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  1. I have made a positive brake bleeder that works great for flushing and bleeding the brakes. I took an old canister oil filter and attached a rubber hose to the bottom with an airline female quick disconnect on the end. I drilled a hole in the top and installed a tire valve stem in the hole. I took a master cylinder fill cap and drilled and tapped the cap and installed a mail airline quick disconnect. partially fill the cannister with brake fluid, hang on a bungy cord over the master cylinder, connect the hose to the cap on the master cylinder and apply 1-2 psi air pressure to the ca
  2. I've pondered the thought behind the 4 lobe 2 points concept. It doesn't change dwell. Points do ramp up and open and close guicker possibly reducing arcing across the points. My main conclusion was that points would last twice a long before needing changing as they work half as much. Bob Engle
  3. If the heat riser tubes are leaking, the area around the center tubes acts like a vacuum tank and does not allow responsiveness to needed vacuum changes as the throttle goes through any changes. On Marvel carbs, the jets are affected by vacuum changes. Bob Engle
  4. If the lifters are frozen, and the engine turns over, they would have to be stuck open and you would readily see that condition at the valves. It's strange that both valves in a cylinder have the same problem. Broken camshaft?? Hole in Piston?? Bob Engle
  5. 1/16 to 1/8 " below the top of the idle jet. I scribe a line on the inside of the bowl as a reference. Bob Engle
  6. call it what you want. More importantly than trying to find a precise definition, enjoy the car and share it with us Buick enthusiasts. Bob Engle
  7. To balance the blade, do like you would for your lawn mower blades. there is a very low cost balancer that you set the center hole on the device and the heavy side will tilt down. The oil is not part of the balance as centrifugal force will spin the oil to balance. I highly recommend the bearing replacement as failure on the bushing and oil system is very prone to seizing up and throwing the whole assembly through the radiator. Bob Engle
  8. I have communicating with a friend in Europe about 1932 Buicks. He sent me the attached data plate. His assumption was that the car built in Germany. I believe it may have been an export car that was modified at a GM plant in Germany. Any thoughts on this data plate???
  9. I noticed that on the engine photo, the carburetor is mounted backwards. The air horn should face to the front. It is missing all the linkage that controlled the heat control and throttle. It surely looks like a 1931 carb. There would be two venturi exiting the top of a 1932 carb. Are you sure you don't have a complete 1931 engine? Bob Engle
  10. If you use gasoline with alcohol it will disolve the shellac. Airplane dope, or superglue will work. I prefer to replace the float with one carved from nytrophyle. It's easy to work with. Bob Engle
  11. I think we need to add a third term for Buick bearings. The early cars had poured babbit bearings as part of the caps. They were shimmed to allow adjustment for wear. At some point, The main bearings were switched to and insert that was quite thick and had poured babbit and had shims to account for wear. Rods stayed with babbit poured into the rod, no inserts. By the 50's, rods and mains all had thin shell bearings and were replaceable with thicker inserts to accommodate for wear, no more shims. Of course on some rebuilds, old engines were converted to thin shell inserts. I personally
  12. My 1917 d45 has an exhaust cutout just before the muffler. It is foot pedal operated. These early car"s engines were tuned and and trouble diagnosed by listening to the sound of the exhaust. I suspect by 1922 this was used less, so they left the option with a removable plug for those that were used to the cutout method of tuning. Bob Engle
  13. There are thousands of antique cars with battery cut off switches installed to protect their cars against shorts while in storage. disconnecting the battery from the electrical circuits should not affect charging. Bob Engle
  14. It sure looks like outgassing from the battery. All open batteries have some level of this problem. Older batteries and over charged batteries tend to be worse. Go with a sealed battery and you your problem should be solved. Bob Engle
  15. Don't forget to have a battery with a high CCA (cold cranking amps) rating. I prefer the sealed batteries so there is no outgassing to corrode terminals and cable connecters. Bob Engle
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