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  1. Matt, Thanks for starting this annual thread. It is so nice to be able to go to one spot to find out where everyone will be and when. As usual, I will be walking the fields all day Thursday & Friday with friends looking for Parts & Literature, visiting with friends and making new ones. Saturday I will have my DPC car on the show field along with visiting with friends and making new ones.
  2. John, I agree 110%. When it does get closer the BEST forecast I have found is Weather Underground Forecast for Hershey, PA. Weather Underground (WU) has been VERY accurate consistently when it comes to forecasts. I was at both Auburn and Parsippany this year and their forecast was DEAD ON Correct. They called the storm that came through Auburn the Saturday Evening of the GN and the storm in Parsippany around 5 pm that Saturday of the National. BTW, last year my friends and I walked the fields on Thursday in the rain. Actually good memories. I bought one of the Hershey Region Umbrellas (VERY reasonable cost) and it work well. Still have it and will bring it with me this year.
  3. Click here for the 2019 Fall Hershey Maps from the Hershey Region Web Site
  4. Spent yesterday afternoon working on my DPC car that is coming to Fall Hershey. Looks like it will have to get finished this Friday as it needs at least one exhaust system part that I did not have. Oh how I love doing exhaust work the old school way in my garage at home with just a floor jack and jack stands, laying on the ground. 😉
  5. I have seen a few clubs that have tents in the flea market area where their members gather periodically throughout the Fall Meet. Maybe when these clubs are not actively using their tents and chairs they could make them available to people who need a place to sit down for a spell. A simple sign of some sort to let people needing to sit a spell know that the tent and chairs are currently available for use. It also might be a way for that club to recruit new members. AACA National and/or Hershey Region might also consider sponsoring a few tents scattered around the flea market fields or one on/near the show field. Who knows, tents like this might be a good way to recruit new members or make it possible for current members to continue to enjoy the Hershey experience without having to rent a personal mobility device or simply stop coming to Hershey all-together. If new tents are a cost concern what about slightly larger tents for existing locations that can support them space wise? Maybe just adding a few chairs and a sign ("Sit & Rest a Spell") to the existing tents or re purposing the space inside current tents to make room for some chairs? The Hershey Region refreshment tents, the Fall Hershey Program Tents, the AACA Membership renewal tent, the registration packet pickup tent, etc. Obviously, the area around some existing tents might not allow a larger tent or some of these tents may not have any extra space for a few chairs. Something is definitely needed near the show field for Saturday. Maybe next year a tent somewhere around the New AACA Headquarters space permitting? Heck, if 1 or 2 of the garages at the New HQ are empty around Fall Hershey (yes, wishful thinking, I know) some chairs and possibly some tables might work in there. Something for Hershey Region and AACA National to discuss for next year. Just my .02
  6. Do not know about the 70s stuff but I am not seeing anyone save/store/horde much in the way of NOS or even used 80s stuff. If one is trying to restore a vehicle from the early to mid 1980s (or just trying to keep one on the road) finding parts can be a HUGE challenge. Depending on the brand and model, many of these cars disappeared from junkyards in the mid 1990s. That was also about the time that some manufacturers crushed/destroyed the NOS part inventories they had in their warehouses for these vehicles. They also took steps to prevent their OEMs from continuing to make these parts and sell them. There are no third parties making parts for these vehicles either. When it comes to basic, maintenance parts those are still available but in some cases their quality stinks and they do not last. If you need body parts or interior parts or some other non maintenance part get ready for a long search and be prepared to spend whatever it takes IF you find the part. I guess if I need extra money or something to do when I retire I may just sell some of the spare parts I have.
  7. Sometimes they are younger bits in that one box as well..... 😁 Given that all my old vehicles are in the 30-40 year old range there are seldom any vendors at Hershey with parts for my vehicles. Over the years it is these boxes of orphan parts that once in a great while contain the Easter Eggs I hunt for every year. I walk the flea market fields with friends who sometimes see things I miss and vice versa. For us, it is all about the hunt for parts and spending time together. 😁
  8. For me, Hershey is about walking the fields & Car Corral with friends on Thursday & Friday looking for "Easter Eggs" while visiting other friends with spaces there. Every couple of years I find an Easter Egg which is a pleasant surprise but I never count on it. Then Saturday at the show I usually see some more friends. Come to think of it, this year is about time I find another egg, I mean part. Next year we will have to make time to tour the new AACA Headquarters during Hershey week as well. Charlie
  9. Victoria, so very sorry to see about your father's passing. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  10. You're welcome & Thanks for listening. Sadly most people do not listen then ask me to perform a miraculous restore of their computer without a backup. Regarding Windows 7 End of Life: January 14, 2020 is the date you are looking for. Click here for more information about Windows 7 End of Life FYI, if you are looking for a top notch PC backup software solution take a look at Acronis True Image 2019 Backup Not cheap at around $50 but CHEAP insurance if you have a hard drive die or other issue. I have used this product for years on Windows XP, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 10 Professional. This software is different in that it backs up ALL the contents of your PC's hard drive (ie programs, files, photos and the Windows operating system you are running along with ALL it's settings). Over the years I have had a few PC hard drives die on me. This software made recovery as easy as replacing the hard drive, start the Acronis restore and come back in an hour or two and it's done. If you do look at this software BE SURE to get the PERPETUAL LICENSE which means the software is your FOREVER. They have another version of it that costs $49 per year, EVERY year (damn "subscription" crap, that I detest) Currently I use this software along with an external hard drive to backup my Win 10 Pro Notebook PC. Acronis has a "Cloud" option but I don't trust "Cloud" storage when it comes to keeping my data secure. Charlie
