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  1. I usually like red on cars, but not this one. Looks like someone was trying to match their nail polish.
  2. Big hooks might be used for moving bales of hay. Seller seems to think the "barn find" thing is worth an extra $10K, while buyers are instead wishing the owner could've taken a day to clean it up.
  3. Very cool, and a nice example. Hard to believe such a simple little car can draw so much money, but considering the asking prices for old VW buses nowadays, it's almost a bargain.
  4. Why is the body so high off the wheels? Seller implies there's a motor, but it doesn't look like it. Those Hagerty numbers are crazy. Old Cars Guide values are about half.
  5. Nice. The optional 225 motor would be better for drivability with an automatic, but good car at a reasonable asking price.
  6. Cool car, strange choice of upholstery. Looks like it's been maintained. Respray the wheels and start looking for hubcaps. Are the bumpers painted?
  7. Too big for most garages, and if you leave it outside, the neighbors (and probably your family members) are on your case. And it's got bad tires. And the seller wants an astronomical amount of (FIRM!) money for it. What's not to like?
  8. Sharp car! I think the first year for fender skirts (spats) was 1940, definitely not as early as '36, but they're well done and look good. Same for the luggage rack; not factory as far as I know, but looks like it could be. The question is whether the extra non-factory goodies are worth the premium the seller is demanding. I've paid more than I should've for cars before, and if this one strikes you the right way, go for it!
  9. Not sure paint is a stock color, but there was a "Beauregard Beige" available, so good to go? Interior is pretty scruffy. If the mechanicals are OK, $13K might be a good starting point for negotiations. I agree: if the ad's a month old, the in-person inspections probably haven't gone well.
  10. That steering wheel's way up in the air. Looks like it might have pretty good leg room for tall drivers. Anybody know for sure?
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