controlled but works fine on a toggle switch. I think they have both. Mine is on my 1947 V12 Lincoln.
  10. I will try to attach photo which should help. This is from 1947 Lincoln and the base is more square but hope the wire colors come out OK.
  11. Make sure that the starter is attached squarely and not binding because of the attachment clip to the oil pan bolt pulling it when hot. That will cause your exact problem as it did to me.
  12. The horns mount on the hood to the two bolts of the hood mounting bracket toward the center of the car and with the horn flared opening toward the center and downward.. If you still need help I can send a photo.
  13. Interesting because 46's were supposed to have push button exterior door opening devices instead of handles.
  14. Agape Auto, 2825 Selzer Road, Evansville, IN 47712 makes fender skirts,from original Lincoln patterns. Phone 812 4237332. I had some made for my 47 Lincoln.