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1937 Special Power Steering

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By now some of you are wondering...……………..


How much do I cut out of the outer steering column and where do I make the two cuts ?


How much do I cut out of the inner steering shaft and where do I make the two cuts ?


Sorry.....but we neglected to make these two measurements.   If you should venture into this project you

will be able to figure this out as you get into making the these modifications....but

I certainly concede that it would have made things a lot easier if I had taken these measurements.


In the photos I included in a previous post you will see a sleeve at the upper end of the EPS motor unit

…..about 4" long     a thin flange on one end with three bolt holes...…..we cut a rectangular opening for the 

horn connection into this sleeve.           This sleeve came with the EPS we bought from the salvage yard....part of the unit.

It is  1 1/2"  ID.....which makes it just right for slipping over the 1 1/2" OD outer steering column.

So don't throw this part away...


CAUTION....think ahead......the wrong mistake and you will be searching for another steering column...….


Jack Worstell           jlwmaster@aol.com

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I don't see it specifically mentioned, but with the addition of this unit, is there still a mechanical connection between steering wheel and front wheels if unit fails or loses power?


I'd say this discussion may fit in the "modified Buick" forum,  but it does not really meet the guidelines of the AACA forum, and the intent of the AACA for preservation of original cars.


Great engineering, noble project, kudos to the time you're spending, yet the feel of driving an antique car will be lost.

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If the EPS stops  working.( eg loss of 12V to the EPS)..….the it's simply back to manual steering ….no action required on the driver.


Jack Worstell

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