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  1. A. G. Backeast makes repro data plates and and serial # tags. just google his name. I would also advise that you make sure the tags are installed with rivets that look exactly like the original and then do NOT mention the replacement to DMV. In some states they are paranoid about non original tags. Bob Engle
  2. I don't believe you will find anything with Buick on it. It could be Harrison as that was the Buick dealer option. There were Dozens of aftermarket heaters sold. The attached photo shows one with the piping vertical. Many were horizontal. The maroon firewall tag was on my car. Bob Engle
  3. Where those two tubes with threaded ends are, is how the heater was mounted to the dash. There was an identical nut on the firewall side. To the best of my knowledge, there were no factory installed heaters. They were dealer or aftermarket installations. Many holes were drilled through the data plate on the firewall. Original Buick options were Harrison units. I have an aftermarket unit that looks in better condition than yours. It came off of my 32-58. If you are interested in this unit, I will ship it to you for freight cost. Bob Engle
  4. While the pan is off, clean the oil distribution tube and the galleys that flow oil to the mains. Also check the retaining bolt for the wrist pins. I wish the babbit on my 1917 looked that good. I've got about 100 miles on mine since I reshimmed the bearings. You should be good to go. Bob Engle
  5. The nice thing about flipping the intake is that if you ever come across the correct carb, it's no big deal to flip the manifold and go back to original. Bob Engle
  6. I would not discuss the condition of the car with DMV. Take photos of the engine serial # and frame serial #. Explain that the previous owner bought it on a bill of sale. Going to a small DMV office is definitely wise. Some states require an inspection of condition, some don't. Bob Engle
  7. I would use a light colored light weight oil and then when you drain the flush you can see what comes out. If there is little color change and no particles coming out, no need for further flushing. Bob Engle
  8. John Brillman has the black cloth wire in all gauges. Bob Engle
  9. If you want to salvage this motor, do not try to turn it over. You will only break parts. Pull the motor and disassemble what comes off without any force. Soak and flush and clean. repeat process until parts come free. In the process look for cracks in the block. Even if the motor is not salvageable, there are parts that others will want for their restorations. Bob Engle
  10. If you are interested in the oil condition, run it through a paint strainer when you drain it and see what you get. If the filter come up clear of any metal or gunk, you are good to go. Bob Engle
  11. All 1932 wire wheels used 1/2 X 20 7/8" hex. Any 1/2 X 20 lug nut should work. They are inside the hubcaps so they are not seen. I can give you all the specs if you want to make some on a lathe. I think I have one or two spares if you need them. Bob Engle
  12. If you are really hung up on specifications, John Brillman will make the wire to your specs. He makes all of his wire. Bob Engle
  13. You might want to look at John Brillman for your wire. He has 7,8,9, 10 mm wire in black and oak Lacquer coated or woven finish. 888-274 5562. Bob Engle
  14. Looks like a fabrication project to me. Bob Engle
  15. On my 1917 D45, The ends were very corroded ans so when I replaced the wiring, I bead blasted the plug connectors, They ended up steel colored when done. I zinc plated them and installed them on new wires. Bob Engle