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  1. ^^^^^^^^^ This sort of thing is what I was referring to although with a different model and manufacturer on EBay and other sites that sell auto parts. There are probably dozens of old models of vehicles that have faced this same situation as auto makers have re-cycled model names. Too bad so many sellers of parts do not include model years to help simplify the search.
  2. Best of luck to owners of prior model Hummers. Once the EV Hummer comes out, prior Hummer model owners will find their on-line search for parts will become a total nightmare. Having gone though this with another manufacturer that re-used an old model name I can tell you it is a HUGE pain in the butt.
  3. GOOD advice ^^^^^^^ Also, be sure to use a good quality Virus/Malware protection package (Norton, McAfee, etc) and make SURE that package is CONSTANTLY BEING UPDATED and the computer is periodically being scanned. FYI, You get what you pay for so if the Virus/Malware package you are using was Free, chances are, in many cases it may not be the best/safest solution. A good, periodic backup of a computer is also a very good idea. I try to do a backup of my primary computer at least once a week. For many here that is a lot to ask. In my case my computer is used for my work as an IT Consultant so protecting it with good virus software and a good backup are very important. These backups have also more than paid for themselves over the years when an operating system update was defective or a computer hard drive or other computer hardware failed. When it comes to computer virus protection and backups they are forms of insurance. Sooner or later you will need them. Not of a question of "IF" but of "WHEN". Do you feel lucky?
  4. As a VW enthusiast and owner for more than 40 years, I very much enjoyed the video. The video incorporated a number of VW advertising themes from over the years ("Think Small", "Not a Lemon") and is also foretelling the future. The appearance of wind turbines not once, not twice but THREE times in this video and the Beetle looking at them tells me that Volkswagen has plans to re-introduce a plug-in EV Beetle in a few years. That is not a matter of IF but of WHEN. IMHO, the reason VW used the image of the Air Cooled Beetle is simple. The Air Cooled Beetle evokes much more emotion than a modern water cooled model would and is an icon recognized by old and young alike. Don't be surprised that when VW introduces the EV Beetle they dust off images of the Air Cooled Beetle for their AD campaign like they did when the "New Beetle" was introduced in 1998.
  5. Matt, you hit the nail squarely on the head. There are many more players in the antique auto insurance market than just Hagerty and the other you mentioned. Last time I checked there were only 3 or 4 companies that actually underwrite all the policies written by all the names you mentioned. Basically they all just sell the insurance. Where the difference comes in is how they service their customers and how much of their overhead they have to add to the cost of the insurance being under written. From my viewpoint Hagerty is play catch up with some of their competition when it comes to insuring the younger antique cars (ie 1980s & 90s). Back when some of my cars were in the 25-30 year old range I requested a quote from one of the companies mentioned in this thread. They would not write a policy for them even though the cars met ALL their requirements and I have an excellent credit rating. Funny how some other companies in the industry had no problem at all writing a policy for a VERY competitive price. A few years later I approached that same company to give them a second chance at my business again and was turned down a second time. Basically that was when I wrote that company off forever. A couple of years ago I had one of my cars on the show field at Macungie. I was parked next to a very nice fella who was wearing a polo shirt with the name of that company on it. I told him the story of my experience with that company. The utterly shocked look on his face something I will not forget. He asked me if I had dealt directly with the company or through an agent of the company. After I told him I had dealt directly with the company he told me that he was not surprised and that I would not have been treated that way had I gone through an agent. Water under the bridge. I have been happy with my antique auto insurance company. They may not be one of the big names but they offer a good product at a very good price and very good service.
  6. I am guessing that the ski slopes in my area have been making LOTS of snow at night to try to keep ahead of the snow melting during the day due to the temps in the upper 40s to low-mid 50s during the past week. More of the same this coming week with temps in the mid-upper 40s and rain.
  7. Back in the day I was one of those "Computer Guys" that worked in the college computer lab. I worked for the Math Professor in charge of the lab. I was one of a couple of Lab assistants that was charged with loading the boot strap into the computer (using the toggle switches) then feeding the punch paper tape (PPT) in to complete the Operating System Loading procedure. Later the PPT was replaced by an 8" Floppy Drive with it's "massive" storage capacity of 80KB but we still had to use the toggle switches to load the boot strap. BTW, this professor wrote his own operating system for that computer. Ahh the days of the old teletype terminals before the age of video terminal. That professor got me an internship at the National Bureau of Standards (now called NIST). That was where I got to see the IBM 360 computer for the first time which took up a big part of a very large computer room. Funny how the smartphone I have now has roughly 1,500 times the amount of memory that the IBM 360 had and at under $1000 is a bargain compared to the $3.5+ million that the IBM 360 originally cost. Talk about advancing technology.
