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  1. Matt and John, I think you've read more into my post than I intended. Showing up for a viewing, insulting someone's car and then asking for a steep discount isn't a winning strategy. I haven't had it happen to me with a car I was selling, but it did happen with a house, and it was infuriating. What I was suggesting is changing the paint on this car would be a short-term priority for many potential buyers and might influence any offers. Anyone who sees photos and doesn't care for the paint scheme should move on, not try to browbeat the seller. On the other hand, if someone is crazy for Packard 120 coupes, and this looks like a nice one in many respects, changing the color isn't a small or inexpensive undertaking.
  2. Subtract the cost of a repaint and a set of tires from the asking price, and you're good to go! Usually it's the interior that chases away buyers.....
  3. The price is right but the details are skimpy. Needs TLC and "batteries"?
  4. Not bad for the asking price.The upholstery needs to be re-fitted. What's with "Model T Gray"? Looks red to me.....
  5. Judging from the disc wheels, it's at least a medium-duty truck. Looks like there's a box of some sort, but it's hard to tell. A pretty cool truck, but likely tops out at 45 mph or so unless it has some sort of overdrive or dual-range rear end.
  6. Handsome car, but the cheap interior isn't nearly right, and the seller is asking Continental money for it.
  7. Driven 75 miles in 42 years? Aside from the freaky interior scheme, it probably needs new tires and an extensive recommissioning. It's a handsome car, though.
  8. Nice! Good to see the owner avoided the temptation to contrast colors above and below the side trim (sweepspear?).
  9. That is a gorgeous car. I especially like the paint scheme. Try to find a contemporary Packard or Cadillac touring for that kind of money! I hear you, Daniel, about trying to squeeze long legs into old cars, especially old long legs. I had a Model A Ford roadster for a while, just because I always wanted a Model A. I had to lift myself off the seat to shift it into reverse. My '37 LaSalle will be going into the shop in the near future to move the front seat back a few inches.
  10. I checked the BCA manual. Don't know which series (Standard or Master) your car is, but here goes: Standard: 21x4" wheel, 31x5.25 (5.25x21) tire. Master: 21x4.5" wheel, 33x6 (6.00x21) tire. Check your rim width; 4" rim gets the 5.25 (or, I suppose, the 6); 4.5 gets the 6 (or, you could push it to 6.50).
  11. Nice car, except for the cheesy interior.
  12. Maybe 600/650-21's? I don't think those nice rims are wide enough to accomodate 800-21's, if such a tire is made. Seems to me wheel diameters got smaller before tires got that tall/wide. The earliest car I can think of that used 800-series tires is a '39 Packard V-12, and those tires are enormous. Check the BCA Judging Manual.
  13. I've always admired the '23 (I think) Dodge roadster you see all through one of my favorite films, "A River Runs Through It". Handsome and rugged cars. Driver's seat looks a little roomier than a typical early '20's touring, no? Another great car at a good price from Matt.
  14. Spectacular car. How about some photos of the interior, engine, undercarriage?
  15. Terrible photos. The descriptor in the ad doesn't inspire confidence, either. Looks like a car that's just been kept running for 90 years with whatever was at hand, and painted an unattractive (to my eye) medium blue. Not sure if seller would seek out Riviera Blue and then not paint the fenders black.