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  1. charlier

    ALMOST New Mustang sells for $500,000.00

    It appears that yet another person has more Dollars than (common) Sense. Car auctions tend to attract at least a few bidders like that. I often wonder what percentage of TV Car auctions are actually finalized versus cancelled after the TV cameras are shut off.
  2. charlier

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    I think it is probably time for you to find another shop that you can TRUST to do the work on your wife's car. The shop you described would not appear to meet that criteria. When my old cars were much newer I used to take them to the local dealer. Over time, personnel in the service department came and went and in most cases the knowledge required to fix my cars left with them. At one point I sat down with the service manager as asked him point blank who in his shop had the knowledge and experience to work on my cars (which were then 10-15 years old). His honest answer was that he did not have anyone. That is when I found a small, independent, family owned shop (through word of mouth) that specialized in my brand of vehicle to work on my cars. They had personnel that formerly worked at dealerships and had left them for various reasons. This shop too has had personnel turnover but has continued to hire people with knowledge and experience with both older and newer vehicles. When I cannot fix something or do not want to deal with a problem I could fix I take my old vehicles to them. One thing to keep in mind with dealerships is that they are always having their technicians TRAINED on NEW VEHICLES. They DO NOT spend the time and money to train new service techs on OLD MODELS. Therefore, if the service department does not retain people who were trained on older models, their people may have difficulty servicing those older models. Sadly, friends of mine who are techs in dealerships all tell me the same thing. The are finding that most new techs of a certain age that they work with have real problem solving skill issues. IE, if the diagnostic equipment cannot tell them exactly what is wrong with a vehicle they really struggle with fixing it. Usually that means my friends end up fixing the vehicle since they have more experience and better problem solving skills. Speaking about timing belts on interference engines... With a low mileage car such as your wife's the timing belt maintenance is ALL ABOUT THE AGE and NOT about the MILES. From your post it appears you know that. One of my cars that is 32 years old has an interference engine and it's timing belt is always changed based on time and not miles. The last time it was changed I went longer than normally scheduled (I forgot). Lucky for me I didn't pay a heavy price. When the belt was changed the technician told me I was VERY Lucky as he handed my old belt tensioner to me. As I spun that tensioner in my hands I noticed that it was not moving as freely as it should have and that it was on it's the way to failing. Needless to say I will stay on schedule from now on. Steve M. brings up some good points in his post. While I have personally found that some car dealer service departments over they years did not deserve my trust I can say the same about a few independent shops as well. I also agree with Steve in that some independent shops can struggle keeping up with the new car repair technology. As automakers make the repair of their vehicles more and more proprietary, independent shops may face being locked out of accessing a vehicles ECU which makes repairs more difficult. Friends of mine also have had to fix repairs made on vehicles "fixed" at independent repair shops. Some of their stories are downright scary. On the flip side, I have been using a dealer service department to service my last two modern vehicles. I have found them to be honest and they do good work for a fair price. The last service I had done the service writer took me out to the shop and the technician showed me exactly what the problem was and suggested the repairs. The service writer then gave me a cost estimate to fix it. That is why I stay with them and I have no problem telling owners of this brand that when I am asked about service. BTW, this is not a small dealership service department given their 25+ service techs.
  3. Regardless of the size of a region or how payments have been done in the past, sooner or later regions will have do deal with this payments situation. Regions and National are constantly concerned about recruiting new (younger) members. Problem is more and more younger people are using smartphones and computers to do their banking (on-line bill payment) or using payment services like PayPal or credit cards. So at some point potential younger members may say to heck with joining the club if they will not accept payment using the form of payment they utilize. One has to wonder right now how many potential younger members have not joined the club because of this? As current members of AACA make changes to their personal financial lives going forward, Regions will be getting more requests for payment alternates to cash/checks from current members. The regions that move with the times when it comes to more modern payment options will be able to retain these members and recruit new ones. The regions that ignore these requests and continue to demand payments using traditional forms of payment may face challenges ahead. Personally, I have been using on-line banking for bill payment for the last 10-15 + years now. Yes, I still have a checking account (for now) which I use mainly for Charitable Donations. Heck my church even accepts EFTs for weekly donations and they have been doing that for the last 5-10 years now. I also use my credit card to pay for the judges breakfast when I do AACA Judging. I would also be more than willing to pay for meet registration this way as well if it was an option even if I had to pay a little extra for this ability. Parrts, I suggest you contact Steve Moskowitz at AACA National regarding questions about using EFTs and Credit Cards for Meet and Tour Registrations.
  4. charlier

