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  1. If you ever need a 12 volt portable refrigerator/freezer let me know. I bought one several months ago and it works great. Even inside a hot car trailer it keeps my beverages ICE COLD. Also comes in handy when the power goes off at the house.
  2. A few years after buying my Toyota Tundra I started getting letters and phone calls from my Toyota dealer telling me that due to "High Demand" they were looking for pre-owned Tundras X% over book value and throw a number at me. That number was interesting even though I knew it was a sales tactic/ploy/game. Finally one day when the dealer called with the pitch I took the call. I told them if they needed my Tundra so badly I would be come to their dealership that afternoon and I would be happy to give them the keys to my truck for the keys to a brand new Tundra. Even up swap, no cash at all cha
  3. FYI regarding making Hotel Reservations at the Wyndham. When I called them on Saturday afternoon to book a room I was told the hotel was full on the Friday night of the National. Apparently the person I was speaking to was not aware of how to book a room for someone using a block of rooms for an organization like AACA. Finally she asked another person for help and put her on the phone. That woman was working Friday evening when the first reservation for the AACA block came in and had figured out how to book the room. I asked this woman to please pass this knowledge along so other AACA members
  4. Steve, Thank You for answering my questions in my previous post in this thread. Your answers in bold at the end of each question were a bit of a surprise (because it looks like I answered my own questions although I have been know to talk to myself occasionally) but given your extremely busy schedule and your moderator abilities on the forum that made the most sense to quickly address my questions. Thanks Again. Charlie
  5. Sorry not from Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia or any other of those oftentimes questionable sources for Accurate, Factual and most of all Truthful information. The 1000s and 1000s come from personally helping run, judging and attending VW events for close to 25 years now and seeing the cars and their drivers in person. So I guess you could say it is anecdotal. I do however have a few very large computer hard drives with photos from these events and well as other storage media before I bought the hard drives. Some might call that anecdotal as well unless one wants to take the time to
  6. Steve, A few questions for you that might help fill in a few gaps in information about this Special Nationals. 1) You mention in your post about all judges following specific instructions to transfer their registration to Gettysburg. Maybe I missed it but I did not see any special instructions in the email or the attachments that came with it. Are judges that want to transfer their Hershey judge's registration simply to contact the Chief Judge and request the transfer? Yes 2) Will the Special National be like the Grand National when it comes to spectators. ie the eve
  7. I sure hope all of the 1000s and 1000s of young enthusiasts I have seen over the years do have their driver's licenses then. I appreciate your anecdotal evidence to your support opinion. I have only to point to my oldest nephew and ALL his friends who got their licenses without a long delay. Same goes for my other nephew and ALL his friends (different nephews in different states). Then there is my niece who has been saying since she was 14 she will have her permit when she turns 16 (now about 8 months away) and her license soon after that. She also has hinted from time to time how
  8. With regards to the automobile not being coveted by youth or "Apathy" some here might be interested to know that at least for some brands that is not the case AT ALL. For example, for close to 20 YEARS there has been a Volkswagen Car Event that has attracted MORE cars than Fall Hershey and these cars are water cooled VWs (from the 1980s to current) the vast majority that are owned by people under the age of 35? The majority of these cars are modified and are daily drivers. The passion, knowledge and love these owners have for their cars should NOT be Underestimated, Discounted or l
  9. People should really read the posting from Steve M. on this topic Is the Oct 10 Car Show Now Canceled
  10. FYI..... "Of the approximately 33 million acres of forest in California, federal agencies (including the USDA Forest Service and USDI Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service) own and manage 19 million acres (57%). State and local agencies including CalFire, local open space, park and water districts and land trusts own another 3%. 40% of California's forestland is owned by families, Native American tribes, or companies. Industrial timber companies own 5 million acres (14%). 9 million acres are owned by individuals with nearly 90% of these owners having less than 50 acr
  11. I have to wonder what happens if they cannot find a replacement part and there is no substitute then what? Does that fall under the "best effort" clause in their contract which means "we tried, sorry we could not find a replacement part and we're keeping your money, best of luck"? That clause is used by many 3rd party companies that offer maintenance contracts on computer equipment that has reached end of life with the original manufacturer. "Best Effort" is their out to avoid legal problems. Do they also state they will pay a specified amount/hour for labor to do
  12. I am hoping that Sherri's Crab Cakes will be selling their crab cake sandwiches at the Car Show on Saturday. Would be nice to see them there on Friday afternoon also since people will have to eat lunch before the Seminar, Judging School and CJEs. I have had their crab cake sandwiches every year that I have gone to Fall Hershey since they started coming there. It is kind of a Fall Hershey tradition. I sure hope that tradition continues this year. BTW, Steve M. do you have an update on and details about the Friday night BBQ? Charlie
  13. Pat, My Condolences, Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family. I consider myself lucky to have spoken with your Dad and you at several AACA Meets over the years. For some reason the three of us usually crossed paths at the various meet hotel parking lots and trailer parking areas. (2018 Greensburg and 2019 Auburn to name a couple). Your Dad was always willing to answer questions about your fire truck and tell stories about how the two of you restored it or did some really interesting modifications to your hauler vehicles. I will both remember and miss those parking lot conversa
  14. Many public transportation agencies across the United States use hybrid and alternative fuel busses in their fleets and have done so for MANY YEARS. I see the local bus company's hybrid busses at least a few times a week every week on the bus route in my area so their existence is something that one cannot deny no matter how hard one tries to.
  15. Yes, this technology is interesting. Actually, the city I live near here in Eastern Pennsylvania used a few fuel cell busses in their fleet from the early 1990s until 2005. Back in 1996 the Summer Olympics in Atlanta borrowed all these busses to use during the Olympics. After 2005 they went with hybrid busses (diesel/electric) which I still see the more current versions of these busses on the roads around here these days. Basically, someday is now and has been for almost 30 years, at least where I live. Charlie
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