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  1. If you want your woodgrain redone, it'll be done much as described in the R&T article. At least some cars came from the factory with woodgraining courtesy of sheet transfers(basically a decal).
  2. I guess $200K would be in the ballpark for someone who liked the look and the idea of having 1 of 1. After all, folks pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for nondescript '60's sedans that would otherwise end up rusting away in a dismantler's yard except that they have a rare, numbers matching high performance motor. The early '60's TBird is a great design, like a bullet in flight. I think the squared-off passenger compartment balanced it. The roof line on this one seems like too much of a good thing.
  3. Reminds me of an AMC Marlin, and not in a good way. Being a prototype adds value for those who want to, and can afford, to buy one-offs, but on looks alone, I think the stock T-Bird is nicer.
  4. Sharp car, but man, that's a lotta red!
  5. You'd definitely be the talk of the Home Depot parking lot as you load up the interior with lumber....
  6. A really nice tour car. I like the blackwalls. Looks like someone's trying to recover restoration costs.
  7. Nice-looking car. Probably would clean up well. For the price, you'd hope for more info than it moves on its own, though. Who's Anna Sage?
  8. Looks like an interesting if potentially quite expensive project. Not that I'm suggesting it should, but it would make a great rat rod. Bisbee is a cool place, sort of a mining town turned counterculture enclave. When I visited, I saw more than one old-car-turned-rolling-sculpture being driven around town.
  9. Very cool. I'm not usually a fan of the early Darts, but the black paint with blackwalls balances the over-the-top styling, and is a great look. And it's a nice car at a good asking price.
  10. Great-looking car. Reminds me of the Peugeot 404 I had when I was in college, another great car.
  11. The story of all yard art. We're all alive until we die...
  12. Driven 75 miles in 42 years? Aside from the freaky interior scheme, it probably needs new tires and an extensive recommissioning. It's a handsome car, though.
  13. Nice! Good to see the owner avoided the temptation to contrast colors above and below the side trim (sweepspear?).
  14. That is a gorgeous car. I especially like the paint scheme. Try to find a contemporary Packard or Cadillac touring for that kind of money! I hear you, Daniel, about trying to squeeze long legs into old cars, especially old long legs. I had a Model A Ford roadster for a while, just because I always wanted a Model A. I had to lift myself off the seat to shift it into reverse. My '37 LaSalle will be going into the shop in the near future to move the front seat back a few inches.