    Zenith and Solex carbs in the US

    Volkswagen used the Solex 34 PICT-5 Carb in the 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit built at their Westmoreland Plant located in Pennsylvania. They did not build many of these cars in 1980 since most Rabbits built in Pennsylvania were fuel injected and the diesel Rabbits were build in Germany. They also used different model carbs in the pre-1980 rabbit (not built in Pennsylvania) and a different carb in the 1981-84 Rabbit (built in Pennsylvania). Not sure if they were Solex as I cannot check my library of books right now.
  5. charlier

    New years resolutions, anyone???

    I resolve to drive my old vehicles more in 2019 as long as Mother Nature resolves to give us LESS rain and nasty weather. If she holds up her end of the bargain I will too. 😊
  6. charlier

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I always compare pricing for my shipping needs. The box dimensions, weight and distance shipped all enter into the cost. I have found shipping from a Staples store or other store that offers shipping services is usually cheaper than taking it to a UPS or FedEx store. The original poster should not assume that the USPS will be as or more expensive than UPS/FedEx. I have shipped all sorts of car parts over the years and the USPS has usually been the low cost alternative. One item that really sticks out in my mind was a one piece carpet (front & rear) for a car. I was able to fold the carpet and fit it in a box that was 30 inches square. I can't remember what it weighed but it was heavy. I do remember that I shipped 3 of these to different parts of the USA and in each case the UPS/FedEx cost was 2-3 times the cost of using the USPS cheapest shipping method. It might have taken longer this way but the buyer did not care since they were paying the shipping.
  7. charlier

    2019 Grand National - online registration open

    It is a stand alone Grand National Meet just like the 2018 Grand National in Greensburg, PA was.
  8. charlier

    It looks like the Ohio winters won this battle

    I have seen more than a few cars from the 80s and 90s that had rustproofing installed after the car left the factory. In many cases the rustproofing was not done correctly and that resulted in those cars rusting faster and/or more severely. The level of protection also seems to have been impacted (positively or negatively) by the type/brand of rustproofing product used. I had one car back in that time that had a well known (at that time) brand of rustproofing done to it. It was no wonder that the company went bankrupt. My car alone had repairs under the rustproofing warranty that cost that company 4 or 5 times the original cost of the product itself. This car was also one of the examples I cite above as far as rustproofing not done correctly.
  9. Looks like Car Capsule does make outdoor versions but not for $500.
  10. When first started taking my cars to shows. I would bring a number of small signs with information about the car a copy of the original window sticker, etc. I would jack the car up and pull a wheel or two to display the brakes and suspension. I would also put mirrors on the ground under the car so judges and spectators could look at the chassis. After I restored one of my cars I brought a photo album showing the restoration process in pictures. After a few years of hauling this stuff to shows, setting it up and taking it down I cut back a lot on this stuff and how the car was displayed. When I started going to AACA Meets I just brought factory documentation about the vehicle in case there were questions from a Judging Team Captain. Lately I have been thinking about getting one of the AACA sanctioned signs so I can once again display some information about my cars. Putting that information together and ordering the signs might be a good winter project.
  11. charlier

    Charging the breakaway battery?

