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  1. Hello I need to move an 1955 MG from Boise ID to Los Angeles, CA. Anyone can help? Thank You Steve
  2. Hi I believe those are from the coupe or convert as the sedan one looks different. What are you asking for those, I would want them as spares. Thanks Steve
  3. I don't think he built that one, it was a recent purchase. Does it look like the original Y-job? I have not seen it in person. Thanks
  4. Hello I just sent you a PM, please check your message. Thank You Steve
  5. Hi Joe The car looks fantastic. Really enjoyed following the restoration and your attention to detail. Excellent work. Larry Thanks for the photos. Steve
  6. Hi Guys Received the April Hemings and the motorama car is advertised for $99,999 Firm!!!! Did it sell for close to that amount? I still would love to own that some day. Steve
  7. Is this for a Super / Roadmaster or a Special? I have a complete setup and I can pack it and ship it to you, but tell me which one and I can email you some pics. Unless you already bought this one. Sorry he does not want to help. Steve
  8. Hi Sid I have one if it is for non power windows, I just sent you a PM. Thx Steve
  9. I have some freshly cadmium plated, if g-g-gO does not have any, PM me and I'll send you a few pics. Thx Steve
  10. Hi Do you have a headlight switch or parts? Also need door window frames for a Century Convertible. Do you have any Limited parts? I'll send you a PM. Thanks Steve
  11. Hi Brian I believe they had a set of combinations for the tri-tones, I know in 1955 the tri-tone combinations were set and one could not deviate. I have to check my original literature files, but I believe 56 would have been the same. I'll check this weekend and let you know. Steve
  12. Hello Does anyone have a 1958 Buick Headlight switch or parts? I lost one of the caps that fit over the long spring inside the switch. If anyone has one apart or has an extra switch please let me know. Thanks Steve
  13. Hi Adam This looks like a very nice car. I had the exact same car (factory Air as well) in the same color combo about 25 years ago. Oddly it did not have reverse and sat at the transmission shop for about a year, they never touched it and I lost interest in the car and sold it for pennies. I wish I would have kept that one. Steve
  14. Hi Bill 1950 Roadmaster 2 door or convertible exterior rear drivers side window belt line molding. Not sure if it is the same between the concert or coupe. happy new year. Steve
  15. Open to offers, just getting overwhelmed with all the Buick’s need to sell a few. Thank you Happy New Year Steve
  16. Here is the other one at $50,000. Price seems too high, but you never know. thx
  17. These are such pretty cars, there was a metallic blue Roadmaster convertible advertised about a month or so in the Buy sell forum, that was down in Los Angeles, so that is another one. I am restoring a Limited Convertible and it seems that there are a lot more Limited Convertibles that were saved survived than the Roadmaster Convertible. Post a few pictures of yours when you can. Thank You Steve
  18. It is a Super buy. Not a Roadmaster but a Super
  19. How much did the cars bring? How many bidders were there? I would loved to have the 55 motorama Century. thanks Steve
  20. Hello Everyone Thank you for the replies it is much appreciated. I thought these were too narrow to install seals and bearing races, so it makes sense that they are for bushing work. Lindley Bothwell was a neighbor of mine and I went to his ranch many times over the years. He always painted all his tools red so he could identify them if others had them or were borrowed. I bought these at the Bonhams auction last fall at the Ranch along with a lot of other tools and I am now getting around to unpacking all the boxes. I'll post a few more I don't know the use. Thank You Steve
  21. Hello I have the tool in the attached pictures, anyone know what it is and how to use it? Thank You
  22. Thanks Steve Glad to hear it is not cancelled. Steve