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  1. As I recall, Cadillac had a metallic gray/blue, and a dark blue. This ain't them. Upholstery looks new, too, but done in original style. 49 years and 64K later, it looks too good to be original.
  2. Top looks original (not like new), and the clearcoat is cooked. And it's dirty. I like an executor with a sense of humor.
  3. The guy was probably trying to match his kitchen tile. The '70's were rough. Some good music, though.
  4. The real puzzler is those yellow wheels. Who would think that was a good idea? Short of a repaint, maybe paint the wheels the fender color and change to blackwalls? Or?
  5. I can't see anything that suggests 39K isn't correct. Looks like a clean, low miles car at a good asking price. Edsels are a polarizing design, but I like them. I think this one has a good color scheme, and better-looking than a '59 Ford. Certainly more striking. I'm guessing the seller picked it up because it was so nice, didn't fall in love with it, so it sat. Probably has other old cars. Like kingrudy says, this is a good car to get someone into the hobby.
  6. We need to keep in mind the car is 63 years old. My '72 Eldorado had 26K miles when I got it, the engine bay looked far scruffier than this one, and it's 14 years newer. Granted, a little WD40 would've brightened things up a bit. Color looks OK to me, unlike the PINK repaints we often see. $35K is pretty much all the money, this isn't a 100 point car, but it's an original. Not sure what premium originality adds, but some folks seem pretty impressed by originality.
  7. Reasonable asking price for what looks like a solid car. I like red, but this one seems to be somewhere between fire engine red and maroon. Factory color? Worth a look if you like the color.
  8. "Clean", as in "I just washed it"? Nope, not that either. Good-looking body style. Ad could be better. The big oil stain on the floor in front of the car isn't encouraging.
  9. Looks to me too far gone to do a full restoration, but it would be fun just to get it running. Or maybe make it over into an RV or pickup truck?
  10. Buick went whole-hog on the glitter in '58 (as did many other US manufacturers), but the wheels, to my eye, don't look like much. WW's would help. You see so many '58's with bad brightwork that seeing one like this is really impressive. $35K is a lot to pay for a four-door, but if you REALLY want one like this, it's as good as it looks in photos and the seller has receipts, maybe it's not out of the realm.
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