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  1. Cool car, but if the rust you can see is an indicator of the rust you can't (as it often is), it would take some careful consideration.
  2. Nice asking price, but it looks like the driver's side doors have been repainted. A T-bone in its past?
  3. There's a lot to do, at considerable expense, to bring this car to what could be considered good driver quality. It's not even original paint, so I don't see where the value is, aside from the relative rarity. If a buyer is satisfied leaving it as is, is crazy for this model, and can get it at some fraction of the asking price....
  4. Beautiful car, but that's strong asking money for a Super. 248 with Dynaflow makes for "leisurely" acceleration. Restoration would be a multiple of the asking price, but that's a poorly kept secret of our hobby.
  5. Have to agree with Jake. I'm not sure $56K has ever been a discounted asking price for a '53 convertible, even for a really nice "frame off" example.
  6. Actually a Special rather than a Skylark, a V6 rather than a V8, but pretty sharp!
  7. This example's too far gone, but the '62-63 Skylark is the one to get. I think they lost their personality in '64.
  8. Great beginner project. Make a run to Maaco, get some seat covers, and drive it. Or, I guess, drive as is.
  9. Pretty pricey for a 97K mile car. Looks like the upholstery's been redone in vinyl. Top is probably original and stiff, hence it doesn't go down all the way (my '71 was the same way), and I'm guessing in poor condition. Great cruisers with a bulletproof drivetrain, but not at that price.
  10. It's not a Cadillac or Lincoln style-wise, but at a fraction of what's asked for those cars, you get a big, comfortable, well-built driver. This is the golden era for newbies.
  11. The 1951 Hudson foldout doesn't show any two-tone cars, but with the trim piece as a divider, it's way too tempting. Everything else looks pretty good to me! I think doing something different with the wheels would help, but my eyes are always drawn to wheels. Yellow with dog dishes, especially below the brown panels, just looks weak. Bigger caps, trim rings, paint 'em brown, something.
  12. 23K miles? That's not the story the front seat tells. Seller should've taken the $5K.
  13. Beautiful car, great colors, and I think all but the 50 series had synchro transmission.
  14. I think that's the perspective of the photos. Special and Century body shells are the same. The extra 4" of the Century is in the hood due to the longer 320 engine.
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