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  1. The Tri-Fold for "The Grand" lists the deadline as "Postmarked by May 10, 2019" unless this has changed.
  2. Very interesting vehicle. One thing the article appears to fails to mention is that this is a "CONCEPT" vehicle and VW has not actually officially announced any intention to actually move forward with PRODUCTION.. Speaking of VW Concept vehicles here are more interesting possibilities. VW Electric Concepts Should be interesting to see which concept vehicles make it to production, what they actually look like as production vehicles, their range, options and cost. Interesting times ahead for VW and all automakers
  3. A google search reveals that Tesla has changed their refund policy a few times with some VERY SHORT return times. One has to wonder how long the current policy of 7 days or 1000 miles will remain in force. Here is one report regarding refunds, seems there is trouble in paradise. Tesla customers describe maddening problems with returns and refunds Waiting 1-2+ months for a refund would be an issue for me and most people I know. A bank loan would further complicate a refund when Tesla drags their feet with a refund and potentially cost the customer interest on a loan for a car that was returned. I do not know about other people but I also use test drives of vehicles to evaluate options and features on a vehicle. During those test drives I finalize what options work for me and what options do not. An on-line sales model simply cannot do that and a 1 week return policy would not help with that. Back to the original post "Is Tesla Tanking" theme.....One person's thoughts but still interesting information and take on Tesla.... Tesla: The Master Plan Begins To Unravel
  4. Maybe it is just me, but I would NEVER buy a new vehicle without seeing it in person and taking a test drive. How could one do this if it is sold online-only? Also, how is eliminating sales staff going to save Tesla money when they are hiring so many technicians to service their cars and cut down on the long wait times for service? Then there are the fines for all their safety violations at their factory in California (highest in the auto industry according to some reports). Seems Tesla faces a number of financial and business challenges ahead. Time will tell how this all works out.
  5. Steve, if the board has not already done so they might consider reaching out to current AACA members who are working or have worked in the Hotel/Banquet industry. My father ran a few Hotel/Banquet operations in the over 50 years he worked in that industry. Someone with experience in that industry will have insights into this situation and could be very valuable in establishing a policy & procedure for regions to follow when evaluating a Hotel/Banquet operation. Also, when a region is deciding on a host hotel, do members of the region have the banquet facility "audition" for the job? IE does the hotel prepare each of the menu items to be served at the banquet for a select group of region members to taste test? If regions are not doing this maybe an "audition" should be a prerequisite before an agreement is signed for banquet services? Many years ago when my sister got married our Father had the final one or two banquet operations "audition" for the job. Needless to say, the one that hosted my sister's wedding reception earned it. If the suggestions above are already being done that is great. If not maybe the Board should consider them. FYI, I just sent in my show registration for Auburn this year. I am looking forward to the Banquet and all the events and museums. Charlie
  6. So sorry to see your post about your trailer tire problems. Any idea as to the cause of the tire failures? (ie debris on the road puncturing the tires, etc) I lost a trailer tire on my way to Hershey one year thanks to debris slashing the sidewall of the tire. I did not even know I lost that tire until I stopped for a periodic trailer check about 7 miles into my trip. BTW, are you using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your trailer tires? I am looking at systems for my car trailer that monitors tire pressure and temperature. I think it is time for me to invest in a system before my 1,200 mile round trip to Auburn this year. Also, does your ATC trailer have a street side escape door with the removable fender/wheel well? I have always wondered how these removable fender/wheel wells hold up in the event of a tire situation like you encountered.
  7. charlier

    New tires

    FYI, the National in October is a regular National event and not a Grand National event. There is only one Grand National per year. October 23-26, 2019 - Southeastern Fall National - Deep South Region - Mobile, AL If you want to attend a Grand National event you need to go to Auburn, IN as 61polara mentioned. May 30 - June 1, 2019 - AACA Annual Grand National - Auburn, IN. Charlie
  8. Tesla had better start looking in their rear view mirror as they may be getting past/left in the dust when it comes to a EV Pickup Truck. Rivian EV Truck Also appears the CEO of this company is surrounding himself with people who have EXPERIENCE BUILDING VEHICLES (unlike Tesla). Up to 230+ to 400+ mile range. 1,764 lbs Payload, 11,000 lbs Towing Capacity, 0-60 in 3 seconds, 750 HP with 4 motors, MSRP $69,000 (before Tax rebate) Production scheduled to begin in 2020. Rivian Truck and SUV Should be interesting to see if Rivian gives Tesla a run for their money in the Pickup Truck and SUV segments. Time will tell I suppose.
