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  1. Your local fabric shop most likely has felt in various thicknesses and density. I got 1 foot squares and have used it for felt seals and felt pieces between body and frame on my 32 buick. Bob Engle
  2. Take one of the lines off going into the tank rig a fitting and funnel and fill the tank that way. Unless you drive the car very frequently ,you are going to want a method to fill the tank. Restoration Specialty supply has felt in various thickness and and density. Bob Engle
  3. You mention both valves closed or about to be closed. If this is with #1 at TDC, this is 180 degrees from crankshaft correct firing position. Exhaustclosing and intake opening overlap should occur near TDC between exhaust and intake cycles. The easy way to check for correct timing is with exhaust valve closed, crank engine until intake valve closes, continue to turn crank about 180 crankshaft degrees (compression stroke) until you approach #1 TDC. This is where spark should occur. Bob Eengle
  4. The 32 Buicks had a leather boot to keep dirt out of the torque ball. It's important to install the boot before you attach the torque ball to the torque tube. Bob Engle
  5. 32 50 series had the torque tube drive also. The serial number on the side of the block above the push rod covers and below the block top edge forward on right side will get you to the correct year, although there exterior features of the block are the same for 31 thru 33 on 50 series. Iv'e got 4 spare blocks in storage in my barn. Bob Engle
  6. While the parts manual lists different cables for the large series, The Specs and adjustments manual states that they are all the same. If you want, I can send you a good 50 series cable. If the length is different, you could make adapters to increase the length, or you could make the rod it attaches to longer and move the bracket on the frame forward to make it work. Just cover the shipping cost. bob Engle
  7. 1931 1932 60, 80, 90 series PN 357986. 50 series is the only different one. Bob Engle
  8. 1932 Buick headlamps are the same for all models. I have some extra headlamps. They are disassembled now, and it will take some time to sort out all the small pieces. I have two nice drive quality buckets. Unfortunately , I think I only have one lense. I have two good reflectors and front bezel. I will need to find the wiring connectors and the diecast part for the badge bar. I do also have a good badgebar. If you are interested, I will see if I can get a pair assembled for you. The Stanchions that the horns and lights attach to are different for 50, 60 and 80/90 cars. I only have a pair of 50 series stanchions. I can post photos tomorrow. Bob Engle
  9. There are no definitive records on the number of antique Buicks still on the road, let alone their condition of unrestored, restored or modified. The only known record comes from the BCA roster. There are 8 1932 56S cars listed with BCA. I can be reached at Bob Engle
  10. Welcome to the 32 Buick world. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. What are your plans for the car? Keep it like it is and enjoy driving it? restoring to correct condition and appearance? These cars are good drivers and function best when driven frequently. There are many items that are not original or correct. This is not a criticism, as the car looks great and should give a lot of enjoyment as it is. I prefer not to dwell on the non original issues unless you want me to. This forum is to encourage owners, not respond negatively. Feel free to PM me if you want any info. Bob Engle
  11. Mac's method of displaying badges. Bob Engle
  12. I have some clockwork parts, but no hands, face or bezel. Bob Engle
  13. Take the rod out of one side. Make a plate to mount the base mounts for the Optima onto. Attach the plate to your tray and you are in business. Bob Engle
  14. Here's some photos of the Sandoz clock. I've been after Mac for several years to make another batch on lenses for the clock. Maybe this year?? Bob Engle
  15. I found some older photos of the 50 series engine pans for your reference. Bob Engle
  16. Some photos of 32-58 engine pans. Sorry for the dust and dirt on the parts. Too cold for cleaning. Bob Engle
  17. There is a factory stock clock delete that covers the hole in the glove box door if the clock was not ordered with the car. It had the woodgrain pattern on the metal surface. Bob Engle
  18. I believe you are talking about the rear mount for the engine bay side pans. The pans are bolted to the bottom flange of the frame, Spring attached at the rear to the flywheel cover and the front is bolted to the crossmember. Diver side is a 2 piece pan bolted around the exhaust pipe. I'll take photos of my 32-58 tomorrow morning and post them. These pans are frequently missing as mechanics didn't feel like working around them. A 1/4"x 20 hex head bolt goes down through the spring and bolts to the pans. Bob Engle
  19. I set the optima batteries diagonally in the battery tray on my Model A Ford, my 1917 D45 Buick and my 1932 Model 58 Buick. There is a company that makes a battery using the same technology as the Optima called Odessy. The price is significantly higher. Remember, that you are not constrained to placing an Optima vertically. It will function well in any way you put it. Or the alternative is to just accept changing the battery every 3 to 4 years. Bob Engle
  20. You should have sychronizers in your transmission. My 1932 Buick has a sychromesh transmission. Low gear will not have sychronizers, but second and third will. Bob Engle
  21. I have seen several 32 Buicks (mine included) that had a strip of material attached to the top back of the back cushion. A strip of about 1"X 1" wood was attached to the strip of material and then this wood strip was fastened with wood screws to the back Body wood. If I get some good weather, I'll pull my seat cushions out of storage and take some photos. I won't guarantee that this is correct, but I have seen several cars this way. Bob Engle
  22. I have an unrestored 1917 D45. I would be glad to talk with you about my experiences to date. Dean Tryon out of Wake Forest maintains a 1915 to 1918 Registry. You do not need to join any other clubs to get his newsletters. If you sign up for his newsletter, you will get a digital copy of all the newsletters, a list of members and an index of all tech info in his newsletters. The D series cars in 1916 and 1917 were 115"wheel base and the late 1917 and 1918 E series cars were a 124 " wheel base. There can be some debate about cars in the transition from one model to the other and the actual year of the cars. Send me a PM and I will send you my phone number, email address and home address. Bob Engle '
  23. Years back there were ads in the Bugle for a man that had a supply of rings for 31-32 Flywheels. I think I remember the ads in hemmings also. Bob Engle
  24. You can take the drum to a good machine shop and have a new keyway broached in the hub. It is very difficult to get shims that will fit tight enough to prevent fretting and loosening of the drum again. I have also seen the drum keyway broached to a larger size and then a step key made to fit tight in the drum and axle. Bob Engle