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  1. Robert Engle

    Need a few spare parts for a 32 Buick

    I forgot to mention how most dash glovebox door and gauge cluster panels are restored. The original parts were silk screen printed on the metal plate. Mac Blair has the correct pattern printed on paper with a clear plastic laminate on top. There are two ways to use the this reproduction. One is to remove the panels and carefully razorcut the piece to fit inside the chrome bezels. My chrome parts were in need of replating. I very carefully bent the tabs on the back and removed ;the chrome bezels and had them replated. Then I glued the repro panels on the plates and trimmed the edges. The bezels are brass that is chrome plated. Brass age hardens and can crack rather than bend. I hope this helps. I did look into making new metal panels and then having the correct pattern inkjet printed onto the panels. The process was not very good pricewise and I abandoned the idea. I hope this helps. Bob Engle
  2. Robert Engle

    Need a few spare parts for a 32 Buick

    The crank hole covers are the same for all 32 Buick models. PN .245 I think I have one somewhere in my piles of junk. With a warm day, I'll search for it. It's not in the best condition but is restoreable. I've also got some junk speedometers. They would need a complete rebuild. I believe Bob's Automobilia has the wiper arms and blades. Welcome to the 32 Buick Victoria guys. I've been restoring my 32-58 forever. At least, it's going back together now. Bob Engle
  3. Robert Engle

    Function of this 1932 part on 344cid ???

    The book you want is SPECIFICATIONS and ADJUSTMENTS 1932. lots reproductions and some originals available. The Button is a red mushroom shaped piece on the floorboard under the clutch pedal. it is mechanical, The Button is threaded on a piece that goes through the toeboard and on the engine side there is a bracket and rotating rod that has linkage going to the valve you pictured. The whole wizzard control is a simple vacuum operated mechanical system that is complex in it's setup and adjustment. Buick was focusing on selling cars to the ladies and the idea of not having to be pressing on the clutch pedal frequently was viewed as meeting that goal. I have a lot of advertising pages from magazines of the 1932 period touting the advantages of Buick for the ladies. Bob Engle
  4. Robert Engle

    Tar Strips under Aprons and Hood sill

    I like to use the window glass setting tape. It's more expensive, but it will last a long time. Besides noise reduction, it also wiil keep two metal pieces separated so there is less opportunity for electrolitic corrosion. Bob Engle
  5. Robert Engle

    Function of this 1932 part on 344cid ???

    The top piston ties into the the wizzard actuator button on the toeboard. The bottom piston ties into the gas pedal linkage. Interestingly, early wizzard control parts were brass and later ones were diecast material. Bob Engle
  6. Mac Blair at one time kept a data base of 1932 Buicks reported to him. He has restored more 32-90 series Buicks than anyone else. Also the 90 series cars are eligible for CCCA classification. They may be able to provide some added info. Bob Engle
  7. Robert Engle

    Spark Plug Wires

    You can slip a piece of shrink tubing over wire holder and heat shrink it. I find that electrician tape get gummy with heat and time. Bob Engle
  8. Robert Engle

    31 Series 50 Water jacket gasket and cover

    I just checked two of my 32 old blocks and found no plugs in the thread holes. I would be careful that the bolts don't bottom out on the plugged holes. I use the old standard FORM=A-GASKET on the threads. On 32 engines, there is a copper washer on the bolts. I apply sealant on the washers also. These are unpressurized cooling systems, so there is little chance for leaks. On 32 engines, there are two unusual bolts in the 2nd an 3rd holes on the top row counting from the back, There is a linkage bracket mounted on these two bolts. the bolts are hex stock with threads on both side of the hex head. Bob Engle
  9. Robert Engle

    31 Series 50 Water jacket gasket and cover

    The outer water jacket cover is prone to corrosion and and then holes open leaking coolant. The covers are hard to find in good condition. One of the fixes was to put an additional plate between the cover and the engine block. I've seen stainless and plain steel used. The flat plates do reduce the water flow around the cylinder walls. I don't know that this causes a problem. If you leave out the copper plate that you found, carefully check your cover for pin holes. I epoxy coated my cover on the inside and applied a thin sheet of hypalon rubber before the epoxy set up. With the cover off, take the opportunity to clean the water jacket. especially around #8 cylinder, Bob Engle
  10. Robert Engle

    1922 Oil pan removal

    You will be fine with those clearances. Be sure to check that the piston wrist pin bolt is tight. These early Buicks are known to have the bolt loosen and the wrist pin score the cylinder wall. Bob Engle
  11. Robert Engle

    1922 Oil pan removal

    .001" per inch of journal diameter is the general guideline. Bob Engle
  12. Robert Engle

    1932 Buick 97 parts identification needed

    They are used as a nut inside the frame for brackets (fuel, shock ride control linkage) as well as the front fender and rocker panel. No wrench needed to tighten the screws as they jam against the frame rail. Bob Engle
  13. Robert Engle

    1922 Oil pan removal

    Remove and clean the oil distribution tube. With that much gunk, the tube is probably half full of gunk also. Bob Engle
  14. Robert Engle

    Lubricating the distributor on "Starter Generator" Buicks

    1931-32 Buick 8 cylinder engines used a 4 lobe distributor cam and two sets of points. An extra step to set up the dwell. This is not like the 50's Malory dual point distributors. Bob Engle