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  1. Sweet Ride. Didn't realize you had multiple Audis. Have a safe trip to Hershey.
  2. Isn't the Audi your EV? Didn't think you were going to use it for long road trips. What changed your mind?
  3. A few Wawa Convenience stores in my area and other parts of Pennsylvania sell Ethanol Free gas which is 89 Octane. They also sell the 87, 89 and 93 Octane Ethanol grades as well. I use the Ethanol free in all my old cars, my lawn mower, gas weed whacker and snow blower. I see a LOT of lawn care companies and even a few people with boats filling up with Ethanol free as well. Last time I checked, the Ethanol Free gas was 35 cents more per gallon than the 87 Octane with ethanol. At that price, the Ethanol free is about 3 cents/gallon more than the 89 Octane with ethanol. FYI, for those coming to Fall Hershey, if you see a Wawa and their sign shows a gasoline price in BLUE, that is the Ethanol Free grade of fuel. Just in case you need fuel for your old vehicle and might want to try a tank of Ethanol free.
  4. Peter, I have also received mail on rare occasions that was not stamped with a postmark. I received my Judges Parking Pass in the mail this week and my SASE was postmarked 5 days before I received it. Usually mail postmarked from Harrisburg, PA gets to me in 2-3 days. Lately that has not been the case. Regardless, all is good & Fall Hershey beings in a few days!
  5. Based on Sherri's Crab Cake's Facebook page, they have had a VERY BUSY spring, summer & fall this year (including Spring & Fall Carlisle). I think it is probably very safe to believe they will be at Fall Hershey. I look forward to having their sandwiches at Fall Hershey probably for brunch like I usually do. That is one way to avoid the long lunch lines.
  6. Who me? I was just cautioning Wayne to Be Careful. 😇
  7. Wayne, Be very careful when you mow and especially trim your lawn. I have known people who accidentally cut the cable that provides their internet connection with their gas weed whacker. It took a few WEEKS for their internet provider to replace that cable. 😬
  8. Years ago I purchased a California Car Cover for one of my vehicles at Fall Hershey. That year they offered a Hershey Discount and included free shipping. I received the cover 4-6 weeks later. The cover was custom made for my vehicle and fits like a glove. I do not think that the California Car Cover Company themselves still vend at Fall Hershey but someone else might sell their products there.
  9. Continuing the tradition of walking the Flea Market with friends on Thursday & Friday hunting for car part "Easter Eggs". Visiting with old friends at their Flea Market Spaces and running into other friends walking in the Flea Market as well. Judging on Saturday and will have a car in the Driver Participation Class.
  10. At the bottom of the printed judging registration form it says the following: "Send SASE to Stan to receive parking passes, which will be mailed 2 weeks prior to the show." Not sure if this message appears if you pay your registration fee with a credit card.
  11. Steve, You and the staff are some of the hardest working people I know. I realize over the last couple of years you and the staff have had your plates full to overflowing. Rest assured that I and many other AACA Members I know appreciate all your efforts on our behalf. The upcoming story in the magazine sounds Fantastic! Looking forward to reading it.
  12. Just think of the recording as the Historic Preservation of the Opening Ceremony (HPOC) which some might say fits right in with the club's mission of Preservation. 🙂 A video would be a permanent "memorial" of this Milestone for the Club that can be viewed by ALL club members wherever they are both now and for years to come. Even if this recording is 5, 10 or 15 minutes, it would contain much more content and give the viewer a more complete feeling for the event than a typical 2-2:30 minute highlight segment on the local news which most members will probably not be able to see much past a few weeks after the event. Sorry for adding to what's on your plate right now. Maybe I can find you a larger one? 😉
  13. Steve, Will the New Building Dedication Ceremony be recorded and placed on You-Tube (not just Facebook) for all of us smaller donors to see? Thanks...
  14. You might give some thought to finding some Jersey Barriers (K Rails) or some REALLY BIG Rocks before she hits your car again (or maybe your house). The picture you posted above would seem to indicate a pattern or maybe just karma.