    More information. Battery Tender Specs "Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell)' FYI, I use the 25 foot extension cables when I charge my trailer batteries. I use two of the 25 foot cables connected together to reach my trailer parked outside while my Battery Tender is inside my garage. This one battery tender charges both the trailer breakaway battery and the deep cycle battery that powers the winch and interior lights. I use another Battery Tender with one, 25 foot cord to reach my truck parked outside when not using it. Accessory extension cables Charlie
  12. While walking the fields on Thursday and Friday one of my friends had an idea that all in our group thought interesting. When walking the fields at Fall Hershey it is virtually impossible to walk in such a pattern where one is not forced to make a LONG walk back to one's starting point walking through an area where one has already seen everything. One friend asked WHY didn't Hershey Region ask HERCO if they (HERCO) would run their trams during Fall Hershey??? These are the same trams HERCO uses all season long to ferry Hershey Park customers from the parking lots to the Park gates.The trams would run around the outside perimeter of the fields and make it a VERY, VERY EASY for attendees to get from Orange or Green Field over to the Chocolate or Red Fields and vice-versa. Yes, the route of the trams would have to be well thought out to MINIMIZE impact on the event, MAXIMIZE safety and keep the trams on the property (since they may not be licensed to operate outside the Hershey Property). Yes, HERCO would probably have to charge riders a Fee to use this service. Everyone in my group said they would be willing to pay a small fee for a daily or weekly wrist band to ride the trams. Best of all, HERCO takes care of the trams, selling tickets/wristbands and Hershey Region DOES NOT have to use ANY MANPOWER to do this. Making it easier to get from/to the various fields would in theory INCREASE CUSTOMER TRAFFIC for vendors. This suggestion may not be possible due to logistics, etc but it might be worth at least a discussion between HERCO and Hershey Region. I too do not mind the use of personal mobility devices for those people that have a need to use one. I am getting tired of getting hit by them or nearly hit by them MULTIPLE TIMES at EVERY FALL HERSHEY. In 2018 probably 1 in 30 of these devices was dragging a can which is WAY DOWN from prior years making it WAY MORE DANGEROUS to walk the fields. Even more dangerous were the hybrid vehicles moving around in the flea market area. Getting hit by one of those is much more serious. On the bright side, I did near the F-350 Super Duty diesel coming up behind me on Thursday as it went up and down the isles in the flea market doing some shopping. At least this F350 did not have it's towing mirrors extended. The hybrid SUV doing some shopping on Thursday was a different story since one could not hear that vehicle coming from behind. Charlie
  13. Interesting thought there Bob. This could explain a LOT when it comes to the layout of the fields. Ahhh, the alternating rows suggestion trimacar posted last year. GREAT idea. This would keep parking close for vendors and organize vendors into more single walkable rows that would cut down on NEEDLESS walking for CUSTOMERS. Would appear to be a WIN-WIN. Wonder why this was not considered after last year's show when this idea was suggested then??????? I wonder if Hershey Region has been looking into Flea Market Management computer software like I suggested last year???? The Booth Tracker Software and other products like it would be a great way for Hershey Region to work smarter not harder when it comes to the flea market. BTW, if there are "parking spaces" that are not needed by vendors in some of these parking rows then Hershey Region could "Decentralize" their volunteer parking and use these available spaces for their volunteers on each of the swap meet fields. That would mean even LESS WALKING for the hard working volunteers working that particular field. There were a number of good ideas posted in last year's thread on this subject. I suspect some that posted last year felt is was a waste of time to do it again this year after how they were received and/or ignored. Well Bob, you asked for it so here is the list of suggestions I made last year. Since we are talking about the swap meet layout maybe the following suggestions should be considered as well. Car Club Tents on Vendor Spaces. How about gathering all the Car Club Tents in the Swap Meet TOGETHER in the same row(s) instead of spreading them out amongst vendors trying to sell parts??? If these tents are in a few rows, signs could be placed at the end of the rows. These signs could be nothing more than two big pieces of wood hinged at the top so they are free standing. Clubs could then thumbtack 8.5"x11" signs on this wood to advertise they have a space in the row and when their club activates are taking place. This wood sign could also note that there are No Swap Meet Vendors in this row so swap meet buyers/customers could skip the row(s). Maybe clubs could reconsider when they hold their meetings/gatherings and have them late in the day if they are not already doing so. That way vendors who want to attend the meetings would not be closing up shop during prime selling times. Commercial Vendors (ie Coker Tire, Universal Vintage Tire, Snappin Turtle Tie Downs, Meguiars, etc). - How about grouping them all in rows on the same field? To some extent this is done already with Coker Tire, Universal Vintage Tire on the same field. - How about grouping the vendors that sell trailers, trailer accessories (ie tiedowns including Snappin