  11. I agree 100% with Marty regarding the 8.5' wide trailer and an escape door. Another advantage to the 8.5' wide trailer is the increased clearance between the interior wheel wells. It might like sound like much but if the vehicles you intend to tow have a wide axle track you will appreciate the extra clearance. These two items will also help when it comes time to sell the trailer. Speaking of axle track if the vehicles you intend to tow have same or similar axle tracks you might consider E-Track for tie down of the the vehicle in addition to traditional "D" Rings. E-Track and four sets of straps and/or wheel baskets are SO MUCH easier and secure than "D" rings and cross straps IMHO. If you decide to go with E-Track you have two options. Recessed in the trailer floor or on top of the trailer floor. Recessed E-Track has to be done when the trailer is built and may or may not be more expensive than surface mount E-Track. Surface mount E-Track can get slippery when it is wet. In either case it is VERY important that the E-Track be bolted or welded to the frame cross-members in the trailer floor. I had the trailer dealer add surface mount E-Track to my trailer after it was built. I specified Stainless Steel hardware bolted to the frame cross-members and 14+ years later that hardware show NO signs of rust. If you decide to go with just "D" rings for tie down be absolutely sure the manufacturer anchors all the "D" rings to the frame of the trailer. Believe it or not, there are still a very few trailer makers that do not do this. I also agree with Marty and others that lighting for a trailer is very important. If the trailer you are considering has wood walls I strongly suggest you paint them White after using a good primer. White trailer walls make a HUGE difference when it comes to light inside the trailer. My trailer started with 2 round ceiling lights from the factory. A few years ago I installed 4, 20' strips of LED lights on the ceiling of the trailer with each set on one light switch (for about $30). These strips do not draw all that much power from the trailer battery. (see photo below). Speaking of lighting years ago I installed ramp door lights on the back of my trailer and connected them to a multi purpose remote control (see photo below). These lights make load/unloading vehicles in the dark much easier and also help illuminate when backing up my trailer in the dark. Since I mentioned backing up you might consider a camera on the rear of you trailer at some point (see photo below). I found an excellent wireless camera that has served me well for years and helped me see directly behind my trailer when backing up. Regarding backing up you might also consider adding a back-up beeper to the rear of your trailer. I have one that is used on construction equipment wired to a switch. A few years ago I was backing up at a gas station when a woman walked behind my trailer. Even with the beeper WAILING she continued walking. Had it not been for the camera I would have hit her. I can only surmise this woman was hearing impaired since my back-up beeper is over 100+ decibels. I have included some photos of some of my trailer mods. When it comes to spare tires you should always carry a minimum of two spare tires. As you can see from my photos I have them mounted to the rear walls (anchored into the vertical steel wall studs). That helps with weight distribution and keeps them out of the way until they are needed. FYI, the yellow device next to the spare tire in the one photo is a "Trailer Aid" used for changing flat trailer tires. Some guys use pieces of wood for changing flats. This devices makes changing tires E-A-S-Y, is MUCH lighter than wood and easier to use and it is not that expensive. Another item worth consider in a good winch. As you can see my winch is mounted so it can be removed when necessary. Using a winch to load and unload a vehicle is considered by some people to be safer than driving a vehicle into/out of a trailer. Winches also make is much easier to poisition the vehicle in the trailer IMHO. If I could do something differently, I would NOT have located my trailer battery in the front of the trailer. I would have located it in the rear of the trailer behind the wheel wells. Putting a trailer battery in the front of the trailer adds 50-60+ pounds of tongue weight that could easily be avoided by locating it in the rear. BTW, swimming pool noodles are a good way to cushion areas when car doors might come into contact with trailer walls (see photo below). Sorry for the long post but I hope this helps. Charlie
  12. Most of all make SURE you are using a good virus protection program. Remember in most cases when it comes to virus and malware protection you get what you pay for (ie "free" is free for a reason which is usually not as good as a paid version with more features and better coding and support). Norton/Symantec or McAfee are good products for virus and malware protection some others are not as good. The best products are ones that receive constant updates, use real time scanning of files, web sites etc. prevent problems BEFORE they occur and do not slow down your computer. One of my IT clients uses Symantec for their business and I use McAfee for my personal systems so I have seen both of these in action, firsthand. Malwarebytes (paid version) is very good for malware protection but not really designed to do anything else (ie virus protection). The other elephant in the room here is Backing up one's PC. When was the last time you backed up your PC (Operating System, programs and files)? When it comes to backups, it is a matter of WHEN not IF you will need one. A backup is cheap insurance when it comes to a hard drive failure, PC system failure, Ransomeware attack, etc. I know of one VERY well known Corporation that recently learned the very hard way about this and paid a steep price both financially and with their customer relationships. Bottom line, if you have information on your home computer that you cannot afford to lose talk to your computer guy (if you have one) and start doing backups.
  13. I believe that when the 50th Anniversary BCA event was held at Mr Bulgari's "NB Center for American Automotive History", the trailer parking for that event was a few blocks away at the baseball stadium that is the home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs minor league baseball team. I am told back then the team was playing on the road so the trailers used the parking lot at their stadium. I cannot speak for the 2020 Grand National's trailer parking but I would think this location might be an option as well if the team is playing on the road the weekend the 2020 GN is held. No doubt Steve M will discuss the trailer parking situation once that has been locked in/finalized.
  14. I have used Gas Buddy for over 11 years now. Let me just say that in the last few years that data provided by Gas Buddy can be highly suspect and should be taken with a truckload of salt.
  15. Thanks Matt. Sheetz is building a brand new station near me. Will be interesting to see if they do this there. I really hope the new Sheetz sells E-0 instead but I doubt they will even though the local WAWAs are selling it with no competition and fairly good demand. The WAWA E-0 is 89 octane and is only 10 cents more than the E-10 89 octane.