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Small car show in France


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hello everyone, I went to a little car show on Sunday and it's nice that the season is starting again :)
So here are some pictures of this little exhibition :) 




Renault Alpine white 1980  of my godfather  , and Renault Alpine Turbo blue 






Volkswagen Golf 2 GTI , Mini Austin and Renault Clio 1 16S 



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38 minutes ago, oldcarfudd said:

Is that Deux Chevaux convertible a factory body or a custom car?  I've never even heard of one before.  Looks like a fun car.


No it is not original, we see some 2cv convertible but they are not original.
And this is because of a writing error on the vehicle's registration card.
At the prefecture, people write "convertible" instead of "discoverable", and this error allows the owner to customize his 2cv into a convertible.
But we don't see many anyway ;) 

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Thank you SebastianBuick,


Loved seeing the 2-CV, as we've owned versions of most pre-1973 Citroen,

but really hoped to see a DS-19 or DS-21 Chapron convertible - my wife's dream car since we sold her SM - Maserati-engined Citroen

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