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  1. Thanks Doug I'll look at Tractor supply. Much appreciated. Steve
  2. Hi Joe I called them, it seems that they only have the fan belt. The two belts on the car have different lengths. No point to mismatch the belts. Thank You Steve
  3. Hi Does it have power windows? If so I need the rear regulators. thank you steve
  4. Thank you for the replies. Not sure what would have been correct on the 55 Buick, I looked through literature and nothing is mentioned. Anyone know where to look to see when serrated belts were introduced? Also I have looked high and low and cannot find non serrated belts for the 55. Any ideas? Thank You
  5. Hi Guys I saw this bleeder system Gunson Eezi Bleed, where it pressurizes the brake cylinder reservoir and forces the fluid out. Not sure how this would work on our Buicks either. Any thoughts? Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Willie I bought this one a few weeks back at Auto zone, it is an STP filter, Made in USA and has the old AC part number P122. Hope this helps. Steve
  7. Hello All The Skylark hinges in 1953 are painted black as are the springs. The hinges through 1955 are painted black, but the spring vary in color, the small series cars have black springs and the large series cars have red springs. 1956 was the first year for Cadmium I, which is the silver cadmium (not Zinc or galvanized) hinges through 1958. Starting in 1959 some are Cadmium I and some are Cadmium II (yellow goldish color). Hope this helps. Steve
  8. Thank you for the replies. My main concern is regarding the serrated belt versus a standard belt. In the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) judging the serrated belt is allowed and no deductions are taken as they were available when the cars were new, however the modern marking may be a deduction. As Bill mentioned the markings can be removed. This would be on a 1955 Buick. Thank you for the help. Steve
  9. Hello I looked through the judging manual, but did not see any specific info on the engine belts. Does anyone have any info on the belts? Thank You Steve
  10. Hi Pete Lance is correct, this is the convertible top cover in the lower back where the top cylinder connects to the top frame, attached with #8x3/8" long screws. Hope this helps. Steve
  11. $17,600 with commission, it would be cheaper to buy one done, but this would be a great fun project.
  12. According to the body tag shown in the auction this car was originally Lido Green (code 16) with a green two tone interior (code 66). That is a much better striking color combination.
  13. Hi Reg I can help you with the cigar lighter knob and the horn ring as far as the parts. I can send you a picture of the rear view mirror bracket and mirror. I just had mine replated so it is still out of the car unfortunately it is a convertible only piece. I'll email you some pics tonight. Thanks Steve
  14. Hello Has anyone purchased a new Walker Radiator? They manufacture brand new copper radiators and I want to get one for my 1939 Buick. I just want to see if anyone has any feedback. My biggest concern is that it may not fit properly. Thank You Steve
  15. Hi Marv How long ago was it rebuilt? I need one for my Roadmaster. Are you sure sure it is for the larger cars? thanks steve
  16. Hello Everyone the search goes on, please let me know if you have one. thanks
  17. Hi I need a 1958 Buick Radio in good condition. It would be great if it is a working radio with good chrome. Thank You Steve
  18. Hi Steve You can use the unbeaded flexible channel, Restoration Specialties sells them, just look at the dimension and get the one that fits the channel. Hope this helps. Steve
  19. Hi Steve I will take a look when I get home tonight, not sure what I used on the top, the bottom ones are also the straight ones and you need to curve them to fit the shape of the stainless molding. Steve
  20. Hi Guys Rowland Hall also does the hinges and has done a lot of different makes, I know he just figured out a solution to replacing the springs for the 55 Buick. He is a mechanical engineer and does excellent work. He is located in Burbank CA and also does the finish on the hinges, cadmium plating, powder coating , paint etc. He can be reached at . You can tell him Steve from the Buick club recommended him. Thank You Steve
  21. Hi Ben Thanks for the reply, can I put you in touch with the friend looking for the engine? I spoke with him and he wants to know how much you want for the engine and if it is usable as is. Thank You Steve email:
  22. Hi Folks The time has come for me to sell my 1958 Buick Century Hardtop model 66R. This is a rust free southwestern car. It has lived in Southern California and Southern Nevada. I bought it in June 2007 from a Buick club member in Las Vegas. It runs and drives excellent. It has excellent chrome, but the rear bumper is faded. It has no rust anywhere, but the clear coat is peeling off the car and it needs to be repainted. The interior is very nice with the correct seat fabric, as is the dash and carpet. It has power steering, power brakes, dual exhaust, speed minder speedometer and heater. Asking $28,000 or best offer, would really like to find a good home for it. Located in Los Angeles, CA. I can get more pictures and answer any questions. Thank You Steve Rostam, Director Los Angeles Chapter Buick Club of America