  8. Mark, GREAT list of AACA activities for 2020. I cannot remember that many activities in a year for a while now. Hopefully by the AACA Annual Convention all events through at least June will have their event information (aka the "Tri-Fold") finalized, printed and available as well as on line. I cannot stress enough how important this is to AACA members who are still working and/or have families and have to make plans FAR IN ADVANCE that this information is made available as soon as is absolutely possible. BTW, 2020 is the AACA's 85th year if my math is correct. Are any of the Nationals in 2020 doing anything special for this milestone? If so, all the more reason to get the information out as early as possible so members do not miss out. Once again many THANKS to all the Regions and Chapters hosting 2020 events. You hard work is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Looking forward to visiting some of your areas and meeting some of your members.
  9. I also have a 12VDC deep cycle battery in my trailer which is connected to the 7 way plug on my tow vehicle with a 30 amp factory fused circuit. I use the battery for my winch, the electric tongue jack, interior lights, ramp lights, wireless camera, etc. When the trailer is not in use I connect a Battery Tender to the deep cycle battery. On average the battery lasts about 7 years with this kind of use. My trailer will be 15 years old this coming spring and I will be buying another battery next spring as the current one is failing the load test I gave it recently. I have been thinking about getting a newer technology battery to replace this wet cell battery. It appears the cost of the newer tech batteries is 3+ times the cost of my current battery. Somehow I cannot see the newer tech battery lasting 2-3 times longer (ie 14-21 years).
  10. Thanks, good to know. This and other reasons are probably why Toyota is rumored to be working on a hybrid Tundra to be released around 2021. The information I have seen indicates that the capacities (Cargo, Towing & Tongue Weight) will be increased along with a SIGNIFICANT increase in MPG over the current offering. A two motor hybrid system combined with a more efficient gasoline engine should be interesting to see especially when towing. Should be interesting to see when all these trucks come out (New Tundra, Cyber Truck, EV F150, Rivian, etc) as to their ACTUAL capabilities and most of all their ACTUAL costs. Fun times ahead.
  11. Should be VERY interesting to see how Cold Weather will reduce the range on these cabs. If they lose 40-50% of their range as some owners and testing have reported, one has to wonder how well suited EV cabs will be in cold climates like NYC and Columbus. For cab companies the real question is how long will a Tesla cab last on the streets in cold weather until is needs to be charged and then how long will is be off the street (NOT earning any $$$$$) while it is charged? Most large city cabs run 24x7x365 so the amount of time an EV cab is NOT earning $$$$ will impact the vehicle's overall profitability. Tesla and other electric car batteries lose 40% of their range in extremely cold weather: AAA If you fast forward to near the end of the following video you will see that this teals owner lost 42% of his range.. This is just one of MANY videos that illustrate the range loss of Tesla vehicles in COLD weather. Then what happens when a Tesla cab has an accident and needs repairs? How long will the cab be off the road while awaiting parts and repairs and NOT earning $$$$? The thing about owning a Tesla no one talks about — nightmarish repair delays
  12. I am guessing that this "truck" will have a LOT of cameras to make up for the BLIND Spots. Will adults be able to sit in the back seat as the roof angle seems to cut into headroom pretty much. Not a lot of frontal crash area. VERY tough sell to truck guys given the 7500 lb towing capacity which is 3500 lbs less than the Rivian EV truck coming out and 5500 lbs less than some current Ford, GM and Dodge "1/2 ton" trucks.
  13. Actually I heard about this from another AACA member (not on the forum) early this year because it happened to them. In their case their transponder battery had died and they did not know it. Since the PA Turnpike removed the gates at their toll plazas it is difficult to know if the transponder battery is dead. Since I have an old transponder I was concerned myself before my towing trip to Auburn this year. FYI, using EZ-Pass I saved about $44 over the cost of the cash price for the trip $34 from the PA Turnpike and $10 from the Ohio Turnpike. The other advantage of the EZ-Pass was not having to have an extra $150 in cash to pay the tolls for this trip. Sadly, the PA Turnpike will be increasing tolls every year for the next 25 years. I think we should send Thank You letters to all the idiot politicians in Harrisburg that passed a law that requires the PA Turnpike to give PENNDOT $450 Million each year, (started in 2009) through the year 2022, and then $50 Million each year through 2057. That's about 24 BILLION dollars in funding for Non-Turnpike projects (ie PENNDOT projects) that have ZERO BENEFIT for the Turnpike and the people using it. The cost of posting mile marker signs on the PA Turnpike is a DROP in the Atlantic Ocean compared to the BILLIONS of dollars being taken from the PA Turnpike to fund PENNDOT. FYI, the PA Turnpike and PENNDOT are two totally different, independent, agencies.
  14. You should read the following article about V-Tolls on the PA Turnpike. Either your transponder is not mounted properly or it has a dead battery. Information about the $10 V-Toll
  15. Early water cooled Volkswagens had a scissor type jack that was used under 1 of the 4 jacking points under the unibody. The more they were extended the less stable they became and were not made of the strongest steel to begin with. Believe it or not some owners used these jacks when doing maintenance and/or repairs to their vehicles. These jacks were given the nickname "Widow Makers" by VW Owners. Sadly, the name is self explanatory.