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  1. I bought one just like it a few years ago and really enjoy driving it. The one for sale looks good from the pictures you should go check it out! Dave
  2. Looking for a good exhaust manifold, casting number 1239956. I would consider a complete engine. Any leads or suggestions are welcome. Thanks Dave
  3. Any thoughts where dehumidifier water would fall on the purified-distilled scale and how it would perform in our cooling systems? Thanks Dave
  4. Chuck, I will take it. Can you send me a pm with how you want to be paid and how much with shipping. We can trade our mailing info as well. Thanks Dave
  5. Chuck I sent you a pm asking for a coupe of pictures to my email. Thanks In fact I think I will take it based on your description. Send me a pm and we can figure out shipping and payment. Thanks Dave
  6. That is a nice piece he made. The more I think about moving the metal piece I realize I can't because of the relationship to the top of the windshield. Maybe with something to fill in the gap and the multi layers of top and hidem , you wont see it. Thanks Dave
  7. Great pictures Ted, thank you! Looks like the metal is nailed right to the bow without spacers/filler or top material. If I have too much gap I may be able to take 1/8 th out of the groove moving the metal piece back in the front , then adding wood or something appropriate to the the flat back side. Thanks again Dave
  8. There is a 1/8 of inch gap between the front of the front top bow and the metal piece that attached to the bottom to hold the windshield weather strip. My question is what fills this gap? Was the bow covered in material and then the top attached? Was this metal piece put on after the top material? Perhaps the wood has shrunk or the po sanded it but it is a very consistent gap. The car had an Army canvas top so all remains were gone when I bought it. I will attach a few photos to help explain, Thanks Dave
  9. The Vintage Chevrolet Club has a HPOCF class in all of their meets/shows. https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forums/32/1/vcca-judging-questions.html Very nice truck! Dave
  10. That makes sense on the P but I am surprised I can't find a definition of the P. Here is a little info on D111. Dave
  11. Gong by memory the P stands for ventilated and H is for a heavy duty spring. Dave
  12. I have been using model airplane dope. I learned about it on an old outboard motor site. So far all is well. Dave
  13. Great truck and story. I am sure you will have it running in no time, selling fruit and vegetables all over Virginia! Dave
  14. I cleaned the grease and built up road grime off my HPOCF Chevrolet and since the parts had been protected they looked brand new. The judge that climbed under the car accused me of replacing my front end parts and was going to ding me on the undercarriage but I was there and able to explain. I guess it was too clean. Dave
  15. Not sure on your Buick but you can straighten most push rods if you are careful. Dave
  16. I use an Adams and their products. Excellent results so far. Not being an expert I found their web site and training videos helpful. Dave
  17. I use the same plugs in a 24 Chevy. The C77 were to cold and loaded up with carbon as did the Autolite 3076. The 78S are hotter and extended tip and they work well. The Autolite 3077 also is extended tip and works well but they may have discontinued it. Dave
  18. I bought this thinking it would fit my 31 Buick but I did not measure correctly for the head being recessed. Lock and key work well. $200 including US shipping. If you need more measurements or can't make them out send me a pm and I can get you what you need. Thanks Dave
  19. That is about a $150 lock and hard to find. Do as they suggested above. Dave
  20. It was a common practice to keep discontinued parts in the catalog for a period of time to give the warehouse distributors and jobbers (flaps) time to sell out of their inventory. The manufactures did not want the returns if they could avoid it. It sounds like some may still be doing it but it does surprise me in the age of electronic catalogs. It is also possible one supplier has discontinued the part in their system but it is still available from the manufacturer and other suppliers. Dave
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