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  1. Kerry & Bill, You saved me a lot of extra typing with your posts. I too have fitted California Car Covers for two of my cars. The first one my brother bought for me as a gift for being is Best Man at his wedding. Talk about a useful and thoughtful gift for a car guy. The 2nd I bought years ago at the Fall Hershey Flea Market. Got a very nice discount from the vendor. 4-6 weeks later (they are custom made) it arrived. Both covers have been in service for many years now. BTW Kerry, I think you and I both went to the same school for how to fold a car cover. 😁
  2. I suppose it depends on one's definition of "success" when talking about the Chevy Vega. The following article has a different take on the Vega which is more in line with Everyone I knew that owned the vehicle back in the day. The Vega: An unmitigated disaster Especially interesting (and so sad) was that the first Vega prototype Literally FELL APART after only 8 MILES at the GM test track. Car & Driver's take on the Vega in this article is worth reading.
  3. A couple of times/month I come across modified diesel pickups driven by these ***holes. Gets old real fast when I have to close the windows, sunroof and put the ventilation on recirculate when they spew a cloud of black soot and I'm 100-200+ feet behind them. I have to wonder if these fellas would mind if I mounted a couple of sidewinder missiles on my truck. 😉 😁
  4. The first computer system I used and later was an Admin on was the PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations) Computer System. PLATO was designed and built by the University of Illinois in 1960 and initially ran on the University of Illinois' ILLIAC I computer. It later moved to the CDC 1604 and finally the CDC 6000 series mainframes. Many modern concepts in multi-user computing were originally developed on PLATO, including forums, message boards, online testing, e-mail, chat rooms, picture languages, instant messaging, remote screen sharing, and multiplayer video games. Many o
  5. Back in 2019 when I went to Auburn I stayed at the Days Inn by Wyndham Auburn. Not real fancy, just a good, clean, hotel. The free breakfast was typical for hotel like this so have reasonable expectations. Best part was it was just a very few miles from Auburn Auction Park and a lot of the museums, etc in Auburn. The staff there were really great and the price was VERY reasonable. The main building does have two floors and I don't remember that they had an elevator. The parking lot is not huge but there are areas in the lot and an area in the front of the building where you could park a car t
  6. Also, keep an eye out for wildlife in this rural area. A few deer look before crossing the road but most do not. 😁 If they are doing a test and tune that day also keep an eye on the racing trailers on the back roads.
  7. FYI, It has been reported that the ship is fully loaded with 20,000 containers. That's an awfully large number to offload no matter how you do it.
  8. You fellas really need to start reading some of the other forums..... 😄 2021 Annual Convention
  9. Thank You Very Much for posting all the photos. I especially enjoyed seeing the Volkswagen Golf GTis. Hard to believe they are almost 35 years old now.
  10. Tim, Thank You Very Much. I guess it comes down to: a) I need new glasses b) It was right under my nose and I looked right at it c) I used a link that connected me to an old version of the list d) The South Carolina Region information was added after I looked at the page. I am thinking the answer is most likely B. 🤣 Thanks Again.
  11. Mark, any updates on when information about this National may be posted? BTW, when I checked the list of Chapters & Regions on the AACA website I cannot seem to find a region listed under the state of South Carolina with the name "South Carolina Region" or a region located in Greenville, SC. Is this region listed on the AACA website under a different name? Any email addresses for the chairman or registration chair? Thanks...
  12. I wash my vehicles in the shade using a mitt, bucket, car soap & dry with a chamois. I have an adjustable hose nozzle that has a gentle stream setting. The vehicles that fit in my garage get waxed in there. My truck gets waxed outside since it doesn't fit in the garage. I also make a point to wax the roof of my truck and the top of the bed cap when I wax the rest of the vehicle. Waxing usually happens in the spring & fall if I'm lucky. Some people give me the oddest looks when I wax the roof (using a step ladder or the tailgate) but I could care less. I'm not the one with faded, cra
  13. It is my understanding that Texas is the state with the MOST oil refineries (47) of any state in the USA. Given that state's power and water issues due to that storm, I would imagine that more than just one of those refineries was taken off line. This, no doubt, has had an impact on fuel prices along with increase demand. Now back to the topic at hand..... My 36 year old Driver Participation Class vehicle is in need of a whole bunch of maintenance parts. If I can get them installed before the National in upstate New York in June I might be driving that vehicle to this
  14. My brother and I visited the museum about 14 years ago when the AACA had a Grand National there. We really enjoyed the museum and the Grand National. I think it is time for the AACA to have another Grand National there. How about it Mark & Steve??? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Is there an open slot in 2023 or 2025?
  15. Ok, south of there over the state line then. That location could accommodate WELL more than the usual banquet attendance number (based on 50% capacity restrictions currently in place in that state) AND provide housing as well. Availability might be the big question. Your turn to guess now Steve 😁
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