Turtle Tie Downs, etc) and the vendor that always has a big display of trailer tires and accessories? - How about grouping the vendors that sell tools, sandblasting cabinets, paint equipment together? - What about grouping all the companies that offer services together? (ie chroming businesses, restoration companies, car radio repair companies, upholstery companies, etc). Many of these companies/vendors come to Hershey every year so organizing them should be more predictable and thus easier. Antique Insurance Companies. How about grouping these companies together (Hagerty, JC Taylor, etc). This would make it easier for their current customers to find them to conduct business. It would also make it easier for potential new customers to shop for insurance instead of walking MILES to visit these companies currently scattered ALL OVER the fields. Doing this might increase exposure for these companies and increase sales due to customers being able to find them in a much more timely manner than they can now. Increasing Vendor Sales I have seen a number of posts by vendors about decreasing and/or lackluster sales. If one reads posts in this forum from prior years this trend appears to be happening for the last 5 or 6 years now. A couple of weekends ago my next door neighbor had a yard sale on a Sunday. Another neighbor had one as well. My next door neighbor used technology for her sale by using the Facebook Marketplace to list information about her sale and to post photos of items she was selling. Her sale was an BIG SUCCESS with 98% of her sales the DIRECT RESULT of Facebook Marketplace. The other neighbor that did not use technology had literally no sales to speak of. This example got me to thinking that Swap Meet Vendors at Fall Hershey could use Facebook Marketplace to boost their sales. While it is true some vendors and AACA members do not have smartphones I saw PLENTY of vendors and buyers using smart phones this year. Do vendors even know about Facebook Marketplace? Do they have any clue as to how posting some of their items on the Marketplace would open them up to a MUCH BIGGER potential customer base and attract YOUNGER Customers whose money is just as Green as us older folks? What about using Craigslist to advertise your vendor space at Hershey? There is a Swap Meet section on Craigslist that I see some people use for Fall Hershey and Carlisle. One again ,use Technology to Work Smarter Not Harder to make it easier for customers to find the products you are selling WITHOUT spends 2-3 days walking 15-20 miles. Those vendors that are not familiar with Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist could seek out younger family members or friends that could help them post information about their Swap Meet space goodies that are For Sale. Better Information for all Fall Hershey Attendees - Information Signs. How about posting signs at each of the Main Spectator entrances to the swap meet? One sign should include the RULES OF THE SWAP MEET. IE no riding of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. Making an announcement over the PA systems every few hours is Okay but that is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. Another sign might simply post the question... Looking for parts, accessories, etc???? The Fall Hershey Program available for purchase has a comprehensive list of vendors and is available for purchase. This sign could also tell people to check out Facebook Marketplace and/or the Harrisburg Craigslist site to see Fall Hershey Vendor information. If posting these signs at all the spectator entrances is too much them post them in High traffic areas (ie where the main groups of Food Vendors are located and/or at both ends of the footbridge). People who have NOT been to Fall Hershey much before have No CLUE AT ALL about the rules and could really use some help finding parts which would also boost sales of the Fall Hershey Program book and usage of Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist. ============================= I took a LOT of photos of some items along with the vendor space location tag and texted that information to other car enthusiasts I know. Some were at Hershey and went to look at and/or BUY the items. Other friends could not be at Hershey so I offered to buy the items for them. In some cases these photos/texts resulted in SALES. Charlie
  14. For those who might have missed the 2018 Fall Hershey Meet or might have been there and not seen it all the following links are to videos on YouTube. Enjoy. 2018 Hershey AACA Fall Swap Meet Recap Jay Leno at AACA Fall Meet in Hershey A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 1 A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 2 A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 3 A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 4 A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 5 A Walk About the Car Corral At the 2018 AACA Fall Meet, Hershey 6 The car corral at the aaca hershey swap meet Hershey Fall Meet 2018 AACA 2018 Fall meet Rolling out at the end of the show. AACA 2018 Fall meet Rolling out after the show #2 AACA 2018 Fall meet Rolling out after the show #3 AACA Hershey parade The parade of classics leaving the 63rd annual AACA Hershey Fall Meet. Pioneers Driving Around the 2018 AACA Fall Meet,Hershey Hershey 2018 Car Corral & Swap Meet
  15. charlier

    Thank You

    Many Thanks to the Hershey Region and all the volunteers that put so much work into the event every year. Annie, sorry I missed you and Joel at Hershey this year. ☹️ I had hoped to renew my membership when you were at the membership booth but the Thursday rain changed my schedule. See you two at an AACA event next year. ? Charlie