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    1934 Lincoln v12 sedan

    The car needs everything. Think of what it will cost to bring to the next level, and what it'll be worth at that point. When I was a kid (late '60's), I used to hang around Jack Passey's shop in San Jose. He'd often have early '30's luxury sedans (Cadillac, Lincoln, etc.), running but needing total restoration, sitting out front with what I considered incredibly low asking prices. Even at the time, $200-300 for a quality car seemed like a huge bargain. Now I know why.
  2. suchan

    1961 Lincoln Continental LOADED

    $84K for what? Some ugly aftermarket wheels, a little chrome under the hood and a lowered body? I think the seller has been watching the WRONG shows on the MotorTrend channel.
  3. suchan

    '31 Model A Ford DeLuxe Roadster

    Seller seems to want to move the car ASAP. This forum, as has been noted by many, isn't necessarily the best place to sell a car, and while there certainly are a lot of snowbirds, those of us who aren't are less inclined to buy a car, pay extra for enclosed transport, only to have the car sit in the garage until Spring. The seller might consider placing an ad with one or more of the many online/print classic car classifieds as well.
  4. suchan

    '31 Model A Ford DeLuxe Roadster

    Nice, clean car at a fair asking price. My favorite color combo for a roadster. I think it's just a little early in the year for buyers (taxes, snow, etc.).
  5. suchan

    1930 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan

    Nice. Got a price in mind?
  6. suchan

    1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

    4WD? Exterior doesn't look too bad, interior I'm sure is incorrect, no drivetrain photos. Assuming it runs well, it'd be a fun grocery-getter, but desirability is about as low as it gets for something 60-plus years old. The best one in the world is probably worth $11K, but this ain't it.
  7. suchan

    MUST SELL 1950 Dodge Coronet $7500

    Not bad, but a few more interior/engine/underbody shots and a little less scenery would go a long way towards getting it sold.
  8. suchan

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    Whatever. A running/driving, rust-free Model T at $8K/OBO is worth a look.
  10. suchan

    1921 Model T Center Door For Sale

    No room at my inn right now, but a nice car at a fair asking price. So many of the vintage cars have a cramped driver's space regardless of overall size; from the location of the seat back, it looks like this one may have pretty good legroom, not to mention headroom. Am I right?
  11. suchan

    1949 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

    "Exterior and chrome has good bones"...My new favorite advertising euphemism. What the heck, spray it with clear coat, fill it with souvenir pillows and bobbing head dolls, and park it on the street to annoy your neighbors.
  12. suchan

    Old car for sale

    That shows how much I know about Rolls Royces. Yeah, I've used the "lurch" pedal a few times myself.....
  13. suchan

    Wanted ‘38’ Buick

    I wonder what the plan for the future, 20 years, 50 years, and beyond. The structure does seem to be well-built and might be standing long after the less-valuable cars are deteriorated beyond the interest of potential restorers. Too bad they didn't install a concrete floor.
  14. suchan

    Old car for sale

    The perfect garage-filler! If I was on the other coast..... What is a "lurch" pedal? Is there a gas pedal somewhere?
  15. suchan

    1941 Packard Model 1901

    A $12K current bid on a "maybe it'll run" albeit very pretty car? The seller should take the money and run.
  16. suchan

    Wanted: Early to mid 1960's two door sedan.

    How about this?
  17. suchan

    Wanted: Early to mid 1960's two door sedan.

    You're casting a wide net. You'll get more responses if you can do some more research and narrow your choices.
  18. suchan

    1933 Pierce Arrow 836 Club Sedan

    Wow. That car is a jewel. A persuasive argument for owning a sedan regardless of price.
  19. suchan

    For Sale: 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible

    Great car and nice price!
  20. suchan

    1931 Dodge Brothers

    Nice clean Dodge at a Model A price. If it runs as good as it looks, sombody needs to put it under the Xmas tree.
  21. suchan

    Wanted ‘38’ Buick

    This one looks pretty good. Corot Beige. I had one this color, striking, great color if you live down a dirt road: Ebay car looks good, too, repaint in something like original Buick dark blue. Looks like wiring has been patched, may need attention, but relatively rare and beautiful body style.
  22. Nice, clean, gray coupe. Blackwalls look great.
  23. suchan

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    What's the Edsel connection? Being cryptic about price, location, etc. really doesn't heighten interest if that's the intent. A lot of potential buyers just go on to the next ad, assuming the owner wants a gazillion$. If I was a gazllionaire, I'd be on it, though. It's gorgeous.
  24. suchan

    1939 Packard Model 1708

    A "small rebuild" of the motor? Anyway, the asking price is way out of line for a body style few are looking for. I used to visit Jack Passey's shop in San Jose in the 60's, and a customer had one of these. Enormous! I was particularly impressed by the size of the tires.