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  1. If it has not been done you may want to drop the oil pan and clean it out and give everything a look , clean the oil pump screen if they have one. Dave
  2. I will knock on wood but my 31, 66s, does not have that problem. If cold it needs a second or two of choke then off it goes, no choke when warm. I do drive it often but if it has sat for a few weeks it will start quickly using the choke.The fuel line from the pump to the carb has the loop in it and the carb is the original 10-795. I can't imagine it makes a difference but it does have the late 31 air cleaner. I did have to block off the heat riser, replaced the tubes, and installed a new intake/exh. gasket to cure a lean when hot running problem. Dave edit -I have been using no ethanol fuel for the last year or two.
  3. You might add contact information too.
  4. Here it is with the left hand on. Could this be a Model T specific accessory? Thanks Dave
  5. I could be losing it but didn't you have another thread on spark plug gap? I can't find it. Dave
  6. I asked on the what is it section and received some great patent info which is appreciated. Do you think this was used on a specific vehicle or was it aftermarket? I would love to put it on my 24 roadster but there is no good place to mount it. Any thoughts on its value? Thanks Dave
  7. Does anyone have any info on the Green Hand turn signal pictured below? It looks like it had a specific mount but probably aftermarket. Thanks Dave
  8. I found tubing at McMaster Carr for my 31. It was stainless and slightly larger than needed but the machine shop that took the old ones out (2 on a 31) made the tubes work. Dave
  9. I did not catch where it is at (city) I think Michigan ? Thanks Dave
  10. My father and one of his race cars at his Manhasset, LI service station. He raced from 28-32. He spoke of a Miller Ford and the other I remember was one with a v8 Hisso airplane engine converted to 4 cylinders. Not sure which one this is. Dave
  11. A few years after buying a 62 Corvette in 1977 I got the idea to call the state of Florida to get a list of the old owners. For a small fee they sent me copies of all the past owners titles going back to the GM MSO. I called information and amazingly got the numbers of all the old owners and was able to talk with them and hear their stories. Unfortunately, the first owner did not have any of the original paperwork but it was fun talking with them all. Dave
  12. I did find my listing of tag numbers to series type so if I get a tag number I can say for sure. Most are type A. Dave
  13. Most all I have ever seen are type A but here are the instructions; I may be able to look up the series from your tag number if you post it. Dave
  14. I think Ed has helped find the problem but in case someone sees the title here are the Delco Remy instructions;
  15. Dave39MD


    I keep forgetting online resources. Lots of interesting info on engine codes but I did not find OTL in a quick search, are you sure that is correct? If I am reading the prefix correctly it was made in Flint on June 9th. Dave
  16. Similar to what has already been posted but from a 490 instruction book. Dave
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    The numbers stamped on the pad will tell you how it was originally built . I have looked them up in the past in Chevrolet parts books and maybe Motors manuals if I am remembering correctly. Dave
  18. Hope you are okay. My cabriolet windshield had some bad cracks in it and the plater was able to weld it back together. It looks good. Dave
  19. My head still hurts when it rains.
  20. Interesting. I sent a private message looking for more photos, inside, engine underneath if you can. Also, what price are you asking? My email is in the pm. Thanks Dave
  21. It is some of the same photos and a poster named Davlet said it sold for 23K$. The op has not responded to my pm. Dave
  22. It looks like this car is pictured in Matt's 33 Buick for sale ad in the Buick section, or am I crazy? Dave