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  1. A lot here to like, and a fair asking price. Upholstery isn't original type, but it'll do. Too bad seller didn't get around to paint, as there are lots of doo-dads to remove. Great cars, and last year of the floor shift.
  2. Sharp! Not sure that woodie wagons are bringing the long dollars anymore, but it's a beautiful car.
  3. Sharp car, and long-term owners tend to take good care of their cars. But long-term owners tend to add lot of dollar value to the parts and memorabilia they had collected over the years. Stuff they have fond memories of finding at the swap meet, etc. (ask me about my box of LaSalle hubcaps), but the buyer may not agree have value, or the room to store. And nobody wants to assume the chore of trying to sell stuff on eBay. Nice car, but it could be a tricky negotiation.
  4. Nice paint, decent interior. Even the woodgrain looks good. There's nothing to do but check the fluids and tires, and drive it all summer!
  5. This vintage Electra seems to hold its value well. I looked for a '67-68 convertible for quite a while, couldn't find an original one in decent shape for less than $25K, so I bought a '71 Eldorado. Great car, and if it was low-mileage, the asking price wouldn't be too bad, but 112K, despite the wax job/engine detail, shows it? I'd like to peek under that dash cover as well.
  6. Sharp car. Not $31K sharp, but a great driver. Seller says upholstery SEEMS original. A little weasel word makes all the difference, right? It'd be interesting to know which Concours they're talking about, and that perfect score.
  7. Looks like the rear bumper's down a little on the driver's side, but clean little car, nice asking price!
  8. If you click on the "n", it says Nomadski doesn't respond to emails, and suggests that inquiries be made as forum entries. You've done the best you can. An image of a Maxwell ad and a couple of upside down photos, no descriptor, say a lot about the seller.
  9. The seller indicates it was his father's car, and the seller doesn't know much about it (and old cars in general?). Dad probably told him it was worth $45K and/or it was insured for that amount, but now seller just wants it gone. I'm guessing the lucky buyer will get it for a discount of the $29K and the continental kit will go away.
  10. Clean car. I'm sure there's a good explanation why a photo shows the transmission in Park and the yellow needle on the speedo indicates 80 MPH.
  11. The only time I've put a car on a trailer was when I was buying it, selling it, or it isn't running/safe to drive. I've never had a car nice enough to trailer to a show, and this one isn't exactly a trailer queen. Seller could've solved that mystery with a simple statement.
  12. I kind of like the style, and it's a great price for a conversation piece. Just get it running and you'd be the star of the show 'n shine. That continental kit, even if it is original and is supposed to have a tire cover, looks terrible, and the photos make it look even worse. My vote is to cut down the bumper and take it off.
  13. That is seriously cool. Mechanicals look pretty good, and lots of options for the cosmetics. Nice truck.
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