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  1. Nice looking car. Sounds right. The dipstick is only about 2.5 inches high and is located between the coil and distributor.
  2. This car is long gone and the manual needs a new home. Couple creases in the front cover, but leafing through the pages I didn't see any torn pages, writing or smudges. First page does have a corner creased. I'm asking $12 which would include media shipping in the lower 48.
  3. I have two pair of 1937 Buick Special front fenders that I would like to find a new home for. Neither pair has spare tire wheel wells. I'm located in Northeastern Ohio and not willing to ship. I'm asking $400 for the pair of light blue fenders which have had a little work done to them. The dark blue fenders are pretty much untouched and I'm asking $300 for them. I'm attaching one picture of each pair but if anyone is interested I already have more on the computer I will gladly email or post if requested. Carl
  4. I sent you a private message if you are still looking for front fenders.
  5. I generally use Permatex non hardening No 2 Form a Gasket. It might be harder to take the hose back off but the hose will come off with a little prying. I'd rather deal with a little effort to remove a hose then have to do the job a second time.
  6. Those are not correct for a 1937 Buick Special either. Here is a link to Gary's car before he started his restoration; If you look at the third picture you will see the wiper doesn't have a flange. I'm sure later in his efforts you can find close up pictures of the wiper mounts. Carl
  7. I'm posting this here instead of a private response in case anybody else is interested in interchange of rear compartment handles. Carl
  8. Hi, Had a little time to dig up a touring handle for comparison. The shaft on the slant back models is about 1/4 inch longer. Hope these pictures help. From the base, not the lip to the the end of the threads the touring is 1 13/16 inches. From the base not the lip to the end of the threads the slant back handle is 2 inches. Hopefully the last picture shows the frustrating length of the shaft difference. Carl
  9. To be honest it looks like the lip has been ground off the handle in the picture for some reason. Here is a picture of a 1937 Buick trunk handle showing the lip. Carl
  10. Yes, but they aren't the ones who botched the job. Email sent so as not to upset a moderator.
  11. I sent mine to Bob's a few years ago. I was satisfied with the rebuild and it's still going strong. Can't remember what it cost but whatever it was, it was better than the one I had rebuilt out East of me that used to have a good reputation until the owner passed. I actually sent the rebuilt one in to Bob's to have rebuilt again.
  12. As I stated I have never found any information as to when they changed fender light lenses. The car the early lens came off of was assembled in Flint around mid November of 1936. Carl
  13. No, I don't see a number on either lens. From the picture you posted I'd feel confident saying your lens is an original late 1937 lens. If you noticed in the picture I posted comparing an early and late lens, the early lens is blunter, shorter and clear on the end. I've only seen a few cars with the early lens in 45 years. Only reason I have the early lens is I parted out an early car years ago. I've never seen anything mentioning when the transition happened. Carl
  14. I think we might have gotten slightly away from your question and didn't really answer it. From a 1947 Master Parts list; The early 1937 fender lens part number is 920662 The later 1937 fender lens part number is 921435 The 1938 fender lens part number is 921435 So Buick used the later 1937 Buick lens in the 1938 Buicks. Carl
  15. And then there was the early 1937 lens that looked like the one on the right.
  16. The first BCA National Meet in 78 or 79 I attended I was either ignored or once was yelled at for standing to close to a car even though I was showing respect by having one hand cover my belt buckle and the other holding my hat behind me as I admired a 1937 Buick from a close distance without touching as I owned a 37. Now that I'm "older" I'm accepted. Hardly what I considered a warm welcome and left a vivid memory. The BCA has a Meet that embraces old farts like myself. When I attended the ACD Reunion in 86 for the first time I was welcomed even though I didn't have a car. After a couple years I realized why the ACD National Reunion is considered a Reunion and not a meet and why I will continue to attend whether I have an ACD car or not like many other members.
  17. I can't answer that as I don't have any children and never paid much attention. That being said perhaps that is something the Buick Club needs to work on. What happens to our hobby when all us old folks can no longer participate? Do we care, after all we won't be around. Wait, we want to add membership. Wonder where that new membership will come from besides the people who buy new Buicks? I belong to another national auto club that has a lot of families attend the national meet. I personally know many second generation members who are bringing their children to the national meet (admittedly the meet is in late August early September) and some third generation members that own and bring cars. The club has a core of "family" whether we are related or not, the interest in the cars are just what brought us together. At the national meet their is a mini club for the children with activities for the little ones on up. The children draw pictures of the cars, go around looking at the cars and even pick their favorite car. When they start getting older they are encouraged to go along with the official judging teams to learn what is correct and what isn't correct. But then the clubs are drastically different as one is a meet and the other is a reunion. Perhaps there is a compromise. Late Spring to late summer when children are out of school. Families can attend and the weather won't be as hard on us old folks. Personally it doesn't really matter to me as I'm a lot like good old W.C.F. "Get away kid, you bother me".
  18. Hi Ray, Congratulations on your new acquisition. I am not a member of this forum " https://groups.io/g/1937and1938Buicks " but it was formed and is is operated by a 1938 Buick owner. I believe there is also a 1937-1938 Facebook forum. Carl
  19. I agree wholeheartedly October would be much better for the seniors among us but I think the BCA likes July as it easier for families with school age children to attend.
  20. The Crawford Automobile Museum in Cleveland has this one;
  21. I agree with above. Like TexasJohn55 I start with farthest from the mc and work my way forward. Have SO pump and hold, open bleeder and bleed into a hose submerged in brake fluid so you can see air bubbles easier. While holding pedal down close bleeder and repeat until no air bubbles are seen. Move on to next wheel. Make sure mc never runs out of fluid or you will need to repeat everything all over.
  22. You are correct they did make some concessions.
  23. I think it is long over due. I had stock in General Motors Corporation and when they went bankrupt the government got it's money back, the workers kept their wages and pensions, management got bonuses and small stockholders like myself didn't receive so much as an old used sparkplug. I for one will not buy any GM product made after 2009 and believe they should have change the logo when they changed their name. "In 2009, GM had renamed itself as General Motors Company, creating its former appellation: General Motors Corporation."
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