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  1. The bolt certainly moves a little, but only a fraction of an inch. That doesn't seem like it would do much, even after "amplified" by the lever arm. This thing also has to overcome the force of the spring (which is missing in my shutter assembly, below), so I'm thinking it's not so good after all. I'll be in touch with Scott and see what he thinks. Good call on the lubrication. I was about to ask about that, as my slats are clearly in need of some. Any reason a little grease couldn't be used after complete disassembly and cleaning?
  2. Lastly, here's the bespoke linkage—quite the art piece. Looks like someone bent some steel strap. If anyone has a linkage for sale, or could sketch out the proper dimensions so I can get one machined, I would be ever grateful. I did learn that there certainly doesn't feel like any spring tension on the louvers, but the Sylphon would've had a hard time working against a rusted lever arm anyways.
  3. I spent some time cleaning up the Sylphon. Also gave the cover a good scrub inside. Still have no idea what that crusty stuff was, but it was quite difficult to clean off.
  4. Lucky me, as I didn't have to resort to the drill and tap set! Only had two screws break off at the head, and the rest, while resisting, came out fine on their own. Guess the penetrant oil worked. Seems like there's some takeaway here about patience...eh, forget about it. Cover removed. The linkage was frozen tight on the cover, so I gently unscrewed it, cover and all, pulling it out just enough to clear the remnants of the screws. Now, what the heck is that gritty, yucky stuff? Can't say I've seen anything like it before. Nothing should've been in that ca
  5. A little more investigation shows that it would indeed need a backing plate...what kind of screws or bolts should I source for this? The heads obviously need to be thin enough to not interfere with the hood when closed.
  6. What's the proper way to take this hood apart? It doesn't seem glaringly obvious to me. Front side seems to have the remnants of a screw? Back side:
  7. My '31 8-86 is missing the oil filter. It's been bypassed at some point. Given that the manual suggests changing the oil 4 times per year or every 500 miles, was a cloth filter even that useful? Better than nothing, I suppose! What do you recommend for drivability? I would like to locate an original filter housing for originality at some point.
  8. Don't know the exact terminology, but the two screws that hold bracket fastening the hood hinge at the firewall have both pulled out on my '31 8-86. Seems like that's a high stress point. What's the proper fix? Can I do anything to help alleviate this in the future?
  9. Fortunately, I am prepared! However, what I'm realizing is, the more I dig into this car, the more I realize that the "frame off" restoration it got in the '80s was maybe not of the highest quality, and certainly, certain things were overlooked. Not totally surprising, but a little disappointing nevertheless. Nothing to do but to keep working on it, "one piece at a time!"
  10. Thank you! Very helpful. I guess I will also have to drill these screws out, as they are definitely not wanting to budge. Dang!
  11. Thank you as always, Bob. I can't even get a single screw to budge, allowing me to remove the thermostat. Sigh. I'll let some penetrant soak in. I'm gathering the previous owner probably didn't care that the shutters were stuck open.
  12. Got the sleeves out. One was much tougher to get out than the other, or perhaps I just improved my technique from the first to the second. Glad I got them out, though. The holes were definitely larger than I first thought.
  13. On my '31 8-86, a previous owner used stop-leak. I would optimally like to get rid of all traces of it and actually fix the problem instead of patching it. Will a standard radiator shop likely be able to take good care of cleaning out my radiator? I noticed the thermostatic shutters are always open. Is it common for the thermostat unit to fail? What tips and tricks ought one follow to get this serviceable again?
  14. Good deal. I'll have the machine shop do a thorough inspection of the head when I take it in this week. Please check my first post in this thread for pictures of the head bolts holes; is that what you're describing? Other than authenticity, is there a problem swapping the head bolts with all new ones? The previous owner already replaced one of the two head studs with a new bolt. Is it a common thing to replace both studs with bolts, at the risk of making head alignment slightly more challenging?
  15. I am trying to understand how I have a clear leak in the heat exchanger (tested by lightly pressurizing the oil side with the exchanger submerged in water, with bubbles clearly coming out from the coolant side) yet have no sign of oil in my coolant. I figured the oil pressure would be greater than the pressure of the coolant system, hence I should see oil in the coolant. Instead, I've only observed coolant in the oil, and seemingly more evidence of coolant in cylinder 7 than the others. What do you think?
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