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  1. Whatever decision Hershey region makes I support them 100%. I have read Pennsylvania's Covid-19 Color coded phases a number of times. One thing that sticks out to me is that I cannot find anywhere where it says that in the "Green" phase large gatherings of people (like Fall Hershey with 200,000 to 250,000 people or sporting events, etc) are permitted. Maybe I missed something. I agree that reasonable adults can follow reasonable guidelines the question is just how many will do that? Personally, I think one good indicator regarding Fall Hershey will be when/if Hershey Park opens and how HERCO handles that. Also, when and how events start up again at the Giant Center in Hershey. Case in point, many New Jersey shore towns reopened this weekend with guidelines in place and many have webcams. My family and I rent a home each summer in one of these towns which is VERY well known and sees 100s of 1000s of visitors per week (along the lines of Fall Hershey). Out of curiosity I have been viewing the web cams all along that city's boardwalk both at night and during the day this weekend. Let's just say that a majority of adults and nearly 100% of teenagers are not following the guidelines regarding distancing, masks, etc. One weekend does not a summer make but this weekend is not a good omen for this summer when it comes to Covid-19 at this particular NJ shore town.
  2. My college roommate ran a trucking company that specialized in transporting refrigerate/frozen items. The stories he told me about what his drivers did while working for the company used to blow my mind. Let's just say my roommate was not sad when they sold the business. Sadly, that is why Ron's story did not surprise me in the least.
  3. Looks like the registration chair fixed my checkbook a couple of days ago. 😁😁
  4. It has been my experience that certain brands of vehicles retain their value better than others. That makes buying a used vehicle more expensive but can also make a used vehicle one is trading more valuable. When one compares the cost of the same model vehicle both new and used of one of these brands the price difference and other factors usually has made the new vehicle a better choice for me. That was the case when I purchased my current truck. The 7 year old SUV of the same brand that I traded retained it's value fairly well considering that value was about 58% of the cost that I originally paid for it. My truck that is currently 12 years old seems to be hovering around 62-66% of it's sale price at it's current value. I expect that value to decline faster given the current and near future of the new and used vehicle market. How much remains to be seen.
  5. Many THANKS to all the regions that worked so hard on events this year that have been cancelled.
  6. $1.79 for 87 Octane, 10% Ethanol in Eastern Pennsylvania last night
  7. Thanks Bob. It's kind of sad when doing a favor or kind deed is an exception and not the norm these days. I agree that technology can be misused for less than honorable purposes and have no doubt you have witnessed that yourself. Working in the Information Technology for 39+ years now, I have seen it all and then some.
  8. Bob, I think you might have misunderstood my post maybe because I did not do a good job of explaining myself. I have friends who are car people who cannot make it to Hershey. When I come across items I think they might be interested in or need, I take a photo and text it to them. and ask them if they are interested. If they respond that they are interested I then ask the seller what their price is for the item. I then text that price to my friend. My friend either tells me the price is okay and I buy the item for them or they make a counter offer or they tell me to forget it because the price is too far above what they can afford. If the price is okay I purchase the item and get it to them. I am simply doing a favor for a friend and get NOTHING out of it for myself. If the seller does not accept the counter offer or the price is too high I simply Thank the seller and move on. I am not sure how helping a friend get a part they need and helping a seller make a sale using a smartphone is rude behavior. Maybe you can enlighten me as I am finding your statement difficult to understand. Thanks. Charlie
  9. I will do the same thing at Hershey. I also take photos of items & the space number and text them to others I know who are at Hershey who might be interested in that item. Other people do the same thing for me. I also text people not at Hershey as well. I have acted as a negotiator/buyer for these friends not at Hershey more times than I can remember. The odd looks I get from sellers are priceless before the sale. Then after the sale I usually say to them "You Gotta Love Technology, Don't Ya"? 😁
  10. Any updates from the Whitewater Region about this National?
  11. If one believes in reinCARnation that car is a spouse that still has something to tell someone they left behind. πŸ˜‰
  12. Just remember that pump prices can only go so low. Pennsylvania's 2020 gasoline tax is 57.6 cents per gallon. The Federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon. Therefore 76 cents of a gallon of gas is tax in Pennsylvania. So when you pay $1.75/gallon the actual cost of the fuel is $.99/gallon. Sadly Pennsylvania is one of the highest gas tax states in the USA. For example, Minnesota's gas tax is 28.6 cents/gallon which is 29 cents/gallon less than Pennsylvania. Other factors go into the cost of the actual gasoline which vary from state to state and cities and regions within a given state. When I am traveling for an AACA National I usually check the state gas taxes of the states I will be traveling in/through. That way I can take advantage of states with lower gas taxes and therefore lower gas prices. Dave, I have been a Gas Buddy member for almost 12 years now and have used it all over the USA where I have traveled. One VERY IMPORTANT thing that everyone here should know is that the ACCURACY of price postings on Gas Buddy is only as good as the information people give it (which in some cases stinks). Let's just say that if I had a $1 for every INCORRECT price posting I have corrected over the last few years I could buy every poster in this thread a nice dinner and have money left over. Sadly, there are a number of good Gas Buddy members out there but their numbers are decreasing as they are tired of fighting the good fight for accurate prices against newer members who post INCORRECT prices for "Points", "Challenges" and "Standings". BTW, the price of gas in my immediate area is $1.99/gallon. 3-4 miles away the SAME gas at the SAME named station is 10-15 cents/gallon cheaper.
  13. Just a friendly FYI, your tires are more like toddlers since they are approximately 1 year and 3 months old since they were born (ie manufactured). When I purchase tires, I require that they are 6 months old or less. Not too long ago I looked at tires that were "On Clearance" at a well known store. Selling "new" tires that were nearly NINE YEARS OLD should be a crime. Not the first time this store has sold 5+ year old tires "On Clearance" either. I have purchased tires from this store on-line. When they were delivered to the store they could not find them for 2 days. Lucky for them the tires were only 4 months old so I took delivery.
  14. Here in Eastern Pennsylvania prices can easily vary by 15-20+ cents/gallon within 3-4 miles. I have said for years now that gas stations in my township get together once a week, in a smoke filled room and set prices since they are rarely more than a penny or two different between each other. There is no other explanation for the prices in this township ALWAYS being higher. The exact same Wawa, Speedway, etc. station 3-4 miles away sells gas for15-20+ cents/gallons LESS. Funny thing is the cheaper stations and more expensive ones get their their fuel delivered by the SAME tanker trucks which fill up at the SAME local fuel distributor. So why is the fuel here more expensive?
  15. Summer Carlisle was actually the first and last of the seasonal Carlisle events I attended. I went on a Sunday which was a big mistake on my part. Given that the Summer event was smaller to begin with then add to that vendors leaving early on that day and you can see why it was a mistake to have picked that day to go. Oh well, I'll take Wednesday to Friday at Fall Hershey any time even if it rains on one of those days.