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  1. Sharp car. I'd like to see what's underneath the bag on the driver's seat, though.
  3. My aunt had the same model/body style '36 Studebaker. Great-looking car, one of the nicest dash designs at any price, and you gotta love that gearshift. More a wand than a lever. Definitely a repaint, although a previous owner may have tried to match the original. Black fenders with a contrasting body color had seen its day by 1936. Buyers are leery about a car belching blue smoke, though. With the ring job, if that's all it needs, OP should be able to get the firm price. They are handsome cars, but not highly desirable.
  4. It's rare, but not widely desirable in the sense that a convertible coupe is desirable. They're hard to garage, body parts can be scarce and expensive, and the partition-window cars are uncomfortable for non-average-size drivers to drive due to the fixed front seat. OP has been given good advice by previous posters.
  5. Cool car. Non-running condition puts a serious dent in the price buyers are willing to offer. If you have access to the car, cleaning it up and getting it running will increase interest in a big way. Good luck.
  6. The car needs everything. Think of what it will cost to bring to the next level, and what it'll be worth at that point. When I was a kid (late '60's), I used to hang around Jack Passey's shop in San Jose. He'd often have early '30's luxury sedans (Cadillac, Lincoln, etc.), running but needing total restoration, sitting out front with what I considered incredibly low asking prices. Even at the time, $200-300 for a quality car seemed like a huge bargain. Now I know why.
  7. $84K for what? Some ugly aftermarket wheels, a little chrome under the hood and a lowered body? I think the seller has been watching the WRONG shows on the MotorTrend channel.
  8. Seller seems to want to move the car ASAP. This forum, as has been noted by many, isn't necessarily the best place to sell a car, and while there certainly are a lot of snowbirds, those of us who aren't are less inclined to buy a car, pay extra for enclosed transport, only to have the car sit in the garage until Spring. The seller might consider placing an ad with one or more of the many online/print classic car classifieds as well.
  9. Nice, clean car at a fair asking price. My favorite color combo for a roadster. I think it's just a little early in the year for buyers (taxes, snow, etc.).
  10. Nice. Got a price in mind?
  11. 4WD? Exterior doesn't look too bad, interior I'm sure is incorrect, no drivetrain photos. Assuming it runs well, it'd be a fun grocery-getter, but desirability is about as low as it gets for something 60-plus years old. The best one in the world is probably worth $11K, but this ain't it.
  12. Not bad, but a few more interior/engine/underbody shots and a little less scenery would go a long way towards getting it sold.
  13. Whatever. A running/driving, rust-free Model T at $8K/OBO is worth a look.