  9. MIke, You're welcome. I hope you get to the bottom of your bouncing issue. When you arrive at a solution please post your findings here in this thread so the knowledge you learn solving this problem might be shared with and benefit others. Charlie
  10. Before having the shocks replaced on your truck I would consider doing the following if you have not already done so. First, borrow or rent a trailer tongue scale or go to a local CAT Scale and weigh the tongue of your fully loaded trailer. If the tongue weight of your trailer that you posted above is the actual weight that is one thing. Travel trailers sometimes get heavier over time (like some of us people do). Every so often it is a good idea to weigh one's trailer. Second, Have you put more cargo (weight) in the bed of your truck when towing in recent years? Have you added additional batteries or propane bottles on the tongue? That can have an impact how well your WD hitch is working as well. Third, when was the last time that you reviewed and checked the setup of your WD hitch? How to Setup the Equalizer Weight Distributing Hitch I have found that this can be more than a little work but it may be worth it. Last year I found that the Straight Line Hitch with Dual Cam Sway Control that I use on my car trailer needed to be adjusted after the Gettysburg Meet. Believe it or not some WD hitches need to be checked and adjusted especially after years of use. If you go through all this and decide to replace the shock on your truck be sure to check and replace both the Front and Rear shocks if they need it. Just because you feel bouncing at the hitch that does not mean that the front shocks are okay. Once you find a solution, please be sure to come back to this thread and post how you solved your problem.
  11. If one is to believe one well known USA Antique Auto Insurance company's "Valuation Tool", it appears that the value of some 1980s cars are rising at a rate that would SHOCK some here who think of them as just "used cars". Me, I am not surprised since I own a few vehicles from this era and I have seen their values increasing every year like clockwork for the last 10-15 years (either by the valuation tool I mentioned or my insurance company's yearly increase in the value of vehicles on my policy). As time goes on and these vehicles get older their value increases may slow down but both now and in the end they will be fairly valuable "used cars".
  12. I saw a video made recently by a Tesla Model 3 owner living in the upper midwest during the very cold weather (-21 degrees). His vehicle is parked outside all the time. He started charging the batteries an hour or two before he left the house which "preheated" the batteries and set the climate control to 78 degrees while it was connected to the charger. His speed was not limited. He ran the heat at 70 degrees and 3 bars on the seat heat. He said he normally does not run the heater (just uses the seat heaters) but it was so cold out he had to run the heat because the windows were freezing up. He drove 27 actual miles . He lost 45 percent of his range due to the cold. Other reports from Tesla Model 3 owners show a loss of 33 to 50% loss of range in cold weather. Interesting to note the steering in his car was stiff and did not improve during his drive due to the fact that the steering rack never warmed up because there was no engine heat. Another key thing to remember is that in cold weather EVs like the Tesla charge MUCH SLOWER in order to protect the life of the batteries. Given the range decrease due to cold temperatures and the MUCH longer charging time one has to wonder about the impact of these factors on a Tesla Semi. Truckstops and carrier yards do not have garages for their Semis so a Tesla Semi is going to have to deal with the cold. Unless, all the companies paying BIG bucks to Tesla to reserve a Semi are only going to use them in warm climates.
  13. Applying an EV Road Usage Tax during the charging process from charging locations around the country and an EV Owner's home would be costly and cumbersome. It would not be that difficult to come up with a mathematical equation using mileage and/or the total amount of electricity used to charge an EV over a period of time to figure out a Road Usage tax mount to levy against an EV and its owner. Getting this information directly from the EV simplifies the collection process and increases accuracy. I do not see how this data would be a privacy issue because this and a LOT MORE DATA is already being collected by at least some EV manufacturers. For some manufacturers, the data they are collecting NOW is projected to be worth HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars a YEAR at some point. The Amazing Ways Tesla is Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  14. Actually most people are probably not aware that Goodyear was, in fact, manufacturing the Marathon Trailer tire in USA in 2010. I should know because I purchased 5 of them for my trailer in early April of 2010. All 5 of the tires were manufactured in the USA in early March of 2010. If you look closely at Photo #3 it shows "Made in USA". Photo #5 shows the tire was manufactured in week 9 of 2010 which is the first week of March 2010. I am not sure when Goodyear stopped manufacturing the 15" Marathon tire in the USA but back in 2010 they were being made here. I also know that even though these tires were ALWAYS properly inflated and ALWAYS covered when not being used they lasted 3.5 years before they had to be replaced and Goodyear was no help what-so-ever. That left a bad taste in my mouth when Goodyear would not stand behind their tires. Interesting to note the original tires that came on my trailer from the factory were made in China and I had ZERO problems with them for 5 years before I replaced them due to age. After the Goodyear tires I bought the Maxxis Trailer Tires (ST205/75R-15, M8008, Load Range D) and have had ZERO problems with them either. Charlie
  15. You are not the only customer Sailun is losing by not making a 15" trailer tire. Sadly, I guess they feel there is not enough of a market for 15" trailer tires to justify them making that size. Too bad, their tires look very good but their 16" tires are simply TOO BIG for my trailer. I guess I will be buying another set of Maxxis Trailer Tires when the time comes. After my last set of American Made, Goodyear Marathon tires there is no way I am buying them again.