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  1. I will pay $25,000 for a complete Rochester Duesenberg walking beam engine. Less for an incomplete one. Thanks for the question. George Albright 352 843 1624 cell weekdays best
  2. Probably keep the car if I found the engine. One will eventually show up. Then you have an AMAZING ride! Thanks for the question!
  3. Don Moore drove that car until WWII with that engine in it in northeast AAA events. He drove Kline Kars with that motor in it beginning in the early 1920s. Must have known something special about that motor. George Albright
  4. My $500 offer still stands. Thanks George Albright
  5. I will pay $500 plus shipping. I’m available by phone or email. Thanks George Albright, Ocala Florida. AACA member. Cell 352 843 1624. Email.
  6. Car just reduced in Hemmings and on to only $59,000. Thanks George Albright. Photos: Cell weekdays 352 843 1624
  7. Just listed in Hemmings for reduced price of only $59,000. George Albright Cell weekdays 352 843. 1624
  8. I have to admit I wondered the same thing! I think the zip code system started in the 1960s. George Albright
  9. Needs to be back on the Ford Museum. Thanks George Albright
  10. Parish frames built the frames for the Duesenberg Model J and Henney Hearses. George Albright
  11. Mike I have a 1900 crestmobile crest 4 HP air-cooled one cylinder engine for sale. Haven’t advertised yet. Mostly complete and above average. $2,900 includes shipping. Photos available by email. George Albright. Cell weekdays 352 843 1624. Email
  12. Yea the additional $1,500 buyers premium seems high. However I am the high bidder at the moment. Thanks George Albright
  13. I bid on it. Thanks for the tip. Almost bought one in the 1980s. Cheers George Albright
  14. Junk will always be junk. Look at the quality of 1980s cars even in like new condition. Like new junk.