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  1. Judging from all the handprints on the trunk lid, it might benefit from a wax job. Beautiful car, nice color combo. What's with all the bags in the trunk? Looks like someone was on the way to the laundromat. I've heard the first-year Packard V8's had some issues. Maybe a Packard person can weigh in?
  2. Too bad the seller couldn't be bothered (or wait for a non-rainy day) to pull it out for some decent photos. Looks like a nice car at a fair asking price. I like sixes; lots of torque, much lower price than an eight, fits well in new construction garages.
  3. Good on you, Matthew! The Torque Tubes are a fantastic resource.
  4. OK, all you folks you have made your fortune buying and selling old cars, raise your hand! As was said, some of these would not be otherwise attractive. How many of us find ourselves leafing through Hemmings, longing for one of these cars? I personally didn't care for the original Ford Bronco, let alone the behemoth it morphed into by the '80's. I guess those who see old cars as an investment vehicle (no pun intended), and are incredibly lucky and Hagerty's crystall-balling works for you, this could be good advice rather than just a topic for discussion.
  5. Beautiful, clean car:
  6. Wonderful car. I like this body style best of the '36's. Dash looks pretty bad; everything else is so tasteful, it must be wrong. Front seat carpets???
  7. Ouch. $8425 is good money, especially for the Bring A Trailer crowd.
  8. Auction ends in 2 hrs. Currently at $5100.
  9. Cheap! Maybe too cheap?
  10. Beautiful BIG 7 pass sedan.
  11. Clean, green coupe: Not sure if the green leather upholstery was a factory option, but a nice looking car with sidemounts. Bid's already over $13K.
  12. Even if the dealer is clueless, you'd think the owner could've given some details for the ad. Wiki-info doesn't cut it. Now that Luke mentions it, the dash is a strange hodgepodge of circular and linear, like Packard wanted to go with the trend, but couldn't quite bring themselves to give up the round speedo. Design by committee? I thought at first it might be a scam, but maybe it's just a bad ad.
  13. I think we've whipped this dead horse sufficiently. Folks have been putting radials on cars that were delivered on bias ply tires for a long time. I've been doing it myself for 40 years without a problem. The only difference I noticed is that I got fewer flats and the tires handled and rode better. Here's a tire, 6.50-16, the size came originally came on '39 Specials, $130, that would be fine for a spare, or a set to drive on until a restoration is finished and the owner chooses (or not) to spring for a set of Cokers or Diamondbacks:
  14. Tubeless tires, radial or otherwise, will seal on any modern-style solid rim. I think the main argument put forward against radials is that they can place more lateral stress on old rims in cornering, and if your rims are in poor condition, or you drive your car beyond its capabilities, they may fail. Tubes should only be used if the rims aren't airtight (wire wheels, etc.). Instead of added security, using tubes when they're not needed just introduces another unnecessary source of problems.