  15. Just wondering, do you live in a state that REQUIRES drivers to have car insurance by law?? If so, driving without insurance would be against the law wouldn't it? You might want to check the law and see if it provides for restitution on her part for the damage she did to your vehicle. Given the number of days that have elapsed since she hit your car you may have a problem with reporting the accident at this time. How could you even prove she hit it at this point? BTW, what happens if she hits your car again in the future? Are you willing to eat that loss as well? If her actions (ie hitting your car) have no consequences this time and she gets away scott free why should she be careful in the future? If the shoe was on the other foot what would your neighbor do or say if you hit his car and damaged it, you had no insurance and refused to pay the cost of repairs? I'm betting he would not be willing to just forget about it and pay the cost for his repairs. So, why should you?
  16. Joel, Friends of mine have been parking their RV on this field for a number of years now and I usually stay with them. Some of the RVs that use this field also tow enclosed and open car trailers and leave their trailers connected. I believe when we stayed there in 2019 the nightly fee was $60/night for an RV. Would not be surprised if the fee went up this year. There is an office trailer on this field where you can go to pay the fees and get the window card for your RV for your stay. If I remember correctly, they take cash or credit cards and someone is usually in the trailer until at least 8 or 9 pm. I believe there are some guidelines regarding what time you should run a gasoline generator so as not to disturb other campers. Usually close to the office trailer their have a small trailer with a generator and road construction lights. They run the lights and generator most of the night so if the generator noise bothers you, you should park away from this trailer with the trailer between you and the generator. My friends and I have found that this camping area is ideally located right across the street from the corner entrance to the Red Field at a traffic light. There would be no need to drive your car except to the show on Saturday or possibly at night if you wanted to go out for dinner. FYI, there are a couple of restaurants within walking distance of this field one of which is a Red Robin. This camping area also let's people visiting with campers to park here for a nominal fee. When I drive my DPC car to Fall Hershey I pay the fee and park next to my friend's RV for the week. We use my car to go out for dinner if we don't feel like walking. FYI this field is HUGE so the 55 ft length of your rig will be No Problem when it comes to maneuvering or parking. As far as other information for a first timer at Hershey here are some tips: 1) Bring clothing for all kinds of weather (ie Hot, Cold, Rain, Sun) Hershey can have it all during Hershey Week. 2) Comfortable shoes are a MUST. You will be walking 8-10 hours a day and many MILES if you walk the flea market. 3) Yes it is October but sunscreen does come in handy unless you have a BIG hat that shades your entire head, neck & shoulders. 4) You can avoid long food lines if you move your normal lunch time 1-1.5 hours before or after the traditional 11:30-1:30pm timeframe. If you bring your own lunch that is even better but then you miss out on the great Hershey food! 5) Buy a show program as soon as you get to the flea market field on the first day. This program is well worth the money for all the information it contains (ie schedule of events, complete list of all flea market vendors and their locations & a whole lot more). 6) On Saturday don't get to the show right when the gates open. Wait 30-45 minutes until the initial rush of cars gets in the gates. Also do get to the show field at least an hour or so before the gates close. Finally, don't obsess about the weather. Most weather forecasts are not very accurate more than a couple of days before. My go to weather forecast is Weather Underground. I have their App on my smartphone and use their 10 day, hour by hour forecast. They also have a web site as well. I will probably think of some other items and I'm sure others here will post their suggestions as well.
  17. Both AARP and AAA offer "Mature Driver" courses. I took the AAA Course on-line three years ago. The course was said to take 8 hours and it took me a little longer than that. This course give you pop quizzes after some sections and a test at the end. in order to "pass" the course one has to get at least 80% of the answers correct. I recently took the "refresher" course on-line which was said to take 4 hours and it took me longer than that. FYI, when taken on line, this course does not let one skip a section or progress faster than the course allows. I suspect that that the in person courses probably take about the same mount of time. EVERYONE here should seriously consider taking these courses as a LOT of things have changed over the years when it comes to driving. For example, I was taught to hold the steering wheel at 10 & 2. NOT any longer. 9 & 3 or 8 & 4 are where one is supposed to hold the steering wheel these days. This change came about due to steering wheel airbags. If one holds the steering wheel at 10 & 2 and the airbag deploys you have a increased risk of having your arms hitting you in the face or your wrists getting broken. These are also guidelines for how close one sits to the steering wheel of a vehicle with airbags. These are just a couple of the things that are new or different from when most of us learned how to drive. This course is all about REDUCING one's RISK when driving and all the things one can do to achieve that goal. That is probably one of the reasons why many automobile insurance companies offer a discount to their policyholders who take these courses (and PASSES). In my case I get a 5% discount off of certain parts of my policy (not the entire policy cost). FYI, this discount applies to both my regular auto policy and my antique auto policy. BTW, the policy discounts are only good for 3 years and then one has to take a refresher course. My antique policy carrier "reminded" be that the 3 years was up and it was time to take the course or lose the discount. Yes, these courses take time. For me, I am willing to put in the time to be as safe a driver as I can be for myself and others on the road.
  18. Okay Matt, I'll bite, How many MILES did you drive in that month for $30?
  19. As older members of clubs are replaced by younger ones over time, the trend will most likely accelerate at a much faster rate than some people might think. BTW, who is to say that "electronic" magazines will put an end to bathroom reading? If what I saw for sale on-line this morning is any indication, reading in this room will not stop even when it is "electronic".
  20. If by Macungie you are referring to Das Awkscht Fescht that event is this coming weekend August 6-8. Das Awkscht Fescht
  21. Yes, there are fees for regular use tags. When one changes to Antique Tags there are different fees that one must pay and there is no discount involved when changing vehicle designation. The current cost to register a vehicle in Pennsylvania as an Antique, Classic or Collectible is $84 for the plate + $58 Registration Fee + $5.00 Local fee for a total of $147. If one wants a Personalized Plate then add an addition $112 which brings the total to $259. This information comes form the current PA MV-11 form on the PA DOT website. I'm glad I registered all my vehicles for Antique tags when the fee was $97.50.
  22. By orientation are you referring to hooks up or hooks down? Maryland law actually specifies this?
  23. Years ago I used to frequent a brand specific car forum where a wide variety of car people of various ages interacted. Members would seek advise and answers about various car modifications and problems. I always found it interesting how some members would tell other members offering solutions or advice that they didn't know what they were talking about. One particular discussion regarding suspension modifications to increase handling and steering performance was particularly amusing. A forum member went to great lengths to explain in detail that the modifications being made by the owner would not bring about the desired result. He instead offered his thoughts as to how to achieve the intended goal. He did this in a very nice, logical way that in no way could be thought of as anything but trying to help. The car owner and several others told this poster that he knew nothing about the subject or the car in question and to go away. Needless to say I laughed my you-know-what-off at the response to his help. You may ask why I was so amused by this discussion. Well, I happened to know what this person did for a living and what he did for fun. He kept that information to himself but he did share it with me. He just happened to be an automotive engineer who worked for the automaker that built the vehicles featured in this forum and the model in this discussion. In his spare time he drove on a racing team that raced that vehicle. I once asked him why he endured all the nasty posts regarding his posts that tried to help people. He told he did it to educate and help the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.
  24. Nice trailer. First thing I did when I bought my trailer was to paint the walls white and seal the floor. Nice New Beetle. For it's size it is one HEAVY car. The one I have is the heaviest of all my VWs and gets the lowest MPGs. Then again at almost 3,000 pounds it's no wonder.
  25. Marty, I believe this system can monitor a LOT more than 8 tires which would come in handy in your case. The manual appears to indicate that that the system can handle a trailer with 24 tires and a tow vehicle with 14 tires. The company offers kits of a variety when it comes to the number of sensors. My kit came with 4 sensors. I have seen a kit with 6 sensors. You can also buy sensors in 2 packs as well (which I did). On my recent trip to the Saratoga Springs National it was interesting to see the system monitoring the tire pressure and temperatures. Each tire started off cool and at the air pressure I filled them to. At highway speeds (I kept it around 65mph) the air pressure increased about 7-8 pounds and the temperature hit a high of 90-92 degrees. The other nice thing about this system is it's flexibility. If you use more than one trailer or tow vehicle you can move the sensors around and set up multiple profiles of tow vehicle and trailer combinations. So glad your Excursion tire blowout ended well. I consider a Tire Pressure Monitoring System as an important part of my towing safety equipment. I just wish some other people that tow that I have seen over the years took trailering safety more seriously.
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