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  1. Thanks, I know I did the right thing. I was just kidding. No doubt the bank might have flagged the transaction after I called. The bank told me if the deposit is still on my account on Tuesday to contact them. From what the bank said when the bank processes it's daily work that is when they actually check the deposit silp's account number and cross check it against the account number the teller keyed in. Those that don't match are flagged and kicked out for more manual reconciliation. Saturday's work is not processed until Monday but with the holiday this coming week it falls to Tu
  2. Gee I guess I should not have told my bank that I found a deposit made to my checking account today that I could not reconcile. Because the deposit was just made today there was no transaction history to speak of yet. Just "Deposit" and the dollar amount. No doubt that the person whose account did not get credited will scream bloody murder if it does not show up in their account. I am guessing that the USPS actually delivered a check to this person in a fairly timely manner given the amount of the check has been in the news a LOT in recent weeks if you are a married coup
  3. Last I heard the service & parts department at traditional dealerships accounted for approximately 50% of a dealer's gross profit. Makes one wonder just what the Tesla business model looks like if nothing fails and maintenance is minimal.
  4. Matt, If you have not already done so you might consider talking with a lawyer with experience in this type of law. Find out what your potential legal exposure is if you don't take the vehicle back and refund the money. Ask the lawyer what happens if the seller wants more money than what he paid you because his bank hits him with an early loan termination fee and/or interest on his loan? Offering to by back the vehicle might open up a whole new legal Pandora's box for you that might add more to your current nightmare. All the more reason to talk to that lawyer and not assume that refunding the
  5. I had a similar situation in December. The UPS label was printed on 12/4 and was considered "shipped" by the vendor. On 12/14 UPS actually picked up the item and delivered it on 12/21. On 12/14 UPS forgot to scan the item when it left their depot so the item appeared to be lost. (That is a whole other story.) It is kind of funny that the package they forgot to scan was not a tiny box that weighed next to nothing. On the contrary this package was about 3 feet tall about 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep and weight 71 pounds. Not exactly hard to miss. Gotta give credit
  6. So your Jeep has a digital tranny temp readout? Much more accurate than the analog gauges with C-H and a needle. I use an app on my tablet that reads the coolant temp, tranny temp and torque converter temp among other things from the sensors in my truck. The nice big digital numbers are easy on my old eyes which is nice.
  7. Reminds me of the Ford F350 Super Duty I saw towing a Dump trailer full of cut pieces of tree trunks of various large diameters. The bed of the truck was also full. Every time the truck hit a small bump in the road I could see sunlight under the front tires when those tires lost contact with the road. Needless to say even that Super Duty was not enough truck for the load being hauled/towed. BTW I saw this on a crowded stretch of Route 30 near Lancaster, PA on a Friday afternoon. I wonder if the driver is still trying to win his Darwin Award. Have also seen an SUV kinda like the one
  8. A friend of mine texted me the other day that his letter was mailed out on 12/9. Only took two weeks for him to get it. BTW, he lives in Hershey....
  9. Will be very interesting to see the next generation of hybrid pickup trucks that pair electric motors with the V6 Turbo engines. Have to wonder how much torque the electric motors will bring to the equation and how it will impact the entire torque curve. I am looking forward to a hybrid option to get an empty 3+ ton pickup moving from a dead stop in a much more efficient manner than any gas or diesel engine can by themselves. The same goes for towing a fully loaded trailer from a dead stop. Early next year should be an interesting time when these trucks are announced.
  10. Forecasts in Eastern PA were all over the place. In my area we were on the low end of some forecasts with 10-12 inches. My sister just south of Albany, NY came in about 20 inches over their prediction at 32 inches. My work commute Wednesday evening and Thursday morning were quite interesting. The number of stuck 4WD vehicles with "All Season" tires was quite a sight to behold. There are people around here who say "it never snows that much here" or "they plow the roads real quick here" (that didn't happen) who got a reality check. I had no problem climbing the snow covered hill
  11. This graph represents a the 1988 Volkswagen GTI16V. There are some other VWs from this timeframe that have appreciated even more in value according to Haggerty.
  12. If one is to believe Hagerty's Data, some 1980s vehicles appear to be appreciating in value a LOT more than what some people may know, acknowledge, realize or accept. Maybe Hagerty needs a new list not just for a year but for a decade or more? FYI, the top line is a Condition #1, then #2, #3 & #4.
  13. I am waiting on a First Class envelope mailed from Hershey on November 19th. Yes, that is 15 days and counting. I live about 70 miles from Hershey and the drive takes me a little over an hour. A friend of mine lives IN HERSHEY and is also waiting for the same item mailed on the same date. BTW, my local postal delivery person tells me that on some days, my local post office gets NO MAIL AT ALL from the regional sorting facility. Then the next day they get 2 or 3 days worth of mail. So much for the logistics genius who is the current Postmaster General. I will not be sad to see the
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