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  1. The button is mechanical and it is pushed to open the trunk. You could try WD40 or other penetrating oil as it may be seized.
  2. Thank you That is good information, I will try to find the oil you suggest. I am using sealant on the hole and it is working well. I also had leakage where the solenoid shaft goes ito the transmission and added an O ring which has helped a lot.
  3. Yes the transmission does have the overdrive. The oil may have been a little over full but still below the filler hole. It is at the level you recommend now. The oil I added was a synthetic 75 to 90W. My plan now is to seal the hole for the pin rather than removing the cover and trying to keep the pin tight against the hole. Thanks for your help.
  4. The post war setup is different. It is correct that the hole is for the pin. The other side of the hole is under the cover on the side of the transmission. We pulled the trans out of my 46 parts car to see how it is set up; the pin is simply pressed in and has no cotter pin. The end of the pin under the cover has about 1/4 inch space between it and the case so it is possible for it to shift out a bit and allow oil to leak out. Attached is a picture of the pin. I am thinking of putting a short piece of metal in to keep the pin from shifting again. I am also exploring the best way to take
  5. When I probe the hole it only goes a very short distance (1/2 in) and seems to curve up a little. There is no pin on either side at the location of the hole. My 46 parts car transmission has the same hole which was covered by oily dirt. I am going to drive a short way and check for oil leaks again. Thanks for the ideas.
  6. Thanks I will check for the pin.
  7. Interesting process. My transmission works well so I hope I don't have to go to a rebuild process. Thanks.
  8. I tried again and ignored the required choice and it worked. Thanks.
  9. My 47 Lincoln transmission leaks oil from several places it seems. One is very unusual as it is a small channel in the case on the passenger side rear corner just above a nut. Oil drips out of the channel and I get quite a lot on the floor after a few hours. The photo shows the channel seen easier with the red plastic tube slid into it. I would like to know what is happening with t his leak. I changed the oil in the transmission last fall and the oil leaking has increased a lot since. Thanks.
  10. I want to open a new topic but am forced to choose buy or sell only and don't want to do either.
  11. I had a problem with my 47 rebuild that resulted in low oil pressure and knocking because the crank bearings were the wrong size. Oil flowed too easily and had to replace crank and bearings. So diagnosis is key before damage results.
  12. Ford cars trucks, Lincolns and Ford tractors were all the same. You can buy a tool at Ford websites.
  13. They go between the regulator and the cowl.
  14. Also check the bolts on the shocks as when loose they cause bump noise
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