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  1. Nice car. It doesn't live up to the florid prose of the descriptor, and dark brown isn't its best color, but looks like a solid driver. Original-style tires would help.
  2. I'm 6'4", and spent a few years trying to wedge myself into my 1930 Ford Roadster before I gave up and switched to '30's Buicks (and now LaSalle) with seat adjusters. Even the big '20's cars tend to be skimpy on driver legroom, and non-adjustable driver's seats pretty much guarantee someone of your stature will be cramped. The Ajax looks like a nice car.
  3. Looks like new seat covers. The green vinyl doesn't match the green on the door panels. Not that it matters much on a dinged-up stripper with bad brakes, ready for another year in the seller's driveway...
  4. My vote is for home-built heater. If it was my car, first move would be to take it off and plug the firewall hole.
  5. I guess interior brightwork corrosion is expected in Florida? Power to weight ratio makes for leisurely driving. Might make sense to look for another example with fewer needs (especially the AC), but it is an attractive asking price.
  6. I've heard that including 9's in a sales price attracts buyers; people perceive $9.99 as being a lot cheaper than $10. I'm pretty sure that would work better with toasters than old cars, but this seller doesn't seem to be on top of the "selling old cars" game in any case.
  7. If it had a correct interior, seller might be asking $20K-plus. Vista Cruisers have always been popular, and this one's clean.
  8. Upholstery damage seems to be limited to the seats, and the dual carb/batwing setup the seller claims the car came with adds value as well. And the seller's descriptor has been toned down. I was ready to pay $18K for a '56 CdV, single carb, not quite as nice as this one, so the $20K he was asking pre-eBay seems OK.
  9. Agree it's a cool car, and I also prefer the looks of the 1960 Cadillacs. '59's look great to me up to those Buck Rogers taillights. A lot of collectors love them for exactly the same feature, and pay a premium for them. The ultimate expression of '50's design flamboyance.
  10. Nice, clean driver, but $40K is all the money, and who knows what seller's uncle monkeyed with besides carburetion.
  11. Sharp, clean car. If the back seat cushion and the re-routed tailpipes are the only issues, it's a fair asking price.
  12. A lot more car than Chevy or Ford at a great price. Who knows-maybe you'll have a Sarah Palin sighting while you're inspecting the car!
  13. Poverty caps with black wheels-it's got the sleeper look! Clean car, decent asking price.
  14. Like a lot of us, I've got room for one old car, so I sell as many as I buy, one every few years. I've dealt with lowballers, jerks, uninformed knuckleheads, etc., but not enough, or often enough, to be pessimistic about the process. If I had to cope with that reality on a daily basis like our dealer friends, I'm pretty sure my outlook would be different.
  15. From what little the seller shows of the car, it might be worth the "asking" price, and I was looking for a '56 CdV at one point, but from the hostile vibe of the ad, I wouldn't have walked across the street to inquire. Maybe he/she isn't really interested in selling?
  16. Not bad. Reminds me of Copra Drab/Chicle Drab on a Model A Ford. Looks clean and it's got a big motor, but $15K for a (running?) sedan is pushing it.
  17. To my eye, gold and brown look pretty terrible together, but for someone who can get past that, it's a nice car at a fair price.
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