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For Sale: 1959 Plymouth Savoy - "very drivable time capsule" - Post Falls, WA - Not Mine

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For sale on Craigslist: 1959 Plymouth Savoy 4-door Sedan in Post Falls, WA  -  $12,500  -  Call Mike: 208-65one-9242


Link: https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/post-falls-like-fins-1959-plymouth-savoy/7394922286.html


Seller's Description:

1959 Plymouth Savoy 4-door Sedan

  • condition: excellent
  • cylinders: 6 cylinders
  • transmission: manual
  • odometer: 60,000
  • paint color: yellow
  • title status: clean

Like Fins? 1959 Plymouth Savoy
I bought this car two years ago in a shed in Otis Orchards. It did not run and needed the engine rebuilt. Have receipt for $4500.00 from machine shop. Also had the gas tank cleaned and rebuilt along with the radiator. Breaks have been gone through. I drove it from Spokane to Post Falls and parked it. I have decided to go a different direction so it is up for sale or trade possibly. It needs new exhaust and tires then will be road ready. It is of course very drivable and this girl still sports her old tires from who knows when. They are G-78-14s so from the 70s or earlier.No rust or dents on the car. It is like a time capsule. Three on the Tree, 230 six cylinder. The only trades I will consider is a low mileage Harley, (below 10,000 miles), A bullet nosed Studebaker or Studebaker truck. Up or Down. I don’t want to work on anything so if it needs work please don’t call. Not to be rude to all the real people but if I think it is a scam it will be ignored. Phone calls only please. Text and emails are not acceptable until after we engage on the phone. I live in Careywood and the car is in Post Falls so shown by appointment only. Check out that tag on the glovebox on the original delivery date and owner. Cash only.  Mike 208-65one-9242





















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In honesty it does look like a new headgasket sticking out but that is the only indication anything may have been apart.  Some people prefer to leave the patina so it still looks original,  but then again,  it's alot easier to do that than actually clean everything up and properly repaint it.  My thought is if an engine is rebuilt,  it should look like it's fresh.   Maybe a few exceptions but that would be on a super nice survivor that the engine still looks good in with a little age.  This is not that. 

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22 hours ago, supercub said:

Nice to see what the pre- rebuilt engine looked like but would be good to see the pic showing the rebuilt engine installed.


Yes, he seems to have removed that engine bay photo from his ad. I'm sure there was some confusion about the engine status with that picture, and as an astute seller once told me: "Never confuse the customer."

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