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  1. Sharp. I wonder if it comes with a set of correct hubcaps.
  2. I'm guessing the tires are radials, and undersized to clear the fenders. The whitewalls don't help. I bet some bias-profile blackwalls the height of the factory tires would look right.
  3. I like the car and the paint color, but the black upholstery would look better with the original green. Seems strange that the windows are slow only going down, but then again I don't know much about hydraulic power windows. Asking price would be OK if everything was fixed.
  4. Nice car, but needs a lot. All rarity means to me is parts will be more expensive and harder to find, and asking is maybe twice you'd expect to pay for a comparable car in that condition. At that price, you could just about buy a nice driver Buick.
  5. I missed it, too. I've got a LaSalle, and it didn't register with me that it wasn't until I saw the "Cadillac" rear bumper. When the seller misses it, that's a problem. If it's not a scam, it's a decent asking price for a 60S.
  6. I think 1938 was the first year of the 60 Special. This is just a 60, basically the same car as a LaSalle with the slightly bigger Cadillac motor (and 10 more HP).
  7. Electra convertibles have always been on the high side. That's part of the reason I bought my '71 Eldorado instead. Nice car, good colors.
  8. Incredible. Excuse me while I slip on my thousand-dollar Skechers , drive to McDonalds and pay $80 for a Big Mac. No sense at all.
  9. The base coupe is 3801 lbs. The DeVille weighs 4016, a lot of weight for a 125 HP V6 to motivate. That's a worse power-to-weight ratio than my '37 LaSalle, that doesn't have AC or power-assist pumps to deal with.
  10. If it's your dream car and you like brown, maybe it's worth $20K to you. It allegedly is low mileage, but seller is asking all the money. Looks more to me like a greedy flipper.
  11. No. Sorry if you thought my comment indicated interest. It's a high-mileage, low-interest car, and I think you should pursue what seems like a good offer, all things considered. Good luck with the sale.
  12. That's the new "AC just needs recharging".
  13. Might be a nice car at a good price, might run, might not be a rust bucket, call the owner for details!
  14. Sounds like the seller is clueless. Probably paid way too much, and hoping someone else will as well.
  15. Years ago, I bought a car from a mechanic that had been kept in perfect mechanical condition, but the mechanic had zero interest in cosmetics, and it showed. Maybe the case with this car, or maybe it was simply neglected.
  16. Great colors. With a good detailing, seller might attract a big chunk of the asking price.
  17. I hate it when a seller cuts and pastes some Wikipedia, etc. entry into an ad. Anybody willing to spend $15K probably already knows the history, and a seller that has to resort to cut-and-paste likely doesn't. As customs go, it's well-done and not bad-looking, but I think the original has better proportions.
  18. Price seems quite low for a Caddy in the condition shown in the photos. I'm guessing rust bucket, but if body is OK, it's a great deal.
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