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  1. I agree with others here that this was a great event. The venue was top notch. The R&M Staff were very friendly and went above and beyond especially when it came to on-site trailer parking for AACA members. I really enjoyed looking at the Auction Cars, Car Corral and Swap Meet. Having never been to a Car Auction before, the Friday auction was a new experience for me. I was somewhat surprised by what seemed to me to be somewhat lower prices that I expected for some vehicles in the auction. So glad I got to the National Auto & Truck Museum (NATMUS). While there I struck up a conversation with one of the Volunteer Staff who is a really nice guy. He offered to show me their restoration shop that is not open to museum visitors. Some of their projects that they are working on were VERY interesting. He told me about their youth program who are working on their own restoration project at the moment. The Saturday evening BBQ was impressive. A variety of tasty BBQ items, sides and a couple of choices for desert. Good food and plenty of it. Serving 700 people in 30 minutes was no small feat. Getting dinner started at 5:00 PM was appreciated by all after a long day at the show. Thanks to Steve, the AACA National staff who were there, all the local region members and everyone else who worked so hard on this Grand National . Charlie
  2. Pat it was nice to see you and your Dad at Auburn. The new hauler you and your Dad are building sounds great. I totally understand your concerns about all the time necessary to clean your truck after the long drive on the hauler. Have you and your Dad given any thought to a frame and tarp system on the new hauler to cover what you are hauling? Over the years I have seen a number of soft sided car carrier transports. Maybe a variation of something like that would work for you? Here is a company that makes coverings like I am thinking about. Maybe this might give you some ideas. Another look at their products. Charlie
  3. I bought two Deka Batteries for two of my everyday vehicles in the last couple years. The Deka Plant is only a couple miles from where I work and they offer a good discount for battery "Seconds". One has the conventional pry-off rectangular plugs which is easy to fill with distilled water when necessary. The other has what appears to be round, smooth, flat plugs that are flush with the top of the battery's surface. There is no way to easily pry/remove them. I like the T handle screw tool you made but I am wondering how thick these plugs are? How far into the plug do you turn the screw without putting a hole all the way through the plug? Would not want to make a hole all the way through then be leaking battery water/acid out. Thanks, Charlie
  4. It would probably be a very good idea to bring a chair for the concert. With so many people planning to attend (see Steve's prior post above) I do not see how Auction Park could provide seating. I am planning on bringing my chair for the Concert. With so many people going it will most likely have to held outside on the blacktop parking lot. Saw today (Thursday) where the Saturday night dinner will be held. No need to bring my chair for that event.
  5. I have not received a reply as of now. The email I have from May 10th only mentions the survey closing at midnight on May 12th. No other dates regarding a reply were mentioned.
  6. Mark, Thanks for the reply. I was just passing on the frustration and concerns of fellow AACA members who do not use the forums as I thought they needed to be heard. Thanks for listening. I am not sure about Carlisle productions but some automotive events companies I do know of tend to keep their events on the same weekends year after year to keep it simple for their long time attendees. It is my impression that Carlisle is one of them although I could be mistaken. From what I understand the AACA and Carlisle have a good relationship. Maybe next time an AACA National or Grand National is being planned with so many hours of Carlisle the V.P. of National Activities could give Carlisle a call or send an email asking about their future schedule to prevent a conflict??? This might be a good policy to add to the V.P. of National Activities playbook for the future?? With all due respect, your suggestion about pulling out of Carlisle going to Allentown and going back to Carlisle is not very practical and may not be possible depending on Carlisle's policies. A few years back one of my cars was invited to a Carlisle event. They expected my car to be on-site from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. This was for a special exhibit so the policy might be different for a show field event. Thanks again for listening. I will pass along your suggestion but I think I know what the response will be. Hopefully they will not shoot the messenger LOL. Hope to see you at Auburn this weekend. Looking forward to a Great event. Charlie
  7. Got to Auburn earlier this evening. For those using the Ohio Turnpike be advise that there are a number of construction areas. Sometime 3 lanes go to 2 and sometimes to 1 (each way). For those pulling a trailer read the signs carefully. In many construction areas trucks are LEFT LANE ONLY due to those lanes being wider. Most of these construction lanes are not extremely bumpy or uneven. Still keep an eye out. Have not been on the Ohio Turnpike over 12 years. The service plazas are very nice and appear new. Refueling a tow vehicle pulling a trailer is very easy using the truck/trailer pumps NOT the car fuel pumps. The truck side of the plazas has covered pump areas that sell diesel or gasoline (just look for the signs so you get to the correct island). When it comes to gasoline, Ohio must have a less expensive gasoline tax since gas on the Ohio Turnpike was 30 cents/gallon less than the PA Turnpike.
  8. I too received the trailer parking pass in the mail with the info & map. Usually tickets for the awards dinner and other events at a National that need tickets are in the packet show car owners pickup at registration.
  9. Mark, I was speaking to a fellow AACA Member last night that has a Top Notch Grand National vehicle. When I asked him if he was bringing his car to the 2020 Grand National in Allentown, PA he said he thinks that this Grand National is the same weekend as a brand specific event at Carlisle. He also made the comment that he wished AACA Events would check to see if other regional events are going to be held the same weekend as a proposed AACA Event. He would like to come to the Grand, is frustrated about the date conflict and will probably go to the other event along with at least one other AACA Member who could also go to the 2020 GN. I realize that AACA events are planned a couple years in advance and that many things go into planning a National event. It can also be a challenge to try to avoid a date conflict with another regional car event. However, in the case of some regional events (aka Carlisle events) some of them tend to have a fairly predictable schedule from year to year which a proposed AACA event could determine and avoid. Maybe AACA Nationals already take the dates of other regional events into consideration before picking a date. If not, maybe they should whenever possible??? If attendance of Chryslers at the 2020 Grand National is down next year you can probably guess that the event at Carlisle had something to do with it. Just something to consider and some food for thought.
  10. Thanks for the update. Great numbers. Sure glad I have my ticket for the BBQ! Really looking forward to my first visit to Auburn, R&M, the automotive museums, seeing old friend and making new ones. Safe travels everyone!
  11. Just curious, what was the final count of vehicles registers for the 2019 Grand National? Are there a few cars that got their Senior at Charlotte that are coming to The Grand?
  12. Maybe someday Sailun will make 15 inch tires for those of use that need them. Until then I guess I will keep buying Maxxis Trailer Tires.
  13. Totally understand about protecting a company's proprietary info & plans from a business point of view. I for one, would consider signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement as a condition of getting a part made. Such agreements are not unusual in the automotive industry and other professions. Been there, done that.
  14. I was only able to upload one image per question. Would have been MUCH more helpful had Survey Monkey allowed multiple images per question. One image per question was simply TOO limiting when trying to convey enough information. Hopefully they fix the image limitation before the next round of questions.