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  1. Hi all, thanks for the info so far, the only thing I know about the engine is it was pulled from a 1932 57 from someone who was making a hot rod. The engine number is 2793884, which I think (according to another post I saw on AACA) falls within 1932 range. Bob, I get the feeling someone just threw the carb on backwards at some point when it wasn’t running. The linkage was all on the wrong side and there is no way an air filter would fit on it the one on my dads car has two barrels, so am thinking this isn’t even a good spare. Was hoping to find out what it is so I can sell/trade for 32 parts. here are some more pics:
  2. Hi all, haven’t worked in dads Buick much, today I was over there and looking at a spare engine he bought years ago, and took the carb off. It’s totally different then the one in the car. It’s a single barrel. Here are pictures of it on the engine and off. Any ideas? Maybe someone later swapped the carb -and the pipe connecting it to manifold?
  3. Bob and Brian, Thank you both, yup, definitely had it on backwards....dang. I just assumed the "L" groove would be the same as the "L" slot. May have messed up my dad's original one so will follow up with you Bob on a backup/replacement. Kevin
  4. Thanks Bob, really appreciate it, i was surfing the forum last night and certainly you seem to be the '32 Buick guru! You mentioned some extra parts, might you have an ignition switch? We removed the original one and cannot get it back on in working order. See attached pic for the unit I am speaking of. also: my father bought a spare engine a few years back, I do not think its from a series 50 though, the carb set up and other items are very different. Is there a way to tell series by the numbers cast on the engine? Many thanks! Kevin
  5. ok: First Question: My father has a copy of the 1932 Specifications manual. Has anyone made a downloadable PDF of it? Would like to have one in front of me at the same time as him. If not I'll go ahead and buy a second print copy. Kevin
  6. My father and I are getting his 1932 Buick Series 50 more road ready then its been in years. We are taking on the front end (very shaky up there!) as well as a pretty big leak out the rear of the transmission. He is the second owner, having bought it in the 1960s. its been on and off the road since then. I look forward to updating you all on this as we go. Below is a pic from around the time he first got it to a recent one of me behind the wheel.
  7. Yeah I think that is what we will wind up doing too. DO you have good pics of your set up? Any special switch you used?
  8. Pete: Can you post pictures of wheels and how much you want for them?
  9. Just seeing this, do you know if the wood wheels will fit a series 50 and if so would you be interested in selling? How much?
  10. Have 1932 Buick series 57, having issues with ignition switch, would like to buy second complete assembly. Let me know what you have!
  11. My parents live in central Long Island New York and we are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this June. They met while in college and as often told in family stories, my father was driving a 1951 Henry J. We are using the party to recreate how they met, and would love to have them driven to the party in a Henry J. I was wondering if you know of any Henry J owners on Long Island that may be interested in assisting. Many thanks for your time, Kevin Schlesier kps529@gmail.com
  12. I live one town up if anyone needs me to go to get more info or photos if they are interested in purchasing... Kevin
  13. Jeff, Thanks for the article about the Togo visit, great stuff. Would love to get out to see the Sacramento 1910 Model 27. I'm in Charlotte, NC now, so it would be quite a trip. Does anyone know where the unrestored 1909 that was auctioned off a few years ago wound up? K
  14. Hi Jeff, I am Kevin, and was the one that posted a few years ago about my great grandfather and his peerless. Its been a few years, a new job and a move has had my busy, and I have been cold on my Peerless activities. I realize that this post itself is now two years old, but am compelled to reply. FJ Logan ran Logan Iron Works, which was located at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, so its possible that one of the cars in the photo belonged to him. The photo is too small to tell if my g'grandfather is behind the wheel, would need a higher res image. Neat stuff? I need to get back involved.... Best, Kevin
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