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Project 65 Electra Coupe - Paint

Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

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Way back in March of 2020 I found this 65 Electra Custom Coupe.  I like the Verde Green/green interior; it looked solid and it was priced about right.

Got the car in and was really impressed by the condition of the seats, chrome, and body...not so much the paint and headliner!  I pulled on a couple thisngs and prodded a couple others...all of the sudden the entire interior was out and the chrome was coming off!  While I'm at It!  I arranged for it to be painted and away we go...


Here is the car the day it got delivered from Minnesota.




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One would think the the Wisconsin Plates and Lou Ehlers Dealership callout would mean one thing: RUST.  But the conscientious owner had the car rust proofed back when, and 

whatever dinosaur gave its life for this rust prevention  product is to be commended, there is almost no rust to be found on the car.    Now taking apart was sorta easy, a balance of the good- not a single bolt was broken- and bad- working with tar fingers inside doors and quarters.  So Many Parts!!!  

Here is the stripped car- at least the part I did.


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Beautiful looking car.....but then I'm partial to 65' Electra's.

Does your engine have the cable and lock to hold down the engine in case....when....the motor mount breaks? I remember receiving a recall notice or some form of notification from GM in the early 70's stating that I should bring it back in for the lock and cable to be added.

I didn't bother to get it then, but added it about 15 years ago when I found one available.


Good luck on your Electra'



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The engine... a 66 MW with Quadrajet carb.  It needs to be green, but first it must prove itself!

 It started easily but has not run for any length of time yet.  I ordered the exhaust from Waldron's and it did not make it on the car before it went to the paint shop.

It has to be a quiet one- single with stock type muffler and resonator.  Cheers 

Ted In Cincinnati


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Le me know how you make out with the switch. When does it get tricky making the change over?

That's on my to do list. I've got to find some spare track mechanisms and swap them out.



Good Luck

thanks for